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How to answer the question is it possible to do the test when cold

Most parents wonder - is it possible to do the test when cold? Pediatricians are of the opinion that the tuberculin inoculation is not considered, and moreover, insist on injection, even when the child for some reason immunizations are contraindicated completely.

problema nasmorka u rebenka

Mantoux test is not dangerous to the body of the child, provided that he is completely healthy. A runny nose is one of the signs of colds, and may indicate the presence in the body of the inflammatory process. But when inflammation is highly undesirable to do a Mantoux test. Whether to perform the Mantoux test in the presence of a cold, should solve the pediatrician based on the individual characteristics of the body of their child. But we should not forget that the intervention in debilitated after illness the body can lead to poor health and complications.

Why do skin test

Unfortunately, modern medicine still can not effectively deal with this dangerous infection called tuberculosis. BCG vaccination is compulsory for all, it is done in the hospital in the first days of a child's life. BCG is a tuberculosis vaccine in a weakened form. It does not guarantee that the person is not sick with tuberculosis, but is able to prevent the development of severe forms of the disease. The introduction of the vaccine into a child's body leads to the development of antibodies to the TB bacteria.

Mantoux test is not a vaccination, it is not conducive to the development of the immune system, and is designed to determine the degree of susceptibility of the organism to the tuberculous bacteria. This is carried out by injecting under the skin of tuberculin (extract of tuberculosis bacteria), and is diagnostic. If the body has developed immunity to the disease, the cells will react, and at the injection site appears a characteristic seal. This allergic reaction helps to conclude that the body is able to resist infection.

vidy reakcij na probu mantuPediatricians believe the skin test is absolutely safe for health. A kind of test that can identify people who in the body there is the causative agent of TB infection or disease at an early stage, when symptoms are not yet manifest.

Test is carried out to the child each year until the age of 17 years. If the child has a negative reaction, it means that antibodies against TB are not produced, and it is recommended to repeat BCG vaccination at the age of seven.

Mantoux should be considered only after medical examination. The drug is administered subcutaneously with a special tuberculin syringe. The nurse should warnthe child and parents that wet the injection site is not recommended within three days. After this period of time, the sample is subject to verification. The place where was carried out the sample and do not scratch, RUB, and wrap and glue the plasters, to smear peroxide, iodine, brilliant green.


Most children after administration of the tuberculin is usually no reaction is observed: it is not fever, does not change the feeling. You may receive only local reaction at the injection site. This is normal, after all test done.

vzyatie proby mantu u rebenkaWhen infection of the body has a positive reaction, and in the absence of bacteria in the body - negative. The sample result is determined by measuring infiltration (red seal at the injection site) and has a few options:

  1. Negative test - when the seal does not exceed one millimeter.
  2. Doubtful - if the seal has a size of 2-4 mm.
  3. Positive - if infiltration has a diameter of 5 millimeters.
  4. Pronounced Proba - if the seal more than 16 millimeters. In this case you need an additional examination.

A positive reaction is not absolute proof of infection of the body. To obtain a correct estimation it is necessary to completely eliminate all the causes that can cause a reaction. The result may also influence some factors:

  • improper storage or transportation of the drug;
  • substandard medical instrument.

Therefore, before the diagnosis, it is recommended to do a series of procedures and studies.

There are cases when the presence in the body of the mycobacteria, the test indicates a negative result.

papula posle proby mantuThis is for several reasons:

  • the immune system is weakened, the reaction to the stimulus is absent;
  • recent infectious disease (during the last two months);
  • too early age (up to six months, the body is not yet able to respond adequately).

And sometimes Vice versa: the child is not infected, and the result tests positive. It also has the causes:

  • the presence of infection in the body;
  • infecting organism other bacteria;
  • allergic phenomenon.

Allergy is the most common complication after the test. The drug consists of inactive tuberculosis bacteria and the additional additives and preservatives that contribute to its preservation. It is these substances and cause an allergic reaction. If the child has discovered an intolerance to some components, you should look for other alternative methods fortesting.

Contraindications to

To do Mantoux preferably perfectly healthy child. Past illnesses can significantly amplify or dampen the response to the drug, which will lead to distortion of test results.

bronhialnaya astma kak protivopokazanie k vzyatiu proby mantuIn addition, there are several other contraindications:

  • the presence of acute somatic or infectious diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • the presence of skin diseases and allergies;
  • the presence of asthma, epilepsy or rheumatic fever;
  • vaccination during the last two months.

Epilepsy permission to test must give a neurologist and a TB doctor, after careful examination. If you do other vaccination, Mantoux can be put only 4-6 weeks. Colds tuberculin skin test is recommended one month after full recovery. If a Mantoux test is already done, a second procedure can be carried out not earlier than three months.

Some pediatricians advise a week before the test to give the child the Allergy meds. They have no influence on the result, but is able to neutralize extraneous reaction.

Test colds

The presence of catarrhal diseases of the child at the time when you need to do Mantoux is a serious obstacle for the test.

During the process appear undesirable symptoms: cough, runny nose, headache.

Coughing indicates penetration of infection into the body, so to put a sample at this time is strictly prohibited. In this question the opinions of doctors United.

A runny nose can be a major symptom, and residual phenomenon after colds. In the official medicine, this symptom is not a contraindication, but depending on the nature of the disease and shape of its flow, the decision is up to the parents and the attending pediatrician. Most doctors believe that slight cold may not hinder the conduct of the trial and insist on testing.

On the other hand, we must remember that in acute disease is the result of the Mantoux test may be uninformative and questioned. In addition, it is difficult to predict the reaction from the interaction of tuberculin and drugs that treated the child from the cold. Test when cold is not recommended and in the case where the secret has a yellow or greenish color. A runny nose requires a complex treatment, so that the sample better to wait until full recovery.

Vaccination is mandatory annual Mantoux test for children and adolescents. Withthis study is the easiest way to assess how affects the body, the causative agent of tuberculosis infection.

The common cold is the most frequent symptom in children, so it may happen that during this period it will be necessary to carry out a Mantoux test. No need to panic and listen to the opposite advice. Parents know best about the features of the body of their child. If the kid is rarely sick, he has a good immune system, a cold is only a fading residual character, it is safely possible to do the test. Test in this case will not bring any complications. If a child is painful, the immune system is weakened, then the Mantoux test is best done after a full recovery.