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Effective drops for allergic rhinitis

Most people faced with the problem of what nasal drops allergic to choose. At the moment, going to the pharmacy, you can find a huge variety of types of drops from rhinitis. Medicines in the form of drops are very comfortable and compact. Their action occurs within 5-7 minutes. In order not to make the wrong choice, we must first understand the cause of rhinitis. Most Allergy sufferers know her since childhood, but sometimes people to adulthood has no idea that a banal cold is the result of allergies such as dust. Any deviation in the body it is necessary to research and then to undertake the treatment.

problema allergicheskogo rinita

Diagnosis and symptoms of allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis their symptoms similar to common cold: symptoms in both cases are very unpleasant. Inflamed nasal mucosa; start strong sneezing, copious discharge of mucus; marked shortness of breath, burning and severe itching in the nose. With allergic rhinitis be added symptoms such as swelling of the face, redness of the eyes, nasal congestion, watery eyes.

Depending on the symptoms of allergic rhinitis distinguish 3 forms of the disease: mild, moderate and severe. If the health and sleep with rhinitis are not reduced, this light form, if, on the contrary, rhinitis significantly interfere with normal life, disturbed sleep and all the symptoms are there, it is the average form. A severe form is very difficult: the patient hard to breathe, it greatly swells the nasal passages.

A possible list of allergens:

pylca - prichina allergicheskogo rinita

  • dust mite;
  • some types of insects;
  • pollen;
  • molds and yeast fungi;
  • medicines.

Allergic rhinitis is divided into 2 types: seasonal and year-round. The first occurs in spring and summer. The main reason for the development of rhinitis in this period is the flowering of the plants, such as ragweed and the like. Year-round rhinitis is a reaction to certain factors, regardless of season or weather.

In order not to confuse the nature of rhinitis and to determine the correct diagnosis, you need to go to the doctors - Laura and allergist-immunologist. After careful examination is assigned a number of tests to identify the allergen or exclude an Allergy. Basic is a nasal swab and a blood test for the detection of specific immunoglobulin. In addition, it is recommended to do skin test. For this analysis there are some limitations: for pregnant and nursing conduct it prohibited.

If the readingstests cause the doctor's doubts, additionally appointed an x-ray of the sinuses, blood count, smear on a microflora and mushrooms.

Treatment of allergic rhinitis drops

kapli dlya lecheniya allergicheskogo rinitaAfter all the medical procedures and the correct diagnosis you can begin treatment. The therapy itself is divided into two stages. The first is aimed to relieve inflammation of the mucous membranes. Second on the holding of allergen-specific therapy.

Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of are divided into drops and sprays. The composition of the bottles are identical, the difference between them is the method of penetration of the drug. Drops is the eyedropper, which dispenses the medicine, and inject spray it through the sprayer, it does not need to tilt the head. Even drugs are divided into vasoconstrictor, immunomodulatory, hormonal, antihistamines and flushing.

Purification of the mucosa

These drugs for the treatment of the nose are made from natural ingredients, so you do not have contraindications. They consist of isotonic solution, which, when applied to the mucous membrane of the nose, it washes out mucus and foreign substances.

In allergic rhinitis, first of all, always designate rinsing, which helps to get rid of the allergens trapped in the nose. Components of the solution help to restore the microflora of the mucosa and become more resistant to allergens. Such drugs include: “Aqua Maris”, “Aqualor”, “Dolphin”. Solutions you can cook yourself. Suitable iodine, saline or furatsilinovoy. There are some rules of the procedure of nasal lavage:

  1. If you are washing with a spray, you need the head to tilt back, and then carefully blow your nose. This manipulation need to spend a few times in a row.
  2. If the solution is prepared on your own, you should tilt your head forward, his mouth wide open, close one nostril and the other to enter the solution. Then you also need to blow your nose and repeat the procedure with the other nostril.

Vasoconstrictor nose drops when cold

shema rinitaThese drugs have a tonic effect on the mucous membranes of the nose, relieve swelling, reduce mucus and facilitates breathing. The most common drugs with the symptoms of allergies:

  • “Vibrocil”;
  • “Nazivin”;
  • “Naphazoline”;
  • “Galazolin”.

The drugs begins to act after only 4-5 minutes after instillation, and the effect lasts for 5-6 hours. Drops can have different concentration of the active substance, the minimum is intended for children. It should be instilled 2-3 timesday for a few drops in each nostril. Duration of reception no more than 2 weeks. When you apply vasoconstrictor drops is likely to prevent such troubles as otitis media, congestion in the maxillary sinuses.

It is worth remembering that when dealing with allergic rhinitis drops only relieve symptoms. They also have contraindications, so they appoint a doctor.

Allergy and antihistamines

The advantage of antihistamines in drops before the pill is that when cold the last act in a local way and eliminate the cause quickly. It is very convenient if allergic overtook suddenly.

The drugs themselves often have a combined effect: they both relieve symptoms and fight the cause, blocking the allergen and not letting him spread by blood. Long-term use is allowed patients suffering from year-round allergies.

The most widely used:

  1. “Allergodil”. It reduces secretions, relieves itching. Used 1 time a day. Can be taken within 6 months, then it may be necessary to replace by other means.
  2. “Fenistil”. It can be used in the treatment of children's allergic rhinitis. Starts to act within 15 minutes.
  3. “Levocabastine”. It comes in a spray form. Removes the symptoms and nasal congestion in 5 minutes.
  4. “A good cough medicine”. Its good to take in the early stages of Allergy development. Assigned for 1 month, is effective in prevention of seasonal rhinitis.
  5. “Zyrtec”. It eliminates the influence of the allergen and prevents its penetration into the capillaries. Improvement occurs during the day. Used in the treatment of children older than 1 year.

Immunomodulatory drops

Such drugs are prescribed to protect the immune system, which is very important in the fight against allergic rhinitis. Their substance does not allow the secondary penetration of the pathogen into the body. Prescribed in combination with other drugs. Now on the market there are two names: “Derinat” and “IRS-19”.


Assigned when a more severe course of Allergy. It passes very quickly. The hormonal components contained in the drugs that relieve swelling and a positive effect on the treatment however these drugs should not take long, as perhaps addictive. These tools include: “Benaka”, “ " - improves sleep”, “Fluticasone”.

To drops helped, not harmed, a doctor's consultation. Before use, you need to carefully rinse and clean the sinuses. The vial with drops cana bit to hold in the palms of your hands to warm the substance. The head should tilt back for the best contact. It is recommended to use a separate pipette and after use wash it and wipe with alcohol. Don't forget that with allergies need to fight in the compound and only under the supervision of experts.