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What is the treatment and symptoms of laryngitis in children?

Every parent who cares about the health of your child, you should know what laryngitis in children treatment and symptoms of this ailment. By the way, laryngitis in children is one of the most common forms of SARS. 1 year baby can several times to recover from this disease, and each time the laryngitis can take place with different severity of symptoms.

problema laringita u detej

Under the mean laryngitis the inflammatory process that appears as a reaction to the immature child's body in many viral diseases. It affects the lining of the larynx and vocal cords. In most cases of ailments such as adenovirus infection, influenza and SARS, the baby usually becomes inflamed and vocal chords with the larynx.

Should not be taken lightly to laryngitis. The younger the child, the more dangerous the disease the more the likelihood of various complications. For example, the crumbs under 3 years there is a high risk of the occurrence of the syndrome of croup. In this case, the baby is diagnosed narrowing of the lumen of the larynx. That is why the first signs of laryngitis should alert parents and cause seeking medical attention.

Symptoms of the disease

Before you learn how to treat laryngitis in children, you need to first decide what it is the symptoms characteristic of this disease. Usually laryngitis in babies is easily recognizable, as he is characterized by such striking symptoms as:

suhoj kashel pri laringite

  1. First there are changes in tone of voice. Parents pay attention to his osiplosti. In some cases, the voice of all the time lost.
  2. A child has a strong dry cough, which usually increases at night. A strong cough can cause even asthma attacks. After a fairly short period of time dry cough passes into the wet and there is phlegm.
  3. Crumbs may experience palpitations or shortness of breath. These unpleasant symptoms associated with spasms of the larynx and edema.
  4. Toddler complains of severe pain during swallowing and poor appetite.
  5. From child shows classic signs of infection - increased body temperature (in most cases the temperature is only slightly raised), weakness, severe cold, swelling and redness of the throat.

Parents of infants should alert the following symptoms:

  • the child is constantly acting out;
  • he wants to play and behaves sluggishly;
  • toddler most of the time, wantonly restless;
  • during the progression of the disease it is highlycries;
  • breathing is accompanied by wheezing noises.

simptomy i formy proyavleniya laringitaAfter examination, the doctors diagnose such vivid symptoms of laryngitis:

  • hyperemia of the oral mucosa;
  • swelling of the vocal cords and throat, resulting in a partial closure of the ligaments, the ligaments thickened and have a red tint.

The chronic form of this disease is characteristic symptoms such as:

  • severe sore throat;
  • unpleasant itching;
  • change tone of voice;
  • hoarse voice;
  • constant desire to cough.

The appearance of the above symptoms you should immediately seek help from professionals. To delay treatment in any case is impossible, as it may cause complications.


medikamentoznoe lechenie laringita

First the doctor will advise you to provide rest to sick child. In acute inflammation of the larynx it is necessary to ensure that the vocal cords have got needed rest. Ideally, the baby is at least 5-7 days should be silent or whisper. You should also make sure that at the time of treatment the child is in conditions that may negatively affect the status of his airway. For example, too dusty, cold and smoky air can stall the healing process and cause additional irritation of the larynx and the deterioration of the General condition of the baby.

Laryngitis rarely manifests itself in the form of an independent disease. Most often it is accompanied by symptoms of SARS or influenza. In this case, it is first necessary to eliminate the virus or bacteria that caused these diseases. For this purpose may be prescribed antibiotics and antiviral drugs. It should be borne in mind that to cure laryngitis in children with antibiotics only if the illness became bacteria, but in any case, not viruses. To cope with the viruses by using data of drugs will not work. To prescribe antibiotics to children is only entitled to the attending physician.

Treatment for laryngitis in children at home includes the use of a mixture of honey and lemon - 2 tablespoons of honey mix with 1 spoon of fresh lemon juice and take the resulting texture 50 grams every half hour. Positive results will appear very soon. No less popular is the honey and milk in 1 Cup of warm milk should be diluted 1 teaspoon of honey. This medicine should drink before bedtime. Immediately after that, you need to insulate the throat of the baby with a scarf.

src="/respiratory/images/198-4.jpg" title="Ibuprofen for the treatment of laryngitis" alt="Ibuprofen for the treatment of laryngitis">If the above disease are prescribed antihistamine. They are not only able to remove the swelling of the mucous membrane, but also has a calming effect on the baby. Better antihistamines to use before bedtime. Very popular are antihistamines, like Zodak, Zyrtec and Parlazin.

If the child suffers from a strong cough that prevents him to lead a normal life and sleep, doctors may prescribe cough medicines. Such medicines can give only an experienced specialist. The choice of medication depends on the age of the baby. Popular Libeksin and Chest.

As soon as the dry cough becomes moist, doctors prescribe expectorants. Well-proven such drug as Alteyka. However, the use of expectorants laryngitis is with the utmost caution. The fact is that they can lead to blockage of the larynx.

As mentioned above, often accompanied by laryngitis with fever. In most cases, the temperature rises only slightly. However, if the thermometer for a long time exceeds 38º, it's obvious the reason to use antipyretics. In this case, the treatment may be Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. If the body temperature of the crumbs below 38º, the use of antipyretics does not make sense, as in this case, the child's body tries to cope with the disease. Disturb him not worth it.

To treat unpleasant symptoms in children can also be tablets to dissolve and aerosols. It should be borne in mind that the lollipops and lozenges in most cases used to treat children older than 5 years. A very well established such pills as Hexoral tabs and Strepsils. Of aerosols Geksoral, you can highlight and Lugol.

Traditional medicine

Fast cure for the unpleasant symptoms of laryngitis in children can not only medicines, but also recipes of traditional medicine. Home remedies are very popular due to its efficiency and low price. Also, these drugs do not cause addiction, unlike many drugs.

  1. The acute stage of laryngitis can be treated following the infusion. 2 tablespoons of the roots of calamus pour 1 Cup boiling water and set aside for 2-3 hours. Thereafter, the infusion should be heated to a comfortable temperature and to rinse the mouth 5 times a day.
  2. 1 spoon of chamomile should be mixed with 1 teaspoon of cinquefoil and crushed roots of calamus. 50 grams of the above mixture necessary to dissolve in 250 ml of boiling water and infuse for 2 hours. Ready means to rinsethroat every 3 hours until complete disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

What else is recommended?

For a sick little one at home it is necessary to prepare a special bath in a tub of warm water you should add sea salt and chamomile. To lie in such a fluid it is necessary not less than 20 minutes. After this procedure, it is necessary to wear baby socks and put him to bed.

To lift immunity it is possible to prepare the following remedy - 2 tablespoons of cranberries to soften and mix with 2 tablespoons finely chopped walnuts and 3 chopped green apples. The mixture should cook over low heat until boiling. 1 tablespoon of such drugs need to be taken orally three times a day. Drink medicinal tea slurry is necessary.

Before using any folk remedies laryngitis should consult a doctor.

Many of the homemade ingredients can cause allergies in children.