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What can you treat allergic rhinitis?

How to treat allergic rhinitis? This question interests many people, because in recent years the number of Allergy sufferers is constantly increasing under the influence of many factors.

problema allergicheskogo rinita

The causes of this disease

Allergic diseases generally arise from the fact that the person is too weak immunity, and it cannot protect the body. In this regard, you should try to avoid the factors that can trigger the development of Allergy: stress, too much use of a sweet, strong emotional and physical stress. All of this weakens the immune system.

If we talk about seasonal allergic rhinitis, it occurs only when there is an irritation body time allergens. It could be pollen from certain trees or plants. In some situations, the cause of allergies may be mold. More serious prerequisite for allergic rhinitis is inborn or acquired pathology - a deviated septum. Perennial allergic rhinitis in humans occurs under the influence of house dust or fur of a specific animal can also be caused by some foods.

Prevention of allergic rhinitis

pyl - prichina allergicheskogo rinitaTo start prophylaxis is necessary even when the child is in infancy. Especially if the family or parents there is a problem with allergic rhinitis. It is very important in this case to breastfeed, because breast milk boosts the immune system. Follow the diet and temper of the baby.

At a time when the number of allergens is greatly increased, and it is summer, try in the morning more tightly to close the window. After take your child on a walk, very carefully and gently clean her mucous membranes as the nose and eyes. An adult takes a few times to take a shower. Do not forget about the observance of a special diet that will help boost immunity and protect against allergic rhinitis.

Diagnosis of the problem

To diagnose problems it is sometimes very difficult. It is necessary to pass a great number of samples of skin, blood test or do a special test, which is determined by the level of allergens in human blood.

In addition, suffering from allergic rhinitis people will have a specific appearance:

zatrudnennoe dyhanie pri rinite

  • his mouth is always slightly open, because when rhinitisthere are problems with breathing;
  • under the eyes occur gradually dark circles;
  • start to peel off and redden the nose;
  • the face swells a little and becomes more round.

The best option in the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis is the taking of skin samples. As a rule, in most cases, this is enough to define the problem and understand how it can be caused by. In addition, this diagnostic method is inexpensive, and its performance is much higher than other tests.

Allergy treatment

The first thing you should do if you experience any symptom of allergic rhinitis is to see a specialist. It is very important to determine what exactly caused the allergic reaction. Then try as little as possible in contact with the identified allergen.

Quite an effective tool in allergic rhinitis - Akva-Maris, Dolphin or other types of pain. Using these sprays every day do nasal rinses. If allergic rhinitis occurs in a toddler, it is necessary to use drugs in drops that are intended specifically for children. Best Allergy drops are other types of pain. It can be used to remove the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose, to remove even the most severe swelling, and to support the microflora of the body. The biggest advantage of the drug is that it is able to clear the nasal cavity from different kinds of harmful microorganisms and allergens.

akva-maris dlya lecheniya rinitaIn addition, you can pay attention to such remedy of allergic rhinitis, Azelastine as. It refers to the number of antihistamine drugs which is very important to use to treat this problem. Using the drug can be fast enough to strengthen the immune system and thus treat allergic rhinitis even the most severe and form.

In some cases, allergic rhinitis may transform into asthma, then the treatment will be slightly different, because you need to start using a special medication, preferably an inhaler, which would increase the bronchi and cleaned asthma attacks.

The treatment of childhood allergic rhinitis

If we consider the treatment of allergic diseases in children, in this case it is necessary to consider some features. You should treat this process is incredibly carefully and cautiously, because children's bodies are more susceptible to different kinds of drugs. It should take into account the fact that not all tools will be suitable for treatment of rhinitis caused by allergies, the child. Accordingly, to solve this problem much more difficult. To assigneddrugs was the most effective, you should follow a few simple guidelines in the treatment of allergic rhinitis in children.

These include the following:

vlazhnaya uborka dlya profilaktiki rinita

  • do not smoke if you are near the child;
  • in the house or in the room where most often the child is the need to frequently carry out wet cleaning, ideal - twice a day;
  • refrain from Pets;
  • ensure that the humidity was not lower than 50%;
  • discard stuffed toys, carpets or cushions with feather filling;
  • do Laundry only with a high temperature that will kill bacteria and some allergens.

Allergic rhinitis and treatment

Traditional medicine always comes to the aid of traditional, especially if we are talking about children who do not receive medication. Some of them use quite a long time, and they are considered to be highly effective for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and, moreover, perfectly replace tablets that can harm even an adult, not that baby. The most frequently used recipes of traditional medicine include the following.

Cook four tablespoons purchased at a pharmacy St. John's wort and thoroughly mix with corn silk (one tablespoon), centaury (five tablespoons) and dandelion roots (three tablespoons). Also it is necessary to add about four tablespoons of rose hips for enhancing the immune system. It all pour boiling water in the amount of 300 ml and leave on for approximately ten hours. Then bring the infusion to a boil and leave to infuse for another five hours. Strain the resulting drug and take 100 ml before meals 3-4 times a day.

Drink celery juice. It must be fresh, and to take it for at least a teaspoon before each meal.

Do not forget about such an effective cure for allergic rhinitis as peppermint.

It is very useful for the sick person and healthy. This variety of mint has healing properties that are difficult to ignore in the presence of allergic rhinitis. To prepare the medication it is necessary to use about twenty grams of peppermint in a dry condition. She poured 200 ml of hot milk is sufficient. Future infusion is thoroughly mixed and left for about thirty minutes. Then provides for its use three times a day 50-60 ml.

If you notice signs of allergic rhinitis, do not delay - immediatelyconsult a specialist who will not only help you to identify the allergen, but also prescribe the most effective in your case medical treatment. Not be amiss and prevention of this disease. Don't forget that the last time a problem such as allergic rhinitis, is quite common, and so follow the condition of their immune system, their health and well-being.