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How to treat a bad cold?

If runny strong, how to treat the illness, so he passed quickly? In the rainy season and the cold cold business as usual. Cough, nasal congestion, and the temperature of its frequent companions. How to cure a bad cold that accompanies seasonal diseases, and to do it right?

problema nasmorkaBefore you start to treat it, you need to understand a symptom of what illness it is. Such reaction can occur on the irritation an allergen, and with little humidity, and as a manifestation of a viral infection.

The main causes of cold

pereohlazhdenie organizma - prichina nasmorkaRhinitis is most likely to occur for three reasons:

  • with a strong supercooling of the body;
  • in case of allergic reaction (dust, citrus fruit, animal fur, etc.);
  • due to injury of the nasal mucosa.

Treatment of rhinitis - it is very responsible and serious. To do this properly, you need to know the reason, because the use of herbal cold remedies in the case where a runny nose is a reaction to the allergen does not give any effect. But if the patient does not receive proper treatment, then the cold can go into a chronic stage, then to cure it completely would be extremely difficult.

To heal even very severe cold is much easier than to deal with its consequences in the future. To self-medicate is not necessary, you must contact your doctor to establish the exact cause of the disease and obtain recommendations on how to properly to eliminate it. It will help to quickly get rid of the problem and prevent the development of chronic forms of the disease.

Recommendations for treatment of the common cold in adults and children

shema rinitaTreatment of the common cold in adults differs significantly from the methods of combating this disease in children. Various forms of rhinitis also require different methods of treatment.

For effective and quick treatment of rhinitis in adults need to learn how to blow your nose. You cannot do it too strongly and sharply, because viruses and bacteria spread to adjacent organs (ears, eyes) and are further traumatized mucous membranes.

You need to eliminate exposure to additional irritants: cold air, odors, dust, smoke, etc. From physical exertion it is better to give up and go a little slower than usual.

To stop a bad cold, it is better to use products based on essential oils of fir, eucalyptus, pine or peppermint. Such a drop is more gentle effects on the nasal mucosa and are not addictive. Be sure to rinse the nose with salt water at least 3 times perday - this will help remove dust, germs, viruses and other harmful microorganisms and prevent them from entering the body.

simptomy rinitaWhen it hurts baby, as often as possible ventilate the room in which it is located, and to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room. The most comfortable temperature for baby is 20-22°C. Dry air was the first agent provocateur colds and flu, so it is advisable to have a humidifier that will create a more comfortable environment conducive to recovery crumbs. If there are no special electrical appliances, you can just put in the room a bowl of water and refill it as it evaporates. If a baby has no fever, it is better not to deprive him of fresh air, but only if the weather is dry and warm.

Infants and children the first years of life do not know how to blow his nose, so to clear their nose need. This would be a good fit aspirators, which are very effectively and painlessly remove mucus from the nasal cavity. Before using the appliance, you can wash the nose with salt water and then lubricated with ointment prevents the penetration of harmful bacteria on the mucosa. A very common cause of rhinitis is inflammation of adenoids serve. Parents need to carefully monitor the condition of the gland and, if necessary, to remove them.

The treatment of allergic and chronic rhinitis

otkaz ot kureniya dlya lecheniya hronicheskogo rinitaIf the rhinitis is allergic in nature, you first need to avoid contact with allergens, provoking him. At hand should always be an antihistamine that is most suitable to the patient. Completely cure rhinitis such it is impossible, but to let the sickness slide is very dangerous because it can lead to the development of nasal polyps, sinusitis, hypertrophy and the transition of allergies in the more severe form, etc. to wash away the allergen on the mucosa of the nose, as often as necessary to flush him. For the correct selection of medications in the treatment of allergic rhinitis it is necessary to consult the attending physician.

With regard to the chronic forms of rhinitