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Is it possible the patient to warm the nose when cold?

Can I warm nose in the cold? This is a question that interests many cold sufferers stuffy nose. Methods of treatment of this disease a few: someone uses eye drops, some people prefer folk remedies, and others try to warm the nose. Method of warming today is very popular.

problema vozniknoveniya nasmorka

Treatment of the common cold with the warming procedures

Recommendations on the use of this method a little bit. The procedure of heating has a number of contraindications, especially for children. As a rule, warming up procedures and visits to the baths are not the main ways of therapy in the case of persistent runny nose (rhinitis) is necessary to consult a doctor.

You should pay attention to the fact that the heating of the nose is preferably carried out only in the first days of the disease and in the secretions of nasal mucus without the contents of the infection. Otherwise, this method of treatment may provoke infectious development. Can also be contraindications to the method of heating if the patient is ill with chronic sinusitis.

konsultaciya vracha pri nasmorkeTo exclude the repeated and more severe colds the patient after conducting the warming procedures are not recommended to go outside in cold or windy weather.

One of the most effective means for warming up is buckwheat, hot in the pan. To do this, heat half a Cup of grits, placed in fabric pouches and attached to the bridge of the nose so not to burn the skin. When using this method in the early stages of the disease occur improve blood circulation and speedy recovery.

The warming properties of honey compresses, propolis, just-boiled egg, hot potatoes. To improve the condition and speed recovery, your doctor may prescribe physical therapy and warming inhalation at home.

The main ways to eliminate rhinitis by using folk remedies:

  • warm rye bread;
  • the use of camphor oil;
  • warming traditional products (sand, buckwheat, etc.);
  • warming up cooked hard boiled egg;
  • warming, relieves swelling;
  • wiping the body and legs of pine oil;
  • face massage;
  • applying warming ointments;
  • warming reflector lamp.

Can I warm nose in pregnancy?

ingalyaciya pri nasmorkeWarming nose with a cold is a great method of treatment for pregnant women. The expectant mother is trying to protect themselves from the cold, but during pregnancy often appears cold. It is not uncommon foreliminate rhinitis use salt. It is heated in a frying pan and put in a baggie, then warm them the problem areas.

Worrying for their future child, some pregnant women doubt the safety of such procedures. To dispel doubts about whether the warming nose during pregnancy, the advice of the doctors. When warming up the outflow of mucus is improved, because of this faster eliminates the congestion.

Well eliminate the common cold saline drops or oil. This method is absolutely safe. If in the initial stage of the disease improvement does not occur, it is necessary to consult a specialist to determine the cause.

Warm nose is not an agent provocateur severe consequences, to eliminate the cold you can use techniques such as moxibustion cooked hard-boiled egg, hot cereals in the bag or salt.

After these heat treatments dilate the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa. This contributes to greater production of mucus, after which the Airways of the nose are released, congestion takes place, the breathing becomes much easier.

polza yaic pri nasmorkeHeated objects is applied to the nose and to the sides of it as long as the heat. When this procedure is carried out in such a way as to exclude the possibility of burns, and a contraindication to this method is the presence of elevated body temperature.

To the rest of the warming treatments during pregnancy need to be treated with extreme caution, because it can cause oxygen starvation of the fetus, exacerbation of varicose veins of the legs, premature birth or even miscarriage. Because visiting the baths, saunas or hot tubs should be deleted. Better to dress warmer or microwave your hands in water with temperatures up to 40° C. it is Also possible to use oil drops, saline solutions. Vasoconstrictor drops can cause unwanted changes in the vascular system of a pregnant woman, so before applying them should consult a doctor.

A runny nose can be a symptom of allergic reactions or hormonal disturbances during pregnancy. Therefore, if the warming treatments did not help for several days, it is necessary to consult ENT doctor.

Treatment of the common cold in children under one year

sprej pri nasmorke u detejThe majority of children catch cold at least 1 times a year. The older children can appoint therapy drugs. But children under one year this treatment can hurt. It is best to the child or to heat the nose or use saline water for irrigation of the sinuses.

Long coldcauses skin irritation. Pain in a child occur during the next wiping of the nose. To relieve irritation problem area you need to treat baby cream or a special ointment. Also, the doctor may prescribe kartolin to soften the crusts.

When a child is bothering rhinitis and other respiratory diseases, his nose is stuffed up. This prevents him to eat normally breast milk because he needs to be distracted for the next breath. It's starting to irritate the baby, so he cries. To avoid such situations, before each feeding, the baby needs his nose cleaned. A physician can prescribe vasoconstrictor drops for the baby. In the case of drying the peels deep inside the nose, you can use the aloe juice. After instillation of the means of the child after 2-3 minutes, sneezes, and the sinuses are cleared faster.

Warm up the baby's nose when a cold is very useful.

For children often use a boiled egg, bags of heated salt or grains, solution of protargol, but it is best to use a reflector lamp.

Good this method is the fact that during the procedure the child warms up inside the nose by inhalation of warm air. Instillation of warm chamomile - also a very effective way to get rid of the child from the cold.