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What can cure common cold during pregnancy?

How to treat a cold during pregnancy, if during this period especially and medications not prescribed, not to hurt the baby. The difficulty of this situation is obvious, because if you leave everything as it is, it will create a threat to the health of mother and child. But if you take something that means of a cold during pregnancy should be as harmless.

problema nasmorka pri beremennostiTo breathe through the mouth because the oral cavity does not have such protective shells, which would have settled the whole air infection.

Important information

meshochki s goryachej solu dlya progrevaniyaIn fact, pregnant prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Of course, there will enter medicine, but they are based should be only herbal ingredients. In addition, women have to perform the following procedures:

  • inhalation - helps to regulate the humidity in the nasal sinuses, whereby there is less production of mucus;
  • the heating of the salt;
  • rinsing the nasal passages with the help of vegetable juices of onion, aloe Vera or garlic - this procedure helps the fight against viruses and bacteria;
  • performing acupressure.

To achieve the maximum effect in treatment, it is worth remembering that the house where the pregnant woman should always be clean and ventilated. In addition, you need to take care of the humidity, so here it is necessary to use special devices or to place on the battery container with water so that it evaporates and feed the moisture to the space.

What a way to treat a runny nose?

evkaliptovoe maslo ot nasmorkaIt is worth remembering that the nasal passages must be kept free and moisturized. For this purpose, the procedure of washing and baby creams, petroleum jelly or even vegetable oil. For pregnant women are allowed to use sprays based on sea water ("Akvamaris", or "other means").

Often a runny nose does not sleep, why pregnant can't sleep. A constant feeling of fatigue does not benefit either her or the future baby. To cope with this problem, you should choose high pillow or put a few pieces on top of each other. This provision does not cause swelling, so it is possible to get rid of congestion.

A pregnant woman should remember that a runny nose is a direct signal that the body something is wrong. Then a visit to the doctor should not delay, because she is now responsible not only for themselves but also for the life and health of your baby. The intensity of congestion may indicate the presence ofor other viral diseases.

akvalor pri lechenii nasmorkaThis is especially true in situations when there are accompanying symptoms: fever, scratchy and sore throat, headaches and so on. It is possible that a runny nose - an allergic reaction. In this case it is important to identify the allergen and eliminate it. Since allergies can occur in children.

If for any reasons it is impossible to ask for help, it is temporary can help with the help of essential oils. They are used in such procedures as inhalation. It is best to apply menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint oil. They possess not only the piercing effect, but also help to fight harmful organisms, which accumulated on the nasal mucosa. Pregnant worth to keep in the medicine Cabinet solution, chamomile or calendula, plantain or sage. This tool should be used to rinse the sinus.

Often the problems with a runny nose have a cold time of the year when the person begins to degrade the protective function of the body. So if women the second trimester is the time of year, it is with special care needs relate to their health. Because it is the period of intensive growth of the baby when he's active development of all systems and organs.

What nasal drops are allowed to use?

pinosol pri nasmorkeAt the first signs of a cold they would immediately grab the drops. The main thing that they help to narrow the blood vessels. However, not every type of such medications are allowed to apply to women in the state. The fact that their components can be detrimental to fetal development.

The doctor always assigns drops or sprays that are designed on the basis of sea water. The perfect solution would be to use homeopathic remedies, as they are created from natural components. Especially popular in this category are:

  • "Pinosol";
  • "Euphorbium Compositum";
  • "Mamina".

I want to note that the use of vasoconstrictor substances should be very careful. The fact that this effect is not only on the blood vessels of the nose, but also on the entire circulatory system, although the dose entering the body, is not so significant. If the capillaries of the placenta is too Suginami, there is a risk of development of fetal hypoxia, when the child will not be getting enough oxygen. And this situation is the consequence of its improper development.

rinazolin pri nasmorkeIf a woman suffers from constant high blood pressure, then it drops are prohibited. Butif the cold is really strong, drops still permissible. But only used in the category of children, which include:

  • "Nazik-spray";
  • "Nazivin";
  • "Effect";
  • Vibrocil.

The procedure of instillation do only at night, thus this treatment should not exceed 3-4 days.

The drops choice largely depends on the pregnancy. For example, in the last stages, when the fetus is formed, the cure for the common cold for pregnant can be selected from a wider range. 1 and 2 trimester have to be diligent because at this time there is an active development of the baby.

Also, the doctor looks at the condition of the patient, as each drug has its effect. One of the most powerful (but also dangerous for the pregnant woman) are considered to be "not effective" and "Galazolin". For the treatment of they can be administered only if congestion does not handle other methods. These drugs cause severe swelling of the nasal mucosa. So for once instilled 1-2 drops.

A good alternative and safe option is "Cold". Even if the nature of infectious rhinitis, it is well to cope with the problem. But you should be careful, as it consists of eucalyptus, pine and mint oil. If there is reaction to such components, then, of course, "Cold" do not have to use.

In fact, with a runny nose is not a joke, because, besides the fact that he is stopping to breathe, it has a negative impact on the access of oxygen to the fetus. So knowing how dangerous the cold for mom and baby, every woman is more sensitive about their health.

Additional funds from the common cold

evamenol pri nasmorkeTo be able to cure nasal congestion, you need to use a holistic approach. In addition to the drops you should pay attention to the following methods:

  1. Ointment. This tool is applied to the sinuses and upper lip. This category of drugs refers to homeopathic remedies and the most effective of them is "Mamina".
  2. Washing solutions. If you wish in a pharmacy you can purchase ready-made saline solution - "Akvamaris", "saline", "Humer" or "Dolphin".

As an alternative washing, you can pay attention to the sprays. They allow the medication to reach the deepest places in the sinuses. Whether it be a woman on the first, second or third trimester of pregnancy, this tool has going for it is harmless. Best among this category of medicines have proven themselves "Akvamaris", "Humer" and a series of drugs "and other means".

Don't forget about the recipes of traditional medicine.

Here you can also use the wash procedure, but onlysalt water to replace the herbal decoction. For such purposes are well suited chamomile, calendula and sage. Also many familiar method of sneezing when the nose buried fresh juice of aloe Vera or Kalanchoe. But these recipes should be used with caution, as they may provoke an allergic reaction.

Summing up, it should be said that many modern experts strongly recommend during pregnancy to minimize the treatment with medications. So even they give their wards the recipes of alternative medicine that will contribute to a speedy recovery. So the mother and baby will feel good.