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How and when to take cough drops?

When the doctor prescribes pills how to take them, he writes in the recipe or reported orally. It should not neglect some basic rules that will help to maximize therapeutic effect and minimize side effects.

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Basic features of cough medicines

Of course, to choose a cough medicine should not be based on price or the advice of friends, and after consultation with your doctor. Besides, you must be careful, because drugs intended for the treatment of cough in adults are not always suitable for kids, which should be indicated in the annotation. This is especially true of tablets, which, as a rule, not permitted for use for children up to 4-6 years.

After visiting the doctor, which will determine the type of cough and will give a recommendation for treatment can be forwarded to the pharmacy for medicine. If we are talking about a mild cold with a sore throat, which provokes frequent cough, it is better to give preference to the drug which can translate dry cough wet, productive. Duration of treatment determined by the doctor, so do not stop taking the medication at the first signs of improvement.

Exemplary drugs and their effects

koldakt dlya lecheniya kashlyaFor the treatment of dry cough the tablets, which are designed to suppress the cough reflex, thus giving a sick time for a rest. This medication Glauvent, Unfortunately, Paxillin, Kofeks, and any other Efferalgan codeine. These medicines should be taken with caution because they can be addictive.

The said medicinal products intended for the treatment of dry cough include tablets Codelac. In order to avoid negative consequences, to take them more than five consecutive days is not recommended.

In addition, this medication has contraindications. It cannot be used for children, pregnant women, asthmatics, and those who have problems with the stomach, kidneys, and individuals with excessive craving for alcohol.

No less effective means are cough Libeksin, which are used in the treatment of diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, emphysema, and even prescribed by the doctor in case of excessive cough in persons with heart failure.

Most often this drug is taken three times a day, washed down a pill with a glass of water. The duration of treatment does not exceed weeks. And it should not be taken unnecessarily to women during pregnancy or lactation, and children under 12 years.

cough>it is Quite common to such drug, as the Taste, which used guaifenesin. It not only helps to increase sputum the bronchi, but also thins the mucus, allowing the body to easily display it. Use this drug for adults. Children up to 12 years in tablet form it is not recommended to take, but in the form of drops the medication can be used after reaching six months of age.

Remens tablets take four times a day depending on patient weight and the dose is from half to one and a half tablets at a time. Be aware that the gap in time between pill intake should not be less than 4 hours.

Use this drug for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases, but is not suitable for the treatment of chronic diseases.

What should you consider?

The main thing you need to remember is that all these drugs are absolutely forbidden to take in wet, productive cough. The allocation of the bronchi viscous sputum in any case it is impossible to block the process of expectoration, as, by doing so, you will most likely get some severe complication of the lungs or bronchi.

In the case of a wet type cough, but with secretions too viscous, used completely different drugs, for the treatment of dry cough. Much more effective in terms of treatment are medicines, thinning mucus.

lazolvan dlya lecheniya kashlyaIn this group of drugs the main active substance is considered Ambroxol, which included many drugs: Mucosolvan, Ambrobene, Flamed, and not only.

Effective active ingredient is acetylcysteine, which is often included in drugs that help in treating wet cough.

Such preparations are certainly many well-known Mokobane, ACC, Fluimucil and others. However, chronic administration the effectiveness of these medicines may be reduced.

Treatment of cough in children

For children medicinal cough drops often come in the form of syrups and suspensions. But since 4 years have the opportunity to take a cough drop, even though it does not apply to all manufacturers.

For kids 2 years of age and older in the treatment of cough the tablets thermopsis. This is a great cough medicine, how to take, can be overcome at the pharmacy. Made mostly from natural ingredients: thermopsis, licorice, soda and codeine. All together helps the child (and adult) to quickly cope with a cough, but regardless of the results of treatment to take the drug moreweeks should not be. In addition, the receive frequency may not exceed three times a day.

Contraindications to the pill termopsisa are people with weak kidneys, prone to bronchial asthma, and even pregnant and nursing mothers.

mukaltin dlya lecheniya kashlyaOne of the few cough, permitted during pregnancy - is Mukaltin, but it can only be applied after the first trimester of pregnancy. Do not combine these pills with drugs that suppress the cough, but to take them in week 1-2 tablets several times a day. Some sources recommend dissolve tablets Mukaltin, but it would be better to dissolve the drug in 100 ml of room temperature water and slowly to drink the solution.

For those people who prefer sucking cough drops, and a pharmacy network to offer products based on medicinal herbs. As a rule, eucalyptus, sage, Iceland moss etc.
The list of effective sucking of cough drops are drugs such as Allergy and Linkus LOR, and Travis. Prescribed removes unpleasant tickling in the throat, which can provoke coughing. Apply it allowed children from 7 years: 1 tablet after a meal, to a maximum of 5 times per day.

Linkus LOR helps to increase the productivity of cough together with a reduction in its intensity. It is prescribed for bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheobronchitis, bronchitis of the smoker. Like most of the sucking tablets, these can be taken with an interval of 120 minutes, but not more than 7 consecutive days.

In some cases it makes sense to entrust the treatment of cough homeopathic remedies, but in this case it is also very important to seek professional advice of an experienced specialist in this field before starting treatment.

If, despite correct drug, improvement does not occur within a seven-day period, it's best to re-consult a specialist, as it may happen that the diagnosis is incorrect and requires adjustment.