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Causes and treatment for laryngitis during pregnancy

In women the situation often arise such inflammations, as laryngitis, treatment in pregnancy, which must appoint a physician. Be performed diagnosis and determined the appropriate treatment. In the period when a woman carries a baby, is a frequent disease affecting the upper respiratory tract.

problema laringita pri beremennostiWhat is the danger of laryngitis during pregnancy? Every expectant mother dreams that a pregnancy was easy and uneventful. Every mother worried not only about his health, but first and foremost about the health of your child. When a woman learns that she is pregnant, the body already beginning to take place many important changes, what one reacts the immune system. Immunity drops because of the load increase. So it is enough to catch mild colds or slightly supercooled below began to develop laryngitis. Laryngitis inflames the mucous membrane of the larynx, that is unsafe during pregnancy, because in this period women are prohibited to drink the medicine not to hurt the baby in the womb.

What caused the disease and how to detect it

shema laringitaTo notice this unpleasant inflammation help the following symptoms: deterioration of health of pregnant women in General, and increased body temperature. Appears General weakness, swallowing becomes painful because of inflammation of the larynx occurs mainly closer to the epiglottis or posterior laryngeal wall. The patient becomes hard to breathe, hoarse voice. If you do a blood test sick with laryngitis person, it is possible to identify the beginning of the process of inflammation in the body. In addition, the patient will be present dry cough, which subsequently becomes moist, and it will feel unpleasant sore throat, and can also at some time lose your voice.

Laryngitis during pregnancy may cause, in addition to cooling, various viruses and bacteria is one of the most unpleasant options the causes of the disease. In addition, the disease can manifest itself if the woman overstrained vocal cords, was often in the room where a lot of dust, injured or burned his throat, breathed in the cold air. In short, there are many causes of laryngitis in pregnant women.

How dangerous disease for expectant mothers

konsultaciya vrachaOften laryngitis during pregnancy is a manifestation of ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection), that is, such diseases as influenza, measles, whooping cough or scarlet fever.

But this is a very dangerous inflammation of the child, especiallyif you get sick in the first trimester of pregnancy. And, of course, hardly noticing the above symptoms, a woman should immediately visit a doctor to start treating the disease.

And in that case, if you have a headache very much and the temperature has risen above 37 degrees, you need to go to bed and ask for medical assistance at home.

How to treat laryngitis in women in the position of

Complications laryngitis is what first and foremost should be of concern, if the cause is viral in nature.

povyshennaya temperatura - pokazatel borby organizma s infekciyamiBecause the infection may affect neighbouring authority or, worse, penetrate the placenta and infect the baby. At the initial stage of pregnancy often lead to various congenital malformations, in the second and third trimester can even happen premature birth. It is therefore important to diagnose this condition and immediately begin to treat.

Expectant mothers often laryngitis is prescribed a home treatment, but to get checked out by your doctor and get competent advice is necessary to preserve the health of the woman and her child and to prevent dangerous complications. Refusing to visit the doctor's office, pregnant diseased risks serious harm to your body, why suffer and baby.

Use of drugs during pregnancy, as you know, is not recommended, because you can harm the developing fetus. Therefore, in the treatment of laryngitis pregnant women need to rest and, consequently, bed rest, selection of the correct balanced diet and a careful attitude to the vocal cords (to reduce spoken communication to a minimum).

Well-known fact that fever is an indicator of the body's fight against infections. So do not panic and run to the pharmacy for medicine to bring the temperature down. Better antipyretic drugs only with a really high body temperature.

polza obilnogo pitya pri laringiteTreated disease and with the help of copious drinking. The liquid will become a great helper in the confrontation with the disease, you need to drink no less than 2 liters a day (a special case, if there are contraindications for some reason). Welcome drinks such as tea with raspberry, lemon, honey or mint, broth hips, juice, juices of fruits etc.

Many claim the use of steam inhalation that can help carry out effective treatment in pregnant women. Such inhalations with honey, decoction of chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus or mint, varioussprays, and solutions for gargling accelerate the process of recovery of the patient.

You can try a rinse decoction of sage, chamomile, St. John's wort. The first step is to try to remove the mucus that has accumulated in the throat. This will help the solution of soda, which you need to rinse the throat before using herbs. Juice beets and potatoes also used for the treatment of laryngitis in pregnant women, and licorice root will be a good helper in the fight against overcome dry cough.

But in this case you should consult your doctor as it is impossible to exclude too much the effect of certain herbs on a pregnant woman, and also need to take into account the side effects of some folk remedies. For example, viburnum berries and raspberries is contraindicated in the last trimester of pregnancy. The reason for the influence of these plants on blood, i.e. blood coagulation, which can lead to uterine contractions and cause premature birth.

Because drugs are assigned to those which increase expectoration, to get rid of phlegm, for example, Pill or medicine of thermopsis. Can be assigned to Imoprt or marshmallow root to prevent swelling, remove inflammation and stimulate the immune system. But the use of any medication is very individual, as there are those tools that, for example, is prohibited in the presence of toxicity, because we have a tendency to amplify it.

To recovery took place at an accelerated pace, you need to provide the body a "shock" dose of vitamins and mineral elements (must be taken every day). It is not only vitamins, but a balanced and varied diet.

Necessarily expectant mothers, remember that to self-medicate at this important period of life is really unsafe, so it is forbidden categorically. For consultation and appointment of the necessary treatment you should contact an experienced otolaryngologist.

What to do to prevent the development of disease during pregnancy

Not surprisingly, the best way to prevent not only laryngitis, but also a huge number of other diseases is increase immunity in the body of a pregnant woman. Therefore, the task number one: to keep the immune system at the proper level and use products conducive to its strengthening.

In addition, you need to stop wearing light clothing in cold weather, remember to wrap up warm with a scarf, especially when the wind is strong and cold. When word comes through about the beginning of the epidemic, should rarely leave the house and be in the crowd. If there is no other way and in a busy place will have to go, you can purchase at the pharmacy protective gauze bandage, which will reduce the probability of infectioninfection from someone others. Also shouldn't be in dusty environments and need to try not to breathe polluted air.