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How is the treatment of nasal congestion without a runny nose?

What causes nasal congestion without rhinitis, the treatment of this disease - these problems concern many people. Nasal congestion is an extremely uncomfortable condition. Usually it is accompanied by mucus - runny nose. If this does not happen, such a state is transferred to the patients even harder, since the person is not able to fully breathe through the nose even for a while.

problema zalozhennosti nosa

The reason for this congestion is the swelling or inflammation of its mucosa, which in turn can contribute to the following circumstances:

  1. Allergies. Swelling of the nasal mucosa can be a consequence of an allergic reaction to animal dander, pollen or some foods.
  2. Hormonal changes in the body. Especially familiar constant nasal congestion pregnant.
  3. Excessively dry air indoors, which leads to drying of the mucosa, and as a result, nasal congestion.
  4. The deviated septum. This defect may be congenital or acquired as a result of injury.
  5. Polyps in the nose.
  6. The actual beginning of the disease when the cold has not started and edema of the mucosa is already present.
  7. Constant nasal congestion can be the abuse of vasodilatory drugs and addiction to them.
  8. Sinusitis or sinusitis.
  9. One should not exclude such banal reason, as the presence of a foreign body in the nose.
  10. Adverse environmental conditions, increased pollution of air, when the nose can not cope with their functions.

The causes of nasal congestion

beremennost - prichina zalozhennosti nosaIn the case of such ailments, like nasal congestion without rhinitis, treatment should start with addressing the causes of this condition. Of course, in most cases to determine the causes of congestion may simply need a visit to the doctor, but sometimes they are quite obvious, such as allergies or dry air.

Then the stuffy nose only occurs in certain places or in certain circumstances: for example, only at work or at home, or only at night. If the cause is the effects of allergens, isolation from them will lead to the restoration of normal breathing. Sometimes it is enough to replace feather pillows or wool carpet to synthetic analogs or to remove some kind of houseplant.

Increased dryness of the air is usually observed in urban apartments in the winter during heating season. If you have the opportunity to buy a humidifier, it will cope with the problem. Should strive to the level of humidity in the roomabout 55-65%, whereas it often happens that this figure does not reach 40%.

No wonder that room to breathe it is difficult. If there is no humidifier, hanging wet towels on the radiators in some way can replace him, as well as placement in the room of the vessels with water.

In the case of drug nasal congestion problem occurs immediately after the intake of certain medications.

suhoj vozduh - prichina zalozhennosti nosaUsually this side effect is listed in the instructions to the drug. To chronic congestion brings passion vasoconstrictor agents, resulting in disruption of the nasal mucosa. After the abolition of these medications full work of the nose will recover in a few days.

With regard to the deviated nasal septum, which in varying degrees is present in most people, to correct this defect, if it is significant and do leads to edema of the mucosa, will need the help of a surgeon. The same applies to the case when nasal congestion is the result of a foreign body in the nose. This happens not so rarely, not only in children.

Stuffy nose during pregnancy is called vasomotor rhinitis and is considered normal. Sometimes it lasts only a few weeks, and sometimes takes place only after childbirth.
And finally, only after visiting a specialist to diagnose the presence of polyps, adenoids, sinusitis, sinusitis. Here in any case, you need drug treatment, not ruled out the use of antibiotics.

Treatment of nasal congestion

The use of a vasoconstrictor is not a treatment of nasal congestion at all, but only provide short-term respite. More than five days they can not be used, otherwise they will only aggravate the situation. The first thing to do if the nose is stuffy, but runny nose is not - it is to restore the normal moisture of the nasal mucosa.

promyvaniya nosa pri zalozhennostiThis can be done both by using special drops or sprays, and folk remedies. Latest safe, affordable and effective enough to help relieve inflammation and bring out the mucus. And more in order to eliminate nasal congestion, and often not required.

First of all, the most common treatment to relieve congestion, and prevent respiratory disease is nasal lavage, which typically use a solution of sea or cooking salt: one teaspoon in a glass of water. This procedure is not pleasant, but its effectiveness stands to suffer.

Rinse the nasal passages candifferent: using a small watering can, a syringe or just with palms. Importantly, the solution does not enter the lungs, and resulted either through the nostril or through the mouth.

For treatment you can use decoctions of herbs: chamomile, mother and stepmother, lime, Hypericum, sage, calendula, plantain. One tablespoon of vegetable raw pour a glass of boiling water and insist at room temperature. When the infusion reaches a comfortable temperature, you can use it for irrigation or instillation of the nose.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe juice or onion can successfully use these tools for nasal congestion. Fresh aloe juice instilled into the nose in its purest form, the onion juice in order to avoid burn mucous diluted with warm water halfway. Onion pulp can be used for inhalations: warm it in a water bath, inhaling the vapor through the paper cone.

Inhalations are generally one of the safest and effective ways to cope with nasal congestion. In water or decoction of herbs for inhalation add essential oils of eucalyptus, fir and citrus, pre-diluted in a small amount of milk or honey. You can use boiled in their skins and mashed potatoes. After this procedure, it becomes much easier to breathe.

As an adjuvant in the treatment of nasal congestion apply acupressure. Warm hands to be massaged in turn three pairs of symmetrically located points, exerting a moderate force. The first pair is located on the inner part of the eye sockets, at the junction of the nose with eyebrows. The second is near the extreme points of the wings of the nose. Third - bottom of the cheekbones, on the line of the pupil. 2-3 minutes this massage, and breathing easier.

The long-term effects of nasal congestion

If the stuffy nose, the runny nose, does not go a long time, it can lead to the fact that, apart from the obvious reduction of smell, the human body will not receive enough oxygen, and this will inevitably impact on mental health can occur, and headaches.

Moreover, with swelling of the nasal mucosa can move to the auditory tube, and then there is the complication of otitis media. Therefore, to ignore this symptom is nasal congestion, you can't.