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The correct treatment of acute rhinitis

With rhinitis or common cold is familiar to almost all firsthand, but from my own experience, and what are the treatments for acute rhinitis, what medicine to use, knows not everyone. Called rhinitis inflammation of the mucosal surfaces of the nose. This disease can develop independently, and accompanied by diseases caused by infections, such as influenza, acute respiratory infections. In children with rhinitis starts measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever. A runny nose can cause both viruses and bacteria, e.g., staphylococci.

problema ostrogo rinita

Rhinitis may appear as a result of hypothermia or the background of the infections. It is especially dangerous in children. At the first sign of the disease it should be treated immediately. This will keep baby from many complications.

Runny nose in infants is the most dangerous. At this age the immune system is still weak. A baby cannot blow her own nose and thereby clear the nose and respiratory tract. Stuffy nose prevents him from sucking milk, and the baby loses weight.

The main symptoms

Acute rhinitis is characterized by the rapid onset of the disease. Usually cold scores two halves of the nose. Sick has difficulty breathing, weakness of the body. Depending on the stage of the disease, of which there are three, the signs change:

  1. The dryness and irritation.

shema ostrogo rinitaThis period usually lasts a few hours. The patient has body temperature to 37 degrees. He feels dryness in the nose and throat, burning. Observed chills and the feeling of heavy head.

  1. Stage serous discharge.

Inflammation develops and becomes more pronounced. Nose dripping clear liquid. Contained in these secretions substances irritate the skin. The nose becomes red, painful cracks appear, the feeling of scoring a nose, tears, the patient makes a noise in the ears.

  1. Stage mucopurulent offices.

For 3 day of illness nasal discharge becomes yellowish-greenish hue. Swelling of the nose takes place. Improves overall health. Runny nose subsides on day 10-14 of the disease.

The duration of a cold depends on the General condition of the person and its immune system, from treatment efficiency and timeliness of its beginning.

Treatment of acute rhinitis is able to reduce the duration of illness to 4 days, and the absence of transition of disease in the form of chronic diseases and various complications.

Treatment of acute rhinitis is different in each stage of the disease. Not dangerous for the patient forms of colds treated at home.

Inpatient cure is rare and is prescribed with life-threateningtemperature and in case of serious inflammation.

Treatment of rhinitis in the first stage

At the initial stage of the disease based on the symptoms, acute rhinitis, you can try to treat as distractions, and with the help of drugs.

nozhnye vanny dlya lecheniya ostrogo rinitaThe patient is advised to take hot foot bath lasting for 10-15 minutes. Besides the baths, on the soles of the patient or on his calves you can put mustard. The patient must drink, let it be tea with lemon or raspberry for the night.

At this stage treatment of the disease should apply local antiseptic effect. Can drip into the nostrils 2 times per day 3-5% solution of Protargol.

Allergies can make Diazolin, Tavegil or loratadine tablets. These funds should be applied if the runny nose caused by Allergy to something. The dose depends on the strength of runny nose, sneezing frequency and intensity of slezotechenii.

To enhance immunity at this stage it is possible to drip in a nose Interferon or Lysozyme.

With related pain in the head using analgesics Dipyrone, Solpadein, tylenol. In accordance with the age, you should follow the dosage.

Treatment of rhinitis in the subsequent stages

As in the later stages of the disease the inflammation develops, for the treatment of antibiotics with a broad review of the operation and antimicrobials.

Usually prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic Amoxicillin, which has the form of tablets. The dosage of application is determined by the doctor. The use of tablets is limited to receiving up to 7 days. Antibiotic having a local impact, Bioparox, has the form of an aerosol. It is injected into both nostrils at intervals of 4 hours.

antibiotiki dlya lecheniya ostrogo rinitaIn order to reduce a feeling of oppression of the nose, prescribers of local action. They are designed to affect the blood vessels of the nose to narrow it. The result is the patient begins to breathe freely. Such medications include nasal drops: 0.1% solution Naftizina is prescribed for adults and 0.05% for children. Drops tend to narrow the blood vessels in the nose. Their drip 1-2 drops in each nostril 4 times a day. The same effect when cold has Ksilometazolin. It was dropped in the nostrils 2 times, morning and evening. The concentration of drug is selected in accordance with the age of the patient.

For any drugs that are instilled into the nose, you should limit intake to 10 days. Subsequent use can develop unwanted effects. For example, it may affect the smell or the cleaning function of the nose. If the use of drugs is detected dryness or burning in the nose, this drug should not be used.

Can be used to treat the drug combined action Sinupret.

Strengthens the immune system of the patient and helps to remove pus from the nose. It should be noted its natural origin. Can be issued in the form of drops, and pills.

Colds associated with other adverse medical conditions are treated along with the elimination of the root cause. The treatment prescribed by the doctor.

The people's action against the common cold

For the treatment of disease with the use of folk wisdom and recipes, often require rare or expensive ingredients. They are usually on hand at each.

aloe dlya lecheniya nasmorkaAt the beginning of the disease the nose may turn to cool wash and warm water. After a few minutes there will come relief.

Well having trouble breathing over a bowl of hot water, stir askorbinka, or drip in the nose vitamin C, it can be purchased in capsules.

If runny strong, I advise you to smear in the nose camphor oil 2 times a day. At night it's good to spread the bridge of the nose and sinuses.

For washing, you can take a small spoon of salt and a glass of water. This composition to drip into the nose morning and evening 2 drops in both nostrils.

When cold helps aloe juice. 3 drops should be instilled into both nostrils and massage his nose. Repeat the treatment 4-5 times a day.

From nasal congestion helps the juice of garlic and onions. Juice diluted with water 1:20 and add honey. In a nose drip 2 drops 3 times per day.

Act as beet juice and cabbage mixed together and diluted with water and honey.

Prevention of the disease

Prevention is simple, but will allow to avoid penetration of infection into the nose, will prevent hypothermia and colds.

  1. You should be wary of sudden changes of temperature, draughts and drinking cold drinks.
  2. For lifting immunity is good to have hardening of the body, dousing and sports.
  3. Ought to eat a balanced, to include in your diet fruits, vegetables, drinks rich in vitamin C.
  4. To keep clean the house and work space, to do wet cleaning, airing.
  5. To observe the rules of hygiene, wash hands and teach this young kids.
  6. If you suspect a cold, rhinitis, sore throat, immediately consult a doctor, comply with all prescribed procedures and medications.

When well-timed and comprehensive approach to the treatment of acute rhinitis after 2 weeks the disease subsides. If you neglect the treatment, possible complications, such as chronic form of rhinitis, complications with sinus and lungs. Is always dangerous disease for children, especially in infancy. In these casesaccess to specialists is necessary.