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What can cure a cold?

When shown a cold than to cure the disease? The common cold, or as it is called, "rhinitis" is the inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Developing pathology as a result of a number of factors. Nevertheless, despite what exactly the reason was due to disease, hypothermia, allergic, infection - it can be due to pathologies from chronic colds to more serious diseases of the nose. Basically today there are numerous ways to cure this unpleasant illness that help to cope with this problem. Effective treatment can be both medical and folk. Therefore it is important which means in the cold will be used.
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Drug therapy

Immediately it is important to say that the treatment of rhinitis drugs are divided into certain groups. Vasoconstrictors for the treatment of rhinitis.These drugs are prescribed to eliminate swelling of the mucosa of the nasal cavity. As a result, nasal breathing stabiliziruemost, and the likelihood of sinusitis or otitis media is reduced.Since the space of the middle ear and the paranasal sinuses are connected to the nasopharynx, the elimination of edema of the mucosa of the nasal cavity will be one of the important steps in therapy. Thanks to him you can get rid of a cold and prevent the spread of inflammation to other buildings. Effective remedies for colds, having vasoconstrictor action, is “Galazolin”, “ksimelin” and other means. They are produced in the form of a spray or drops for the nose. Each tool has its pros and cons.

Considering the root causes and signs of rhinitis, a doctor may prescribe a vasoconstrictor, characterized by the rapid effect that occurs within a few minutes of use, or duration of the effect (usually from 12 to 14 hours). By the way, you need to remember that the use of such drugs at a cold need for long, as prolonged use of a vasoconstrictor (more than a week) can lead to desiccation of the nasal mucosa. In particular, there may be pritupleny processes. The consequence of this may be vasomotor rhinitis. It significantly hurts the local immunity and needs a long treatment, which will restore mucous membranes.

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  1. Antihistamines. These tools are written with the purpose of local use. It can be as sprays, and nose drops. Before to prescribe medication, the doctor takes into account the individual characteristics of the diseaseand distinctive properties of the drug. Such properties may include duration, age limit and other. To antihistamine drugs include “Suprastin”, “Telfast” and many others.When rhinitis is one of the signs of SARS, antihistamines are prescribed by systematically: it can be tablets from a cold and rarely injected.
  2. Anti-viral drugs. In this group are those drugs which are quite effective against rhinitis viral nature. They are effective for different ailments of the upper respiratory tract, which accompanies rhinitis.

Against the cold great fight “Oksolina”, “Interferon”, “Genferon ® and several other medicines. These medicines come in the form of ointments, sprays or drops.

Antibacterial drugs

If the patient was diagnosed with bacterial rhinitis, in this case it helps this group of drugs. Usually inflammation with bacterial rhinitis occurs in the nasal mucosa. Its development may occur as a result of injury, infection of nearby structures, the appearance of nose furuncle, purulent type of sinusitis and other reasons. In addition, the antibacterial drugs in the cold General and local actions prescribed before surgery, the aim of which is to eliminate the factors in the development or consequences of chronic rhinitis.

A group of antibacterial drugs great fights cold. The best today are considered “Bioparox”, “Izofra” and others. Their appointment is made only by the attending physician. To choose a certain medicine for a runny nose only on the basis of which the drug will be sensitive causing disease bacteria.

Rewetting drops and a combination of drugs

promyvanie nosovyh pazuh pri nasmorkeTo cure the common cold, as well as to control the operation of the mucous membrane, it is important to use moisturizing drops for the nose. Usually, the composition of such funds contains sea water or a salt solution, which has many important minerals. The effect of nasal drops is that the saturation of salts in them is equal to the saturation of salts in the plasma of human blood. Because the remedy against common cold, penetrating to the mucous of the nasal cavity, does not divert to itself the fluid from the mucosa. Having the ability not to absorb, the solution does not form more swelling and congestion.

In the process of applying drops of the fabric moistened in a natural way, in accordance with physiological norms. Therefore, patients report that it is the best means from a cold.

Mostpopular moisturizing drops are now “Aqua Maris”, “Aqualor” and others. Current pharmacological products gives you the opportunity to provide a more easy and efficient process for treatment of rhinitis through a combination of different active ingredients contained in a single tool. So, it can be a combination of a moisturizer and vasoconstrictor drug or the latter in combination with an antihistamine agent. To combine drugs have only a physician, based on the underlying education rhinitis, symptomatology, illness, and other factors.

