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Effective homeopathic remedy for the common cold

Many specialists prescribe a homeopathic remedy for the common cold. Mainly there are acute and chronic rhinitis. Acute inflammatory process in the nose may start as a separate disease or be a manifestation of infectious processes. If rhinitis is not treated, it goes into a chronic stage.

problema nasmorka

There are many drugs for the treatment of rhinitis, but they can cause a number of complications. Often these medicines to the patient for some reason can not be applied.

Since ancient times man has sought this remedy, which cure from diseases without harming the body. Homeopathy as way to treat many ailments, including the common cold, have long been known, but wide spread, she received just now. However, today there are many skeptics who do not believe that homeopathic remedies are capable of anything to cure. Most likely, this is due to lack of experience with these substances.

Homeopathy for colds, there are proponents who believe in its effectiveness. Every day they see the positive results from this method of treatment. Quite often a homeopathic remedy become parents for their children, and women during the period of pregnancy and feeding the baby. These substances have on the body is much more gentle than drugs.

Homeopathic nose drops can be purchased without a prescription. But you must first consult a physician, because, though small, contraindications to their use still exists.

The effect that homeopathy has on people

shema rinitaThe effect of treatment with homeopathic medicines is achieved by activation of metabolic processes in the nasopharynx, which leads to tissue repair.

Homeopathic remedies are used in very small dosages. It has a stimulating effect on the body, in this case tissue of the nasopharynx, which leads to recovery. Need to avoid increasing the recommended dose as it may, on the contrary, to aggravate the process, lead to more severe and protracted course of the disease.

Homeopathic remedies for the common cold effect the body versatile:

  • stimulate the immune system;
  • reduce inflammation;
  • detrimental affect on viruses.
  • relieve swelling.

Through this action the symptoms of the disease are eliminated, there is a recovery, what do vasoconstrictors do not give. Moreover, the medicines of homeopathy in rhinitis do not have irritating effects and do not cause dryness. Some time after the start of the applicationhomeopathic remedies mucus disappears completely, breathing through the nose becomes easier.

The use and the form of homeopathic remedies for the common cold

polza gomeopaticheskih kaplej pri nasmorkeHomeopathic medicines for the common cold need to be applied immediately after the first signs of the disease. The fact that this group of drugs do not act immediately, but gradually, much slower than the medicines. They can be used for quite a long period of time, which is essential in the treatment of chronic rhinitis.

Most often in the treatment of rhinitis homeopathic remedies, you need to drip the nose early in the disease every 15 minutes. This system should be followed for two hours. Next you need to apply the remedy, as recommended in the user manual.

Homeopathy for the common cold is widely used in the treatment of children.

Because these substances do not have such side effects and do not have many contraindications, as medication drugs.

Homeopathic substances are produced:

arsenikum album dlya lecheniya nasmorka

  • in pill form;
  • in the form of sprays;
  • in the form of drops.

Any homeopathic remedy for the common cold is assigned individually for each person, it is necessary to take into account all the peculiarities of his body, age, gender, causes of the disease, how it works, how to start the process.

Homeopathic medicines for the common cold are classified into four groups:

  • homeopathy for systemic action that needs to be applied to the inside, so once after being hit in the stomach they enter the blood and spread throughout the body, most often the tablets;
  • funds that operate locally, mostly drops, ointments and sprays;
  • substances complex homeopathy for the common cold;
  • drugs used in allergic rhinitis.

What are the homeopathic remedies used most often?

Treatment of rhinitis homeopathy is based on the fact that like cures like, that is, if a person is experiencing at a cold the same feeling that he was cutting an onion, he will prescribe Allium of CEPA, made from onions.

konsultaciya vracha pri nasmorkeThe Allium flail effective in acute rhinitis, which are expressed sneezing, and discharge from the nasal passages copious and watery.

Arsenicum album used when the discharge liquid, sneezing does not bring relief and accompanied by a copious discharge, the person starts to feelworse.

Dulcamara is used in dry inflammation of the nasal mucosa characterized by nasal congestion, and highlight the dense, the crust formed, sometimes bloody.

Gelsemium, sempervirens used when congestion is sensed in the root of the nose, nasal fossa at this dry shell of the nose swollen, are pain in the head, increased temperature, discharge watery in nature.

Goldenseal canadensis, prescribed, if the nose of the allocation of dry and sticky, often have to blow your nose.

problema chihaniya pri nasmorkeBihromikum in terms of potassium a runny nose, when nose - "dry", and highlight the thick, unpleasant-smelling, are greenish-yellow, often the patient sneezes, nasal breathing is difficult.

Pulsatilla - a drug, which is used when a stuffy right nostril, the patient does not feel the smells, the nose provides evening and departs in the morning the mucus is yellow, in the nose are formed crusts.

Sabadilla helps with rhinitis, accompanied by lacrimation, pain in the frontal lobes of the head, and the nasal discharge is watery and profuse.

Sticta pulmonia used for inflammation of the nasal mucosa when the patient complains of dryness and the need to frequently blow your nose.

The application of homeopathy for the common cold in children

The selection of homeopathic remedies for a runny nose is extremely wide, but the most effective this method of treatment if it is universal, that is, affects the entire body, strengthens it, and increases immunity.

Among other means in the treatment of rhinitis in children, give preference to homeopathic drugs that should be administered to babies older than one year. But it is important to choose the right drug and dose.

To choose the right dose of person who has no special knowledge, of course, can not. A competent homeopath knows that not every illness should be treated, you just need to help the body to cope with it. He will be able to determine how much of a substance the patient needs at this stage of the disease.

The immune system of a growing organism is much weaker and more vulnerable than adult. Therefore, the choice of drug for the treatment of the child, should be approached much more seriously. Children prescribed homeopathic remedies based on onion, yellow Jasmine, Hepar sulphur, Pulsatilla.

Self - treatment initially, the wrong way

The popularity of homeopathic remedies is that even if something can't cure the common cold or other ailments, they won't bring any harm to the body. Most importantly, do not exceed the recommended dosage. If the patient does not feel relief, he just go again to the doctor, but does not suffer from inappropriatetreatment.

Nose - at first glance it seems safe disease, if untreated or treated improperly, it can not only go into the chronic stage, it can also lead to more serious complications, such as sinusitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps and sinusitis. Rhinitis is called an Allergy, then treatment is required a very different approach. But to understand all these intricacies can only doctor, so his advice should not be used neither drug, at least no matter how safe it may seem.