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Atrophic rhinitis: the main symptoms and treatment

Has its own characteristics, atrophic rhinitis, symptoms and treatment of this disease will differ from other forms of rhinitis, its symptoms and therapy techniques. The disease is characterized by chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa, characterized by atrophy.In rhinitis this form manifest the characteristic symptoms that will require remedy and immediate treatment.Different atrophic rhinitis, the underlying causes of appearance of which it is accompanied by symptoms? This - below.

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Description and root cause

Atrophic rhinitis is often caused by atrophy of the mucosa of the nasal cavity, as the nature of the disease is chronic. This form of rhinitis has its own characteristics. At the initial stage of the disease the patient may manifest a feeling of dryness in the nose, appear purulent yellow or greenish sticky discharge, bismarckiana becomes difficult. Gradually the crust formed of the mucosa, sometimes there is bleeding. The activated form of disease is characterized unpleasant odor emissions. During a rhinitis patient complains of the smell or lack of it.

atroficheskij rinitAmong the reasons that provoke the development of atrophic rhinitis, it is possible to allocate the following factors:

  1. Genetic predisposition.
  2. Infection infections (microorganisms, penetrating into the cavity of the respiratory system).
  3. Bad ecology (the environmental factor from the outside, reducing the body's immune system). For example, have a negative impact on the condition of the nasal mucosa can dust, household cleaners, gases, harmful chemical vapors, etc.
  4. A lack of iron. People are prone to deficiency of this element in the body, more likely to suffer from atrophic rhinitis.

Many medical studies have proven that atrophic rhinitis, other atrophic processes occurring in the body and are precursors of the disease, linked. For example, patients with atrophic gastritis is the probability of developing atrophy of the nasal mucosa.

Symptoms of atrophic rhinitis are as follows:

  1. Strong lack of humidity in the nasal cavity ("dry nose").
  2. The presence of a viscous secretion, which is bad enough (bad smell, discharge with something like pus, have been found in infections infection).
  3. Reduced sense of smell.
  4. Some sink and nasal stroke is increased.
  5. Sometimes crust is formed is gray-yellow.
  6. The itching sensation.
  7. Change the outer bone of the nose, flattening it, the appearance of a duck or saddle-shaped. Duck shape can develop in atrophic rhinitis.

Simple restricted (during which suffer from frontshares of the turbinates), and diffuse rhinitis due to symptoms.

Diagnosis and treatment of atrophic rhinitis

konsultaciya vracha po voprosu rinitaAt the first sign of the disease it is important to consult the ENT doctor. Many people turn already at a late stage of the disease, which is very wrong: this leads to a more prolonged treatment. If the cause of the common cold are known, this simplifies the process of therapy. When the opposite - the root cause is not found, the physician should take all measures not alleviating the manifestations of rhinitis. In determining the diagnosis play an important role patient's complaints.

Initially, a thorough compilation of the history of the conduct of microbiological planting, and bronchoscopy, which gives the possibility to verify the diagnosis of "atrophic rhinitis". Often the doctor prescribes a CT scan or x-rays that are needed for the study of the paranasal sinuses to exclude sinusitis. Sometimes patients for diagnostic purposes is assigned to the analysis of blood serum.

The treatment of atrophic rhinitis is caused by the form of the disease. Infectious form of rhinitis is treatable best. As a rule, conservative treatment is indicated, which includes local procedures, facilitate the well-being of the patient.

The treatment of this disease, mainly based on the periodic irrigation of the nasal cavity to eliminate the formed crusts, and moisture of the mucosa.

This procedure is carried out in the home. For this purpose the nose can be washed with isotonic solution, which is heated to 40 degrees. The liquid for washing, you can use a buffered hypertonic solution. The attending physician can use suction to cleanse the nasal cavity.

Infectious atrophic rhinitis involves cleansing the nasal cavity with the use of antimicrobial drugs.

ciprofloksacin pri atroficheskom riniteThis procedure helps to eliminate the strong purulent secretion. A similar procedure is indicated in chronic atrophic rhinitis. Sometimes as an additional program of treatment prescribed systemic antibiotic therapy. The infectious form of the disease involves the selection of drugs depending on provocateur infection.

For example, the doctor may prescribe the following medications:

  1. “Amikacin”.
  2. “Ciprofloxacin” for internal reception.
  3. “Rifampicin”.

As well as chronic, infectious form of rhinitis is treated more simply. You only need to use drugslocal action. Among these tools are ointments, solutions, oils, and vitamins a And B2. Among the assigned acetylcysteine mucolytics, nasal aerosols.

Atrophic rhinitis can be treated effectively combination drugs that include vasoconstrictors, mucolytics. In infectious and chronic rhinitis there treatment of iron deficiency anemia. To strengthen the General state, usually used biogenic stimulators (aloe extract, placenta extract, b vitamins, FIBS, etc.).

Folk remedies in some cases, apply when disease very effectively. Among all the popular methods most frequently used are burying the nasal cavity oil solution of propolis, fresh juice of Kalanchoe or aloe.

Inhalation is another effective method of treating the common cold.

  1. For the first method of inhalation you need to take 3 tbsp. l. crushed dry mint, mix with 1-2 drops of lemon oil. The mixture pour boiling water, then inhaling the liquid in 3-5 minutes. Too low on the capacity to bend is impossible, as you may get burned.
  2. Such inhalation can make use of the other components. For the second method inhalation need in boiling water, mix 2 drops of tea tree oil, orange and lavender. To make the inhalation, similar to the first method.

You can make your own nose drops. This will require in 1 Cup of boiling water to mix 1 tsp of chopped garden woodlice, all infuse for 1 hour. After cooling strain and drip into the nose, or pull a ready-made medicine.

Additional points

sobludenie pravilnogo pitaniyaA special approach should be the treatment of chronic atrophic rhinitis, which is accompanied by fetid atrophic rhinitis (also called ozena).

This type of disease is characterized by a sharp weakening of the nose, thick secretions, education on the nasal mucosa crusts. It is also noted a phenomenon in which bone tissue of the turbinates and the walls becomes thinner.

Surgical method of treatment of pathology is appointed with the aim of narrowing the nasal cavity. In the process operational method under the nasal mucosa is injected an implant made of acrylic plastic, nylon and other alloplastic materials.

To rhinitis is not disturbed, it is crucial to treat chronic and acute diseases. In particular, this applies to diseases of the oral cavity, paranasal sinuses, pharynx. It is very important to improve immunity through proper nutrition, active lifestyle, taking vitamins.

Still have to say that at the first symptoms you should definitely seek medical helpwill help prevent complications and serious consequences.