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The symptoms and treatment of hyperplastic laryngitis

Hyperplastic laryngitis is a precancerous condition of the body. Most often appearance of the disease occurs on the background of the prolonged development of chronic catarrhal laryngitis. In addition, the disease can be due to effects on the body of negative factors of external and internal environment. The proliferation of hyperplastic process can be carried out on the entire mucosa of the larynx, and only on the vocal folds or meijerplein clipping. In accordance with the nature of the disease distinguish the diffuse and limited forms of patyrusiu mucosa.

problema giperplasticheskogo laringita

Treatment of hyperplastic laryngitis is a long process and rather difficult.

At interruption of treatment of inflammation of the larynx can go into a chronic form. Chronic hyperplastic laryngitis has stable symptoms that slowly progress, which contributes to the development of intermediate exacerbations. In areas exposed to inflammation, can be observed hyperkeratosis and carcinoma.

The clinical picture of the condition and its diagnosis

The clinical manifestations of the disease are similar to the features of the catarrhal form of the disease, but the hoarseness is more severe. In conducting the examination the development of a hyperplastic process characterized by the following features:

  • there is hyperemia and infiltration of the mucosa of the oral cavity;
  • the appearance of irregular thickening and the appearance of the tuberosity of the vocal cords;
  • appearance of edema on vocal folds.

osmotr gortani

For an accurate diagnosis following the inspection of the larynx of the patient is carried out cytological and histological examination.

In the case of lesions of the throat, the patient suffers from hoarseness, fatigue in the process of communication. In exacerbations observed irritation and feelings of presence in the throat with a foreign object. In addition, there is pain that accompanies the act of swallowing, a rare cough with little phlegm.

For diagnosis of chronic hyperplastic laryngitis used techniques such as indirect laryngoscopy and stroboscopy. The examination revealed limited or diffuse hyperplasia of the mucous membranes of the larynx. In addition, detects the presence of mucus in meijerplein part of the larynx.

In the case of the diffuse variety of the disease the mucous membrane is congested and thickened. In the process of development of inflammationthere is a thickening of the edges of the vocal cords and their deformation along the entire length. The occurrence of these Pismenny is causing incomplete closure of the vocal cords that causes pain in the exercise of swallowing. In addition, these changes cause hoarseness.

In studies of the larynx with developing a limited hyperplasia of mucosal changes is observed. The shell of the larynx becomes a bright pink color. With the use of spermatidic can detect nodules that are 1-2 mm in size, such formations appear in one or two folds. These formations lead to disorders that trigger the development of hoarseness in the voice.

Treatment of the disease

shema giperplasticheskogo laringita

In the case of confirmation of the diagnosis of the attending physician selects the appropriate methodology for remedial measures. In the case of hypertrophic laryngitis as a secondary disease, at the initial stage are medical measures that can cure the disease, which is the underlying cause of laryngitis.

For the treatment of laryngitis are used both official and folk medicine.

When use of medication is applied a certain way of treatments:

  • the use of anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • the use of antibacterial drugs;
  • the use of corticosteroids.

For the patient in the period required to provide a complete voice rest. To use for communication is not recommended even a whisper, as if this conversation is strain the vocal cords, which is unacceptable.

preparat hepilor dlya lecheniya giperplasticheskogo laringita

During the disease is the development of edema of the mucosa, and the patient begins to complain of the emergence of cough with formation of viscous mucus, which is expectorated is hard enough. In connection with the formation of sputum to facilitate expectoration is assigned to take antihistamines, which provide removal of edema of the mucous membrane of the larynx. Such preparations apply fenistil, loratadine, clarisel. The drugs recommended for detection of disease in children, as swelling of the throat preventing breathing.

To reduce dry mouth require a moisturizing throat FireStore, it is possible to rinse the cavity of the throat with solutions of soda, salt with citric acid, p-rum Jailor and its analogues.

Sometimes the doctor prescribes conduct of procedures such as:

  • lubricationmucosa of the larynx were zinc and hydrocortisone sulfacetamide and R-rum;
  • inhalation with the use drugs with antibacterial properties.

Sometimes during the development of the disease in severe forms, surgical intervention is required, consisting in the application of laser, cryotherapy and radiotherapy.

The use of these mini-operations allows to obtain a stable positive effect.

Recipes of traditional medicine

morkovnyj sok ot giperplasticheskogo laringita

In the process of treatment medical methods can be used in both folk remedies. This ensures the persistent positive dynamics in the treatment and fastest recovery.

There are several effective recipes:

  1. A glass of carrot juice, add two tablespoons of honey. The composition is accepted by one quarter Cup after a meal.
  2. 0.5 cups of milk mixed with one egg yolk. The membership shall be taken immediately after a meal one gulp. This composition can be used for gargling. This product has a good expectorant and thinning effect.
  3. 200 grams of onions or garlic crushed and mixed with 2 spoons of honey. Infuse the mixture for one hour and take a teaspoon every two hours.
  4. Preparing a solution of one Cup water, tablespoon of salt, soda and citric acid. The solution is used 5-6 times a day for gargling.

In the process of conducting medical procedures, the patient is recommended to drink plenty of liquids. For this purpose, well-suited weak tea with honey and lemon, compote from various fruits.

Preventive measures

luk dlya lecheniya giperplasticheskogo laringita

In order to prevent the development in the body hyperplastic laryngitis, requires compliance with certain conditions.

The main ones are the following:

  • a complete rejection of bad habits such as Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • if necessary, verbal communication is required to speak softly and uniformly;
  • should regularly monitor the state of the mouth;
  • timely treatment of SARS and other respiratory ailments;
  • conduct regular preventive examinations and handled in a timely manner to the doctor for the provision of quality medical care.

Hyperplastic laryngitis often affects men around the age of forty years who face hazardous working conditions or abuse tobacco.

When you work in hazardous industrial environmentsit is recommended that annual visits to specialized sanatoriums for healing the body.

The mouthwash is useful for prevention and treatment of disease. To clean the mucosa with holding the rinse apply salt and alkaline R-ry and decoctions of medicinal herbs.