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Why there is a dry paroxysmal cough and how to treat it

Dry paroxysmal cough is a symptom of some inflammation and allergic reactions of the respiratory system. Dry cough air with the force expelled from the lungs the sputum is not allocated and is no expectoration of mucus. Due to irritation of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract occurs paroxysmal cough that is frequent, painful, exhausting. Spasms of the respiratory tract can bring the person to vomit, to provoke ruptures of small blood vessels and damaging the mucosa. What diseases can cause a dry cough?

pristupy ostrogo suhogo kashlya

External cause of cough

Allergy to pollen, household dust, a suspension of particles of irritating substances in the air causes a cough. Due to the displacement of the air allergen is removed from the respiratory tract. Who is at risk for allergic cough?

  • people with diagnosed allergies to blooming, dust mites, animal fur, or another substance;
  • patients with bronchial asthma;
  • patients, a family history involving allergies.

In some cases an allergic reaction can change the place of its manifestation. Therefore the respiratory system people with skin allergies are very sensitive to exposure to toxic and irritating substances. In order to specify a list of allergens and eliminate the cough, you need to take a blood test or skin tests for allergies.

Treatment will involve removing the main unpleasant symptoms by antihistamines, then the prevention of relapse.

allergicheskij sezonnyj kashelWhen known clear list of stimuli, it is easier to avoid contact with them. Allergic cough is a troubling symptom. If an acute reaction to a substance connects the respiratory system, in some point can begin to develop swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx. To exclude the probability of such an outcome, it is necessary to find out the allergen. Chronic dry cough is often manifested as a response to the constant inhalation of harmful substances. The builders, the workers of industrial workshops and factories, have professional cleaners dealing with volatile chlorine compounds, there is often a thinning of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract. When a young man, resources of the body enough to compensate for the poisoning, but with age these capabilities is not enough. There is chronic tracheitis or bronchitis, which sometimes are accompanied by scanty expectoration. Dystrophic changes in the mucosa, reduce local immunity and disorders of the excretoryfunction, make the person vulnerable to infections affecting the respiratory system.

For the treatment of chronic diseases requires more time than for the elimination of acute. If you experience a painful cough that continues day by day, you need to find out the cause, contact an audiologist or therapist. If the reason lies in the professional activity related to the inhalation of irritating substances, should take care of the protection measures (masks, respirators). If this is not possible, to change jobs, because the pathological changes of the condition of the mucous able to progress. To facilitate the status, you can use any means of suppressing the respiratory spasm, for example, syrups with codeine. Before applying, you need to consult with your doctor. Without addressing the external causes cough due to Allergy or poisoning, is not.


analizy dlya diagnostiki prirody kashlyaIn most cases, dry paroxysmal cough appears as an early symptom of colds caused by bacterial or viral infection. The most common diseases, accompanied by cough:

  • laryngitis, that is, inflammatory process localized in the larynx;
  • tracheitis, an infection located in the upper respiratory tract;
  • bronchitis primarily affects the bronchi, then the infection spreads to other organs of respiration;
  • inflammation of the lungs, the infection can affect both Central and peripheral part of the lung and pleura.

For bronchitis and pneumonia dry cough is typical for the beginning of the disease, then there is phlegm. Sputum may contain pus or blood, if the damaged blood vessels. The color of sputum varies from pale to bright green, can be a rusty or brown. For correct diagnosis you need to seek medical help and get tested. Cannot be treated with traditional methods, which often lead to negative results.

The treatment of cough and complications

risk razvitiya pnevmonii u detejTimely treatment to the doctor is the key to a quick and successful recovery. Advanced forms of catarrhal diseases, especially pneumonia, can lead to serious consequences. Without proper treatment a colony of pathogenic microorganisms increases the infection gets into the lymphatic and blood system and begins to migrate through the body, forming local pockets elsewhere.

The failure of the lungs, heart and brain contributes to death. It is especially important to take care ofabout newborns and the elderly.

In severe cases, this process poses a threat to human life, can cause sepsis, meningitis, pericarditis.

A dry cough may indicate early pneumonia, which in some cases occurs without fever and other specific symptoms. Known cases where infants and the elderly, the dynamics of the disease was such that people were killed over two days from the sudden development of inflammation in the lungs. At home, it is impossible to exclude pneumonia. If you suspect pneumonia, an urgent need to clarify the diagnosis in the medical institution. Delayed treatment to the doctor may lead to transfer of disease from acute to chronic. Especially often this process occurs in smokers.

Mucosa of the larynx and respiratory tract in people with a large experience of Smoking weakened in comparison with a healthy person. So any colds easily transformirovalsya in the indolent inflammatory process which can take years. There are chronic forms of bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, which are extremely difficult to complete cure. Any remedies for cough relief is designed primarily to eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of the disease. Symptomatic treatment can be used as part of an integrated approach, not as the only measure. To get rid of the main the inflammatory process may require the use of antibiotics or other drugs.

osmotr u vracha pri kashle In rare cases, a dry cough in adults can result from processes unrelated to the respiratory system:

  • tumors of the medulla oblongata;
  • irritation or entrapment of a local nerve endings;
  • disorders of the heart and blood vessels;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In order to take measures to eliminate these causes, you need to visit a GP or an otolaryngologist, and then get a referral to narrow specialists.

Cough for no reason

If the result of all medical examinations and failed to find out the cause of paroxysmal cough, you should consider a psychosomatic reaction to stressful situation in the past or in the present tense. At the beginning of psychotherapy by any of the method some patients experience worsening of existing somatic disease or the emergence of new somatic reactions of an unknown origin. Idiopathic cough should be considered in exactly the same way as any psychosomatic disease and prescribe a comprehensive treatment for the relief of the human condition. Asresolution of acute conflict situations, intense coughing or held, or reduced independently. To remove the spasm, you can use:

  • breathing exercises;
  • the delay of breath;
  • singing.

Breathing exercises helps to relax the muscles of the throat and the increased blood supply to the lungs, whereby spasm passes, and the person can breathe freely.