Pills and powders from a cold

In predominant part of cases rhinitis not is a separate disease. It is the main symptom of respiratory infections or colds.

medikamentoznoe lechenie nasmorkaAt the onset of a cold can be a sore throat or a fever, a cough. At the first signals the patient takes anti viruses that are actively fighting and secretions from the nose. It is worth saying that the antiviral drugs are taken from the first stages of the disease and only in this case they will begin to act effectively facilitate the flow of the inflammatory process and prevent the development of complications. Of the most effective tablets you can select the “Arbidol” (capsules). It should be noted that this tool helps the common cold is most effective in the first two days since the onset of the symptoms.Also helps Rimantadine.

These pills, as “Rien” or “Coldrex” is also doing well with a cold and runny nose. Action fenilafrina contained in preparations, gives you the ability to narrow blood vessels and increase the pressure, and this, in turn, eliminates puffiness and facilitates nasal breathing. These medications from a cold can be taken as an ambulance. It is important that people with cardiovascular disease is contraindicated to take them. To cure the common cold and its attendant symptoms, you can resort to other means powder. Powder the common cold helps also effective: it eliminates the unpleasant symptoms and the patient recovers faster.

Most often doctors prescribe good, “Theraflu”, “upsarin UPSA”. These powders for the treatment of rhinitis suitable for adults and children. Of course, use different dosages and you will only be attending physician.

Traditional medicine

The best means from a cold do not exclude the recipes of traditional medicine, they are suitable for both adult and child. Some methods can eliminate rhinitis completely and facilitate its flow, and a recommended as an auxiliary method insystem treatment.

Traditional medicine offers the following methods of treatment:

  1. Foot bath on the basis of mustard powder.For its preparation you need to take 1 tablespoon dry mustard 3 liters of water. The procedure improves blood circulation, so the blood does not accumulate only in the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa. Swelling goes, and the work of the mucosa is restored.
  2. Warming salt.In a cotton cloth to wrap it in 0.5 cups of salt, and then this bundle heat on a dry pan or with the help of warm air from a hair dryer. Once the salt reaches the temperature at which it is still possible to touch the convolution, it is necessary to put the nose on both sides. When the package has cooled, remove it, and not to go out for 2 hours at least.
  3. Nasal rinses.This method of treatment used in rhinitis in adults and children. As a solution well-suited herbal teas, decoctions on the basis of sea salt, warm tea. The procedure has similarities with the hospital "cuckoo". Can a solution still and breathe. For this you need to close your fingers one nostril, and the second to draw the solution. Next, blow your nose and repeat the same on the other side.

Physical therapy and surgery

All known treatments of physical therapy, they are effective and useful. Inhalation when cold is not a new method of treatment. Depending on the causes of rhinitis can be performed on the basis of plain water. It helps to humidify and warm the nasopharynx.

In the water you can add essential oils and medicinal plants that will be much better and will bring even more benefits. When rhinitis infectious nature or in viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract in inhalation solution are added to essential oils of pine, tea tree, calendula and others.

Allergic rhinitis cannot be treated with inhalation phytorestore because they can cause a bad condition of the patient. Surgical treatment is quite a controversial concept. The operation can be administered with the aim of addressing the root causes of the flu or its complications. The disease is not surgically removed. Surgery need a good reason:

  1. Hypertrophy of the turbinates.
  2. Deformation of the nasal septum.
  3. The presence of polyps or adenoids.
  4. A disturbance in the structure of the nose.

Thanks to rapid intervention, you can resume the patency of the nasal passages, nose breathing. This is especially important for kids, whose development of the dentoalveolar and facial region of the skull is due to the ability of breathing through the nose. To establish the need for surgical treatment needs a doctor. Thus necessarily taken into account the disadvantages, advantages and risks of this method.


Whenvarieties of rhinitis treatment and medicines can be very different among themselves.

How to choose a medicine with a cold, should know the doctor, because self-treatment can only harm the patient. Only against the background of complaints of the person and manifested symptoms of rhinitis when a specialist can make a conclusion and prescribe appropriate drugs. In this case, it is possible to completely get rid of the disease and prevent complications.