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The treatment of allergic laryngitis

Clinical manifestations of allergic reactions are quite diverse. So, for example, allergic laryngitis is a type of reaction (immediate type) of the organism to an allergic component. If the process develops rapidly, with symptoms of edema of the respiratory tract, it may be dangerous to patient's life.

problema laringitaSometimes in the literature this condition is called false croup (or allergic croup), as the clinical picture of this disease is similar to true croupous inflammation. This is the same inflammation with edema of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, but the reason for the development of the non-bacterial agent, and an allergic component.

The pathogenesis of allergic croup

shema laringitaIn this case, the inflammatory process is a reaction to the penetration into the patient's body a certain substance. Moreover, it should be noted that the allergic response occurs only on repeated exposure to the stimulus. Why?

The answer is simple: the child's body must already be familiar with the stimulus. In addition, it needs to this point to produce immunoglobulin E. the Fat cells must be in the active form. At the time of contact with the allergen is the destruction of fat cells. While in the blood stream of large quantities of biologically active chemicals.

The presence of such compounds leads to symptoms of edema of the mucosa, spastic phenomena in smooth muscle and increase of the secretory activity of the mucous membranes. Most strongly this clinical picture is manifested in the way of penetration of chemical substances that can cause this condition.

ostryj laringitIn the case when allergic laryngitis in children, allergen usually enters through the respiratory system. This condition is dangerous to develop hard leaking about croupous inflammation. Can appear the symptom of swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx at the level of the vocal cords in violation of the breathing process.

If the body of the sick person is faced with an allergic stimulus repeatedly, the disease process may become chronic. In this situation, the inflammatory process leads to the development of so-called polyposes forms of laryngitis. It is characterized by the appearance of bumpy growths on the mucous membrane of the throat and vocal cords.

We must not forget that allergic laryngitis may be one of the symptoms that characterize the development of this type of instant anaphylactic shock, as angioedema. The lack oftimely medical assistance can lead to the death of both children and adults.

What can cause allergies?

rastitelnye komponenty - prichina allergicheskogo laringitaAllergic conditions of the upper respiratory tract can cause chemicals that enter the body when breathing. However, other possibilities should not be deleted. Therefore, the cause of allergic reactions of immediate type can be the following stimuli:

  1. Botanicals, such as flower pollen, fluff the poplars.
  2. Home dust. It is the most pathogenic in the presence in its composition of waste products of mites or waste pulp, as well as in the presence of certain types of microorganisms.
  3. Used in household aerosol compositions.
  4. The smoke from the combustion products of plant origin, for example, tobacco if you smoke, dried herbs and leaves in the autumn.
  5. Different fragrances used in cosmetics and food purposes.
  6. Reception of medical preparations. It should be noted that in this case the symptoms of an allergic reaction can develop not only from the inhalation treatment inhalation, but also oral or injectable therapy.

It is important to know that the speed of response of the organism in the form of allergic laryngitis, in contact with the allergen received via the respiratory system, much faster than the oral way.

Clinical pathology

konsultaciya vrachaThe first symptoms of laryngitis are weak, they often do not pay enough attention. The sharp deterioration of the patient's health occurs usually at night. This is due to the decrease in the intensity of the outflow of blood from the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract while the body in the supine position. The result is a rapid swelling in the area of the larynx. This symptom is called stenosis. It is accompanied by a feeling sore throat, dryness of the mucosa. Man tries to clear his throat.

Then there are seizures a characteristic barking cough. Against this background formed a shortness of breath inhalation of air. Because of changes in the vocal cords changes the voice. If the process is involved and the back wall of the larynx, the patient in the survey complained of the appearance of pain when swallowing liquid or food.

If contact with the agent, Allergy, short-term, the characteristic signs disappear completely within several days. But when contact with an allergen long enough, instead of the catarrhal form of laryngitis develop a chronic formdisease. Clinically it is characterized by constant sore throat and dry cough. Since the development of the chronic nature of the disease leads to changes in the mucosa of the vocal cords, and the voice of the patient significantly changes. He becomes quiet and hoarse.

The child has this disease is much harder. It is in these patients allergic laryngitis may evolve to the state of allergic croup, edema and spasm of the larynx so massive that cause its stenosis.

Clinically it is manifested by difficulty breathing, blue discoloration of nasolabial triangle. In this situation, allergies can cause the clinical picture of asthma. Breathing may be noisy and raucous. The child is often frightened and motor active. In severe respiratory failure can be disruption of the vascular system and loss of consciousness. If medical assistance is not rendered in time, the symptoms of allergic conditions is increasing. Clinically it is manifested in the form of a gradually increasing spasm of the bronchi and edema of the posterior pharyngeal wall. The prognosis for recovery may be poor.

Treatment of allergic laryngitis

Allergic reactions of immediate type, occurring in the form of laryngitis, and when unfavorable course about turning into lobar inflammation, it refers to particularly dangerous conditions. Yourself at home treatment of this condition impossible. Need skilled medical care.

Therefore, when the first signs of development of laryngitis like Genesis need to call the local doctor, and in the evening the ambulance.

moloko pri laringiteIn the case of aggravation of symptoms and the appearance of the first symptoms of croup call an ambulance urgently. The patient needs immediate admission to the inpatient Department, particularly if the patient is a child.

Before arrival of doctors need the patient to provide first aid. It begins with taking antihistamines, for example, Klaridol, Sucking. Have shown even with angioedema. Will also help and drug-free event. We need to stabilize breathing. It is recommended the patient be put. The supine position can, conversely, increase shortness of breath. To stabilize this condition will help the inhalation of hot moist air.

In the house to create favorable conditions simply. The patient was placed in the bathroom, turn on the hot water and close the door. You can use the hot foot bath. It will provide the outflow of blood from the upper body region. During the same period patient as a maintenance treatmentslightly alkaline drink. It can be pharmacy mineral water or dissolved in water baking soda.

When the condition becomes chronic, the treatment is carried out strictly under the supervision of the allergist after the necessary examination and confirmation of diagnosis.

Timely medical help and proper treatment will help prevent severe consequences of the disease.