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Where it is possible to glue capsicum plaster for colds and other diseases

Where to glue capsicum plaster with a cold, which may not always be clear. With different lesions of the body the impact should be on certain areas of the body.

problema nasmorkaUse in the treatment of colds capsicum plaster is more likely to be alternative medicine. To heal ailments with traditional methods used a variety of the gifts of nature. The use of pepper patch has great popularity, it is often recommended in the treatment of colds, even the representatives of traditional medicine.

What is a pepper patch

percovyj plastyr pri nasmorkeThe patch belongs to a group of drugs created on the basis of pepper, and has irritant effects. It is used topically. The components in this drug for many years remain unchanged. It is, as a rule, the additives of rosin and rubber, lanolin, petrolatum and belladonna. Such a composition impregnated with a basis of plaster - a special fabric.

The pharmacological effect of the patch consists in irritation of skin receptors. The reaction of the body is transferred to these areas, thereby providing an analgesic effect and improved tissue trophism. With the use of the drug can successfully treat such diseases as osteochondrosis of the cervical-thoracic, radiculitis, rheumatism, diseases of the joints.

Capsicum plaster not only provides a General treatment: it is able to act as an analgesic, slows down inflammatory processes. Women often use it in the treatment of cellulite: it can be used to eliminate "orange peel" in the troubled areas and maintain the slimming effect through getting rid of excess body fat.

Glue capsicum plaster is useful when cervical myositis, and lumbago (lose back). Used successfully the treatment of neuralgia. With its help it is possible to deal with the back pain not only acute, but chronic in nature.

When used in the treatment of colds adhesive has excellent efficiency.

How to apply the patch in the treatment of cough, runny nose, colds

obrashenie k vrachuTo reduce cough and to its treatment, place the band-aid should be in the area between the shoulder blades. For this purpose the plaster must be cut so that it can be placed on key pressure points, thus to fix it you should full. While health does not improve, remove the patch is not necessary, unless it starts burning. If you do not have discomfort, remove the plaster and replace itnew can after a couple of days.

Where to stick the tool in the treatment to achieve the greatest effect, is determined depending on the disease.

If the patch is the treatment of colds, runny nose, then they need to glue the entire face, applying the strips in the shape of a cross. For example, one strip of glue from forehead to tip of nose, the second - in region of the maxillary sinuses. To enhance the therapeutic effect on the neck you can hang a bag with chopped garlic and onions.

In the treatment of cold gluing is better done in the following way. From a large piece of plaster cut a strip, it may be easier to separate small pieces. They need to stick to the area of the maxillary sinuses and on the forehead - at the beginning of the eyebrows on both sides. Warming of the drug will give the best effect and will help you quickly cope with the disease.

How to use the drug

shema stroeniya nosaUsing treatment capsicum plaster, regardless of zone, which is the impact, it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • you should not consider the drug a panacea, which completely eliminates the need to use other methods of treatment;
  • you can not apply the drug to the affected areas of the skin, to cover birthmarks, mucous membranes, the skin, moles;
  • before applying to the skin patch, the area should be disinfected with rubbing alcohol or Cologne alcohol-based and wait until it is completely dry;
  • it is not necessary to apply a capsicum plaster in one piece, it is better to cut into strips of desired size;
  • under the glued piece can begin burning, then it should be removed, to wait to subside discomfort, and slather affected area with petroleum jelly;
  • it is not necessary to wear glued a piece of plaster for more than two days;
  • to remove from the body capsicum plaster and not feel pain, it must be on top of grease and only then, after waiting a few minutes to remove.

Contraindications to the use of

You cannot use such a drug in that case was marked by a bad reaction if you are allergic to any of the components, resulting in itching, redness. It is forbidden to apply the patch to those of patients who suffer from vascular lesions, varicose veins. Do not use it on body areas with increased sensitivity.

Apply a capsicum plaster for the treatment of rhinitis, cough in children cannot be, for this there are special children's plasters with a similar effect. The use of drugs, such as capsicum plaster, is possible only in case if the child was already 14 years old. For younger children this drugcontraindicated.

It is forbidden to be treated in this way in the presence of elevated body temperature. Pay attention to your condition, try to take measures in time in case of allergic reactions that the body may issue in response to the impact of the patch. If during use there is a burning sensation or itching in the eyes, flow of tears, a stuffy nose, shortness of breath occurs, should immediately seek the help of a specialist.