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What can cure common cold breastfeeding mom?

How to treat a cold nursing mom? This question often arises in young mothers. After all, in danger the health of the child.

problema nasmorka u kormyashej mamy

A runny nose is quite frequent. Most often it contributes to the emergence of the common cold or SARS. As you know, the cold quite easily treatable medical drugs, as long as the action was timely. And here's how to cure common cold breastfeeding mom? Because the use of most drugs are contraindicated during breastfeeding.

The need to interrupt breastfeeding with a cold arises in extremely rare cases. In General, the appearance of a cold no-brainer for nursing moms does not represent, but is of particular importance to determine the reasons that caused it. Otherwise there can be complications, but they are dangerous for its consequences.

The main reason that experts are forbidden to use drugs during breastfeeding (they also include sprays and nasal drops), is undesirable for the baby possibility of obtaining the the hazardous substances contained in their composition. Treatment of rhinitis breastfeeding requires a lot of responsibility from the mother. That is why without any professional assistance is not enough: having established cause, he will prescribe a safe treatment and give recommendations.

A bit about the causes

allergiya - prichina nasmorkaAs has been described before to treat rhinitis, it is important to find out the real reason for its appearance, make it possible for the attending physician.

So a runny nose is often the result of:

  • SARS, bacterial infection;
  • nasal trauma;
  • allergies (e.g. hay fever), etc.

Very often, selecting drugs to nursing mothers, physicians prescribe the passage of a special Allergy tests and blood tests. If a young mother complains that the cold is accompanied by cough, malaise, headache, and muscle pain, fever, the cause is likely to be SARS. In this case, the necessary medication, or the disease may be significantly delayed.

In that case, if such symptoms as nasal congestion and difficulty breathing, mommy, for whatever reason, there is no possibility to see a specialist, you can get solutions for nasal lavage and other means prepared according to recipes of traditional medicine. Such methods are widely used by nursing mothers. Most of them are very effectively fight congestion, hydrate the throat and at the same time differ in theirabsolute security.

The cooking facilities in the home

polza aloe pri nasmorkeIt is worth noting that the use of self-prepared funds from nasal congestion can remove a nursing mother from the real causes of this symptom. But to remove the swelling and clear the nasal passages and may be using self-made tools. So, the nose can be instilled broth for cooking that uses chamomile.

Some medicinal plants may be allergens, so the choice of the methods of traditional medicine should be treated carefully and cautiously. The most safe for nursing mother and for the child consider a few of the ways to treat a cold. For example, for washing the nose, you can use salt water instilled into the nose it is recommended the juices of plants such as a Kalanchoe or aloe Vera, is also unable to harm a regular infusion of chamomile.

The use of Kalanchoe juice and aloe provides not only moisturizing, but also antiseptic effect. Before applying the juice diluted with water (1 part juice 5 parts water). It should be borne in mind that within a day the juice loses its beneficial properties.

Similar properties has decoction of chamomile. For its preparation you will need 1 tablespoon of ingredient. Pour the dry inflorescences of boiling water (1 Cup) and let steep for one hour. It is especially useful tool if rhinitis provoked a bacterial infection. Chamomile, you can replace the mother-and-stepmother, thyme or succession.

kapli v nos pri nasmorkeIf the cause of the stuffy nose was allergies, finding the cause of such a reaction is important. This may be necessary in the skin samples. With a cold, which has caused allergic rhinitis, herbal teas and essential oils (often used for inhalation) is contraindicated.

The use of many antihistamines during pregnancy is not allowed. In such cases, to resolve allergic rhinitis is only one way: get rid of the allergen. Application Diazolin, Suprastin or Tavegil without the approval of a physician can be dangerous for the baby. Welcome Aladina, almost four years, Aladina any disease or allergic nasal congestion is able to provide only a temporary effect.

All of the treatment using drugs

Today almost each pharmacy can provide a wide range of drugs from a cold, the use of which is allowed during breastfeeding. Special preference is given to sprays and drops, maincomponent of which is sea water. Very efficient use of sprays and drops, having in its composition essential oils, or those that have a vasoconstricting action. Using the Phrase, Aquamarine, Salina and other products that included sea water, can provide good nasal wash.

The application contains essential oil Drops helps to soften the mucous and relieve swelling. It is important not to forget that mint, eucalyptus and pine extracts which are contained in this medication can cause an allergic reaction. It is for this reason to apply such funds only after receiving the approval of expert.

If the period of the disease, triggering a runny nose, the woman continues to breastfeed, the choice of vasoconstrictor sprays and drops should be treated carefully. For example, the use of Galazolin, Tizin, Nazivin and other similar drugs while breastfeeding is highly undesirable.

Absolute contraindication for nursing mothers are relieving stuffy nose preparations containing antibiotics.

For more information

To abandon breastfeeding in the cold (even if the reason for it is ARI) is optional. The main requirement is that the young mother did not forget about the observance of certain rules. First of all, it is important to protect the baby from infection. To do this, the contact with the child, it is recommended to use a gauze bandage.

In extreme cases, if a nursing mother feels very hard and there is a need in the antibiotic means, for feeding the baby you can use formula milk. The important thing is to ensure the right approach and will help in the specialist.

With the aim to protect the child from possible contamination of a young mother needs to use a special mask to ensure that the air in the room was quite humid. Also do not forget about the regular airing of a premise and maintaining it at optimum temperature. It is recommended to frequently change clothes. Adherence to all tips will enable a young mother to not only get rid of this unpleasant symptom, like a runny nose, but also to avoid infecting the baby.