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When help cough tablets with thermopsis

Cough tablets with thermopsis well help in the treatment of dry cough. They cause wet cough after the first dose, when the bronchial tubes are beginning to be cleansed of pathogens. The action of the drug takes place a few days after taking the last containing the grass thermopsis tablets.

problema kashlya

The drug belongs to the group of expectorants of plant origin. In tablet contains the powder of the herb of thermopsis lanceolate - 0,0067 g and baking soda - 0,250 g Of the support of the funds required to make the hardness of the tablet form, add potato starch and talc.

Doctors prescribe cough syrup with grass thermopsis fevers, flu, pneumonia, tracheitis, and bronchitis.

Powder grass thermopsis, sold in pharmacies, can assign headaches and intestinal atony.

How to operate tablets with myshatnika

tabletki ot kashlya termopsolThermopsis lanceolate is a medicinal herb that has a second name - misetic. It is six alkaloids that can cause vomiting if medicinal plants are taken orally in large doses. The alkaloid anagain makes this herb is similar in action to curare. Also in its composition are esters, tannins and saponins that have diverse effects on the human body.

Preparations containing grass myshatnika, increase blood pressure and stimulate appetite. Drugs that have grass thermopsis, actively increase the tone of the uterus and is able to start the mechanism of spontaneous delivery.

When small amounts contained in the plant alkaloids stimulate the respiratory center and stimulate expectorant effect. Grass thermopsis has a moderate irritating effect on the receptors of the gastric mucosa, promoting a reflex secretion of bronchial glands. This helps tablets with termopsisa to make productive dry cough.

The active substance of the herb myshatnika reflex increase the secretion of the bronchi and forced to activate the ciliated epithelium, whose mission is to bring the phlegm out. At the same time they irritate the stomach wall, stimulating receptors in his mucous membranes. This may cause an exacerbation in people with ulcerative gastritis.

termopsis lancetnyj ot kashlyaTablets thermopsis activelystimulating the respiratory center, contribute to the removal of sputum from the bronchi. To sputum departed, it needs something to thin. This is the function of baking soda, which is the second component of this drug. Sodium bicarbonate has a healing property to liquefy phlegm in the bronchi and to contribute to its active rejection.

So the minimum number of poisonous herb of thermopsis lanceolate and baking soda quickly and effectively cope with non-productive cough, which may torment the patient for a long time.

Tablets with thermopsis can be used with dry cough of unknown etiology not more than five days. That treatment can be productive, you need to give the patient plenty of warm drinks. It helps to improve the liquefaction of sputum and its further separation.

Side effects of myshatnika

protivopokaniya k priemu myshatnika vo vremya beremennostiTablets with thermopsis herb is not as harmless as it seems at first glance:

  1. Misetic arouses not only the respiratory but also the vomiting center, which is located in close proximity in the brain. In order not to provoke emergence of nausea and vomiting, tablets should be consumed three times a day for 1 thing.
  2. Treatment they can last long. Usually takes no more than five days to translate a dry cough in the wet. After treatment, the doctor recommends to go to drugs to help stop wet cough.
  3. The drug can be given from the age of 12. Young children these tablets are not helpful because the child has not formed the mechanism of expectoration. Bronchi will produce sputum, it will accumulate in the lungs, worsening the situation.
  4. Pregnant women should not use preparations containing misetic because the active alkaloids stimulate the muscles of the uterus, responsible for its reduction. Stimulation of labor can lead to premature birth.
  5. The period of breast feeding is also not suitable for treatment with this drug.
  6. In some people the drug can cause an allergic reaction. When you are hypersensitive to the medication cancel and move on to another agent for treatment of dry cough.

Cheap pills long been used for removing sputum from bronchial colds.Their application helps to avoid complications after colds. Over time they were replaced new, more expensive syrups and powders of plant origin, having directed action.

But tablets with thermopsis and now I help sick people to recover from persistent forms of non-productive cough. Sometimes long tormenting human cough is unclearorigin takes place a few days after applying a simple cough pills, which is this herb.