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Symptoms and treatment of acute laryngitis

Acute laryngitis is a common problem. Exacerbations occur in the autumn. There is a certain group of people affected by the disease. You should know, causing acute laryngitis, how to avoid disease, what treatment can be effective.

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Inflammation of the throat due to the duration and different causes are divided into acute and chronic.

Acute inflammation of the throat (laryngitis) may have bacterial and viral etiology, but may also occur due to damage to the mucous membrane of the larynx. Often occurs, accompanied by other infectious diseases.

shema laringitaSymptoms of acute laryngitis:

  • pain in region of larynx;
  • sore throat;
  • difficulty in swallowing solid food or liquid;
  • fever;
  • dry cough;
  • loss of voice;
  • hoarseness.

With the help of a laryngoscope, the doctor may notice redness and swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx. They are more common at the level of the vocal cords.

Chronic laryngitis is a condition in which the signs of the disease persist for several weeks and are repetitive. Ailments such as those which occur in acute laryngitis.

Treatment of acute inflammation of the throat

In the acute form of laryngitis treatment with antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

suhoj kashel kak simptom ostrogo laringitaIn a variant of chronic laryngitis may require alignment of hormonal imbalance, the replenishment of vitamins, elimination of factors that irritate the mucous membrane of the throat. In addition, you can use a treatment that relieves symptoms characteristic in both cases, the inflammation of the throat. In this case, apply the following tools:

  • drugs with antipyretic effect;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • lozenges, moistening the mucous membrane of the throat or possessing analgesic effect;
  • mucolytic drugs to liquefy secretions, expectorants if you experience excessive amounts of viscous mucus;
  • an antitussive to protect against additional irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat;
  • preparations, moisturizing the mucosa of the pharynx in the form of various syrups containing thyme, marshmallow or herbal infusions;
  • lotions and balms against bacteria (containing silver).

We recommend the use of symptomatic treatment in the form of steam inhalation with herbs (e.g. sage, chamomile) in the absencecontraindications allergic nature.

An important element of a successful process of treatment and avoid recurrence of the disease is the exception irritable factors such as tobacco smoke or any kind of dust.

lechenie ostrogo laringitaThere are less common inflammation of the larynx, among them an acute inflammation of the epiglottic cartilage arising from damage to the mucosa of solid food. Then you can experience the symptoms accompanying the disease is a fever, difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), weakness of voice (dysphonia), stridor during inspiration, that is the whistle of passing air through constricted Airways.

In children inflammation of the larynx occurs below the folds of the glottis. This disease is also characterized by severe course. Symptoms appear quickly - this is a narrowing of the Airways, dry, barking cough, pallor, cyanosis, intercostal and supraclavicular involvement of holes during expiration (showing great effort during breathing).

Treatment is the same as in adults, in acute inflammations of the larynx, but in some cases may require intubation or tracheotomy.

Chronic laryngitis

Causes chronic inflammation of the larynx can be exogenous, i.e. external, and endogenous.

External causes of inflammation of the larynx:

  • position held (teacher, lecturer, soloist) work related to the voice);
  • climate;
  • toxins;
  • Smoking.

kurenie kak prichina ostrogo laringitaOther causes of inflammation of the throat:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • diseases of the endocrine glands (endocrine);
  • defects of the respiratory tract, impairing their permeability;
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease;
  • excessive consumption of alcohol.

The symptoms of chronic inflammation of the throat less pronounced than in the acute form. The pain may even be absent or be mild severity. It can be described by patients as foreign body sensation in the throat. There are hoarseness, dry or wet cough, sticky mucus. Can even walk to the small changes in tone of voice.

Due to another factors causing chronic laryngitis, treatment is symptomatic and qualifying in nature. Recommended the elimination of irritants in tobacco smoke, strong coffee, tea, eating too cold or hot meals and liquids. We should not forget about symptomatic treatment in the administration of mucolytics for thinning thick mucus, expectorants and antitussivefunds. We can use drugs, and regenerating the mucous membrane of the larynx, they are sold in the form of aerosols, which can act in difficult accessible places.

Complications of inflammation of the larynx

osmotr u lor-vrachaProlonged inflammation of the larynx can lead to the formation of the so-called voice nodes. They are located on the vocal cords. The symptoms of inflammation of the larynx may be joined by the sensation of a foreign body present in the respiratory tract. In this case, in addition to the above treatment methods may be useful, rehabilitation, carried out with the appropriate vocal with minimal strain on your vocal cords. If the treatment does not give positive results, surgical intervention is performed.

Despite the benign nature of the symptoms of inflammation of the larynx, should not be underestimated. You'll need differential diagnosis to exclude the presence of cancer of the larynx. This is especially important for people Smoking tobacco, in this case, the cancer risk is much higher.

Prevention of acute laryngitis

Prevention of laryngitis is the following:

  • to avoid viral and bacterial infections, to minimize the risk of infection by limiting contact with other patients;
  • you need to take care of the daily airing of the room and the corresponding air temperature is the most optimal room temperature of about 19-20°C;
  • don't let the bedroom of the sick were Pets.

To help you can apply warm moist compresses on the neck area, but not on the thyroid gland. From the environment of the patient is necessary to exclude the aerosols (hair spray), and from the diet - seafood and artificial dyes.

In a situation when often there are symptoms to be concerned about ongoing monitoring of laryngology.

With this purpose, it is recommended to perform the necessary research to determine the cause frequent infections.

Acute laryngitis is a serious disease, exciting not only the larynx, but also the respiratory tract. In addition, it is dangerous because it causes breathing disorders can be life-threatening. It is important that the disease has a tendency to frequent relapses, so it should prevent and take care of their health, and in case it is time to treat laryngitis.