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Than you can treat laryngitis in children?

About what the laryngitis in children than to treat the disease should be aware of every parent. The disease is an active inflammatory process that occurs on the mucous membrane of the larynx with touching vocal cords. This disease affects people of almost all ages, however children under 3 years the disease is especially hard.

problema lecheniya laringita u detej

It is noticed that, the younger the child, the more difficult the disease and the greater the likelihood of complications. A situation in which there is a narrowing of the laryngeal lumen is for the patient deadly. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the presence of disease and to take the necessary measures. When it detects the first signs of laryngitis parents should immediately contact the hospital, the doctor had the opportunity to examine the child, make appropriate assignments and recommendations. It is worth noting that the disease is quite common in childhood. This is due to a manifestation of the reaction of the child's body with slightly shaped immunity to penetrating viral and bacterial infections.

The manifestations of laryngitis usually characterized by the suddenness of the occurrence. simptomy i formy proyavleniya laringitaThe disease can be identified by the husky voice changed timbre. Often in children, laryngitis, loss of appetite, observed the occurrence of runny nose and dry cough, bouts of which tend to worsen at night, or very difficult quickens the breathing process. Laryngitis is almost always accompanied by the appearance of dryness in the mouth and pain in the throat when making swallowing movements. When you cough with the development of the disease can be observed scanty sputum discharge, swelling of the larynx. Sometimes children complain of headache. Some complexity is the diagnosis of the disease in infants, so as to talk about their feelings, they still can't. Doctors and parents have to guess about where they hurt. That child is sick, according to changes in the behavior of infants: these children are capricious, become lethargic, cry, they have nasal discharge, cough is accompanied by a characteristic wheezing in the lungs are heard whistling and noises. In children laryngitis occurs in two forms:

  • sharp;
  • chronic.

The diagnosis of the disease

diagnostika zabolevaniya laringitomAny treatment, including such diseases aschildren's laryngitis should be performed after examination and precise diagnosis. The best option in this situation would be an appeal to the otolaryngologist - in other words, to Laura.

But you can pay a visit to the pediatrician. On the basis of clinical history, direct observation of the child, taking into account all the complaints and possible causal factors contributing to the manifestations of laryngitis, made accurate clinical picture of the disease and clarifies the diagnosis. At the same time by palpation determined the status of the lymph nodes revealed tenderness of the larynx. On examination of the pharynx through the endoscope, the doctor has the opportunity to consider the degree of swelling and redness, to determine the presence of purulent mucous secretions. Clinical analysis of blood allows to establish the presence the inflammatory process.

No less important in an integrated approach to the therapeutic process is the organization of proper nutrition.

The treatment of infantile laryngitis

The treatment of infantile laryngitis is not based only on medical therapy. Along with this the patient it is necessary to create certain conditions. The basic rule in the presence of the disease is to comply with bed rest. Child needs to explain that he should reduce the strain on your vocal cords and more silent. It should be noted that this approach is the key to successful treatment. The fact that the emerging vocal cords of the baby during illness especially weak, and reducing their involvement leads to the reduction of the inflammatory process during the intake of medicines and use of other procedures.

kompleksnoe lechenie laringita u detejIn addition, failure to comply with this rule may lead to irreversible voice changes in the future. The air in the room where the patient is a child, you need to constantly moisturize using a conventional spray gun and hanging wet sheets. When treatment is given at home on the floor you can put the basin filled with water. Such patients are recommended plenty of warm drinks in the form of teas, herbal teas, milk and fruit drinks. This approach neutralizes the General intoxication of the organism.

The first thing to exclude from a diet too hot, too cold food and drinks. You can't eat spicy food and any other, is able to provide irritant effect on the mucous membrane. To visit with the child in the fresh air or not, depends by and large on the General condition of the baby. In the hot season when strong dust going out to the street extremely undesirable. Also recommended to delete trips and during exacerbations.

src="/respiratory/images/302-4.jpg" title="Application of inhalation laryngitis" alt="Application inhalation laryngitis">Conservative medical therapy include the appointment of antihistamines. Almost always assigned to anti-allergic medicines to relieve swelling of the mucosa. Such drugs include claritin, Cethrin, Parlazin, Lorano, a Couple of other drugs with similar spectrum of action. Severe coughing and lack of waste phlegm children prescribed cough tablets expectorant effects. Prescriptions made by the attending physician. Only he will be able to implement it properly, given the degree of difficulty, the nature of the disease and the age of the child. These drugs actually has a great set, including syrups, suspensions, herbs, sprays, absorbable tablets and lozenges. In exercising their choice of doctor is focused on prescribed limitations. Any tool can be changed to the same in the case if the baby appears to him an allergic reaction. With medications need to be very careful and monitor how they react child.

In very rare cases, children with laryngitis may be prescribed medication in the form of antibiotics. Usually their application is prescribed for bacterial inflammation accompanied by enhanced toxicity of the body. Among them are such as Augmentin, suspension Ecolaw, Sumamed, Azitroks, Ecomed and Hemomitsin.

Additional points

A very important point in the implementation of treatment laryngitis of any complexity is to eliminate the swelling. In pharmacies at the moment as the medication is offered with the same action of the drug Aminophylline.

A method such as the holding of the inhalation, is in the treatment of children with a certain age compulsory. For the procedure it is recommended to use the nebulizer. The event is produced by the use of soda solution, mineral water, teas based on medicinal chamomile, peppermint, sage and marigold. Mini-inhalation through a special device well reduce inflammation of the throat. They can be done even by little children. There are very effective methods of traditional medicine to fight against disease. Not excluded, and such ancient techniques like warming night poultices, mustard foot baths, inhalations potato steaming, rinsing of the goals of medicinal teas and soda.

To treat laryngitis in a child should, in accuracy following all medical recommendations. In addition, to begin to take the active measures needed at the first signs of the disease, and in the case of occurrence of asthma attacks to reactimmediately and immediately call “ambulance”.