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How you can quickly cure the common cold

How quickly the common cold cure ─ urgent topic of our time. After all, with today's dynamic way of life simply has no time to be sick. Well, there are many ways to get rid of this trouble.

problema nasmorka

Effective treatment of rhinitis

Find the perfect cure for the common cold ─ the dream of those who have time to be sick just yet. But without the ideal medicine to quickly cure rhinitis is a quite feasible task. After getting rid of the disease is required initially, until it led to sore throat and fever, because the nasal discharge into the throat during swallowing covering the entire mucosa. Thus, the inflammation extends throughout the area of the pharynx.

As for fever, it depends on the factors that caused the rhinitis. In that case, if the thermometer showed 37 - 38 degrees, it is necessary to understand that the body has got virus infection. To bring down this temperature is impossible, as it occurs because of the strengthened operation mode of the body.

rinitBut if the patient has a sharp jump in the measured temperature (above 38 degrees), it indicates a harmful microorganisms, which the immune system cannot cope. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to call a doctor.

But sometimes a runny nose occurs when the number of such allergic diseases:

  1. Allergic rhinitis.
  2. Bronchial asthma.
  3. Food Allergy.
  4. Urticaria.
  5. Atopic dermatitis.

So what needs to be done to ease the cold? To defeat this disease by using popular vasoconstrictor drugs for the nose. The desired result can be achieved through any other medicines having anti-inflammatory effect. We should not forget about the moisture level of the air in the room where the patient.

Folk remedies

Given the fact that most medications has a number of contraindications and side effects, many people prefer the safe to the traditional medicine.

The first effective way of getting rid of rhinitis consists in the instillation of nose juice from the leaves of aloe. Thanks to this plant it is possible to cure a cold in one day.

zakapyvanie nosa sokom iz listev aloe pri nasmorkeEnough to squeeze from the sheet a certain amount of fluid, and then to bury them nasal passages. A good addition to this procedure will serve to massage the nose wings. Thus, the juice of the plant will be better able to penetrate deep into the upper respiratory tract.

No worse than al fightsrhinitis and menthol oil. It must also be instilled into the nose. But this tool can still be applied to T-zone and temples. Because the drug has a wonderful warming effect, they should be lubricated feet. Best of all this procedure is done after taking a hot bath. Rubbed oil on the feet, legs need a good wrap. So it is better if the patient immediately went to sleep.

With regard to the eucalyptus and infusion of calendula, they should add in a fairly hot and slightly salty water. This means you need to gently wash the channels of the nose. For this purpose it is necessary to pour fresh solution into a shallow container.

The cure must touch the sides of the vessel. You then lean over him and pull the nose of the liquid so that it then spit out her mouth. In this way, we can conduct more cleansing nasal passages not only for rhinitis but also as a preventive measure. Thanks to this procedure the patient is markedly reduced puffiness and calm the mucous membrane.

Well from the common cold helps salt. It is how to wash the nose and gargle. Aching rhinitis, it is necessary to take care about the prevention of diseases of the throat, as with mucus in the throat may get a dangerous infection.

A runny nose can be cured with the help of inhalation. For this you need to prepare a nebulizer or spray. Then pour into a solution of tincture of any medicinal herbs. Inhalations should be repeated several times within two or three days.

Effective healers colds are such plants:

  • lime;
  • chamomile;
  • calendula;
  • elderberry;
  • mint;
  • sage;
  • Melissa.

But these herbs can also pour boiling water in a bowl. Then above it you have to tilt your head. The top should be covered with a towel so that the heat was concentrated in one place. Warm moist air is clear a stuffy nose and relieve swelling of the mucous membrane. Such a procedure would be particularly effective in combination with massage of the nose.

polza primeneniya lipy pri prostudeDuring therapy it is impossible to change a warm room to cold and Vice versa, because sudden changes in temperature will further irritate the nasal mucosa. Then all therapies will be ineffective.

If the patient is at home, he must eat garlic or onions. These natural antibacterial products can kill almost all known bacteria and viruses. If leaving the house still have these "antibiotics" you can finely chop, and then inhale the nose of their scent. Of course, the smell is slightly felt, but it's easy to get rid of just by washing your hands and changing clothes.

Wellto cope with rhinitis and fir oil. It can be used for inhalation and for massage. Should also from time to time to put it on the nostrils. Through the breath, the smell will get inside the sinuses, relieving the congestion from the nose.

The most simple but not less effective treatment is soap. In order to defeat the common cold, you need to lather the ring finger, then stroke them with the nasal cavity, referring to its entire surface. Procedure is repeated depending on the condition of the skin. If after the first application, it will be dry, you should choose another method of treatment.

A tasty way to get rid of rhinitis is tea. If you have dried leaves of currants or cranberries, they should pour boiling water and let cool slightly. With this tea you can eat raspberry jam or honey. They are great to strengthen the immune system, so they need to use regularly in spring and autumn, when the risk of developing rhinitis increased by several times.

Conclusion on the subject

Quick treatment of a cold ─ quite realize the desire of modern man. Given the frantic pace of life, people are not able to sit at home for a long time. Therefore, there are a number of ways that can help get rid of secretions and nasal congestion.