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Learn how to treat laryngitis at home

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx and vocal cords is a common symptom of the disease - laryngitis how to treat at home this disease can cause severe consequences, including loss of voice, knows not everyone. Very often this disease affects children under three years of age, so parents must be able not only to distinguish it from other painful conditions, but also to know how to get rid of his child.

problema hronicheskogo laringita

Drugs in combination with homeopathic remedies sometimes give a quick and very effective results. If the right approach to the therapeutic process, to be guided by the specialists, the disease can not only cure, but forget about it once and for all.

What is characteristic of the disease

Under the influence of bacterial and viral infectious attacks occur inflammatory processes in the larynx. The result is that painful States are exposed to and other the respiratory system that can cause the appearance of inflammation of the lungs and different types of bronchitis. Laryngitis can be caused by and allergic factors that can have an irritating effect on the throat and vocal cords. They can be dust, pollens.

Inflammation of the larynx and vocal cords is accompanied symptoms such as:

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  • expectorant phlegm cough;
  • the feeling of scratching in throat;
  • pain when swallowing;
  • increased body temperature;
  • edema of the glottis;
  • temporary loss of voice.

The duration of the disease may be limited to a week, but when running its form it can become chronic condition or other diseases of the respiratory tract. To avoid such complications, doctors recommend treating laryngitis very seriously.

How to cure the disease at home

Laryngitis how to treat at home? Methods aimed at quality home treatment for laryngitis that can help to resolve the underlying causes of the disease. Doctors recommend to carry out the treatment in several ways:

  • To ensure gentle voice mode of the long silence during the week.
  • Taking anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antihistamine.
  • Traditional methods of treatment of the disease.

Treatment at home involves the use of warm inhalation with a duration of 10 minutes 5-7 times per day. This type of therapy helps to accelerate the process of withdrawal of phlegm and the elimination of the inflammatory focus. Wellsuitable for this purpose, a decoction of medicinal herbs - chamomile, calendula, sage, marjoram, eucalyptus, as well as alkaline solutions having expectorant properties. At home treatment for inhalation you can use baking soda, non-carbonated mineral water, essential oils and even honey.

evkaliptovoe maslo dlya lecheniya larigitaStrong anti-inflammatory effect, it also has eucalyptus oil, Hypericum, lemon, fir. Esters of these plants have antibacterial and soothing properties, has a positive effect on the larynx.

If the laryngitis is the initial stage of development, its symptoms can be cleared using the use of inhalations with propolis and olive oil. 100 ml of oil take 40 g of propolis. Insist week. Use several drops in an inhalation solution.

In the treatment of laryngitis, it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of fluid per day. To reduce inflammation, you need to use warm infusions, decoctions of herbs. Very good (has a soothing and enveloping on the larynx action) warm milk with honey and cocoa butter. Necessarily in medical therapy consists of rinsing. In the house there is always baking soda, so in the homemade washes it will be a major component. It is prepared as follows: to 1 Cup of warm boiled water, take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix it thoroughly. Gargle 5 times a day.

Effective treatment of laryngitis, especially in children, are warming packs that make the chest area and neck. Prepare the basis for such compresses on the basis of rubbing alcohol, vodka, internal fat, and other components. A contraindication for use warming compresses are high body temperature and feverish condition of the patient. Two therapeutic effect on the body has the use of the medicinal baths, prepared with the addition of herbal infusions with sedative and anti-inflammatory properties effects on the body. It is recommended to use foot baths with mustard and herbal infusions, provided that body temperature has a normal figure.

The treatment of infantile laryngitis

poloskanie gorla pri laringiteAfter medical examination, conducted at the ENT or pediatrician, the patient child is assigned a constructive treatment and bed rest. Medical therapy is aimed at relieving painful symptoms, as the inflammatory process in the larynx interferes with the child is not just okay to talk, but to breathe. The primary task is to identify and eliminate the causesdisease. These include viruses, allergic factors, stress, improper use of nasal preparations.

In the uncomplicated stage of the disease in children the doctor will prescribe rest. In addition, during this period it is particularly important to neutralize irritants that can be a causal factor in the development of the disease. If the disease is provoked inflammatory process, medical therapy includes the supplementation of anti-inflammatory action. Prerequisite is at rest, plenty of fluids a day and hydration of the premises where the child is.

Children should be inhalation, if the inflammation is not accompanied by fever. Steam treatments make use of medicines - aminophylline, prednisone. A severe form of the disease is the reason for the definition of the child in inpatient treatment, where he was prescribed antibiotics and other treatment.

Traditional methods of treatment for children's disease, especially in its severe form, do not give positive results, so the doctors do not advise to self-medicate and recommend to show the child the doctor.

As a natural remedies to cure laryngitis

polza lipovogo chaya pri laringiteOne of the unpleasant symptoms of laryngitis is hoarseness, and sometimes complete loss of the ability to speak.

In order to return the voice, the traditional healers suggest the following recipe: mix 50 ml brandy, 3 teaspoons honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

This cocktail drink before going to bed: a SIP of the cocktail - a drink of water.

Figs is one of the most healing foods.

To restore the voice helps the pulp of dried figs, filled a glass of warm milk.

Drink this mixture several times a day in the form of heat.

Good sedative effect has chamomile and Linden tea with honey, taken before bedtime. To 1 Cup of boiling water take a handful of the collection. Insist 20 minutes, filter. Add honey to taste.

Very useful in the treatment of inflammatory and catarrhal diseases has honey. Its soothing and healing properties have a beneficial effect on the patient's larynx. Helps relieve painful symptoms a mixture of aloe and honey in equal amounts. Medication take 3 tsp 5 times a day.

Bee products have always been considered one of the best natural medicines. People with great experience of healing is recommended to use to alleviate all types of diseases of the throat with propolis. Twice a day is necessary to dissolve it, and at night you can drink a glass of hot milk with honey.

A softening effect has a nourishing recipewhich is made from 2 egg yolks, 20 g sugar and 50 g butter. All components mix and take twice a day. The next day do another.

In addition to folk treatments laryngitis healers suggest constantly to keep the throat warm, especially prone to frequent colds of people. The liquid should be drunk only warm.

As prevention is recommended rinse decoction of herbs that have antibacterial properties. It must be remembered: how effective was the treatment of herbs, it can not be used without prior consultation with your doctor.