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Whether you need a puncture in the sinus

A puncture in the sinus is appointed by the otolaryngologist for removal of purulent exudate that has accumulated in the maxillary sinuses. This procedure promotes rapid recovery and helps to avoid many unpleasant complications, therefore to refuse it it is not necessary.

problema gajmorita

Without treatment, sinusitis can lead to transition of the inflammatory process on other tissues and organs.

The most dangerous complications of sinusitis is meningitis and sepsis. May develop abscess, that is, inflammatory infectious process in the bone tissue. If the doctor prescribes a puncture of the nose in the sinus, be sure to agree to this procedure. Most often, the puncture is performed once, under local anesthesia. The patient will not feel any pain, only mild discomfort. After the procedure, the injured a speedy recovery.

How is the puncture?

shema gajmoritaIn most cases, the puncture is an outpatient procedure, the hospital admitted only patients with serious complications of sinusitis. Otolaryngologist relieve nasal mucosa, and then with a syringe with a long needle sucks out all the pus that has accumulated in the sinus.

Sometimes the seized material is sent to a laboratory for analysis. It allows us to identify the causative agent. After purulent exudate is removed, the sinuses are flushed by syringe or tube. For washing, use the following sequence of actions:

  • the introduction of saline solution;
  • withdrawal of saline solution;
  • the introduction of the mixture of saline and chymotrypsin;
  • the patient is with this compound in the sinuses for 1-2 minutes;
  • repeated administration of saline solution, Iodinol or salts of nystatin.

If the sinusitis is caused by bacterial infection, after applying Iodinol antibiotics are not used. In viral sinusitis antibiotics are also not appointed. Often patients do not believe that a simple sinusitis can be a serious threat to their health and question the need of a puncture.

Reason for assignment to the victim of a puncture in the sinus:

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  • if within 2 weeks of the victim's condition is not improving, provided that he is responsible in implementing the recommendations of the attending physician;
  • prescribed medication show low efficiency;
  • the patient has a persistent fever of 38.5-39.5 °C;
  • the pus accumulated in the sinuses, cannot be removed through the nasal passages;
  • from his nose came a stench;
  • when examined by radiography reveals characteristic features of accumulation of pus insinuses.

A puncture in the sinus immediately improves the human condition, contributes to the rapid reduction of temperature and decrease of pain in the nose. If you want to wash out the sinuses some time, at the point of puncture leave a small tube in order not to hold a new puncture each time. After the procedure is done again x-rays to evaluate the feedback. In severe cases, prolonged lavage of the sinuses with solutions furatsilina and manganese, as well as gargling with antibacterial solutions.

Complications after puncture

varianty lecheniya gajmoritaPre-physician always evaluates the condition of the victim in order to anticipate potential complications.

Puncture of the sinus is a very safe, its hold even an infant. But the presence of pus in the sinuses, on the contrary, is extremely dangerous and cannot be recommended even as a grown man.

The main reason there are complications is not the puncture, and a late appeal for help and too early withdrawal of drugs on the personal initiative of the patient.

To finish the course of treatment should be when it will be safe according to the doctor, otherwise the inflammatory process may re-emerge in a new place. The most frequent complications improper treatment of sinus infection is otitis media and meningitis.

And sinusitis, and otitis media can become chronic, which significantly affects the quality of life of the victim. In rare cases, there are other complications:

otek sheki - oslozhnenie posle prokola

  • embolism;
  • swelling of the nose and cheeks;
  • abscess of the cheeks;
  • air cavity in the tissues of the cheek and orbit.

A little swelling after the procedure is normal, however, she must pass the next day. As make a puncture under anesthesia, the person does not feel pain at the time of passage of the needle through soft tissues, but later, when the anesthesia fades, eases the soreness. To apply the solutions manufactured according to the methods of folk medicine, it is possible only by agreement with the doctor as a nasal wash are not suitable means for this may lead to the deterioration of the victim.

How to effectively treat sinusitis?

Such a radical impact, as the puncture of the nose is not assigned in all cases, and only when, you cannot cope with sinusitis other methods.

Most often for the treatment of sinusitis enough:


  1. Medicines against pathogens. This can be antibiotics, if the disease has caused a bacterial infection-or antivirals if the sinusitis is caused by a viral infection. The choice of drugs is carried out by the otolaryngologist based on the totality of the clinical picture. The dosage is selected individually. If the victim is kept very high fever, antibiotics are applied intramuscularly, in all other cases, oral.
  2. Funds for a local constriction of blood vessels and swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages, for example, Galazolin drops.
  3. Physiotherapy. Use of inhalation or exposure to UHF is possible only after the temperature returned to normal. For inhalation used solutions of antibiotics, moisturizing and reducing swelling drugs based on medicinal plants.
  4. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and pain relievers. Apply when the temperature of the victim rises above 38.5 °C for headaches and intoxication. If nausea, muscle pain and weakness are very much appointed by such drugs as Aspirin, Aminopyrine.

The application of puncture is required if the patient's immune system is very weak, and conservative treatment is not enough to fight the infection.

otit - oslozhnenie gajmoritaUnfortunately, it is not uncommon when parents are addicted to the methods of traditional medicine and sinusitis weak-acting decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants, not using medically prescribed treatment.

As a result, the child gets a lot of nasty complications, most commonly otitis media.

The most dangerous of all, when the inflammation in sinuses leads to meningitis, especially in children up to 3 years. This could potentially threaten a fatal outcome. Treatment of sinusitis in children should only be effective prescribed by a doctor medicines. To use any of "grandma's recipes" is possible only after the main source of inflammation is eliminated. Otherwise, no one can guarantee a successful recovery of the child.

Prevention of sinusitis after a puncture

Sinusitis can become chronic, which affects the quality of life of the victim. In order to after a puncture again be faced with unpleasant symptoms, you need to follow precautions:

  1. To finish the doctor's recommendation for lavage of the sinuses and medications.
  2. If you are having a dental disease or otitis media - to treat them immediately and to a full recovery.
  3. In the case of coldsdiseases not to ignore the doctor's visit and the use of effective therapies.
  4. At the first signs of sinusitis - refer to otolaryngologist.

The man, already ill with acute sinusitis, the probability of repeated sinus infections can be higher than someone who has never suffered from this disease. Therefore it is necessary to be vigilant. Often, sinusitis is preceded by colds with a runny nose, so you should engage in their treatment in the first place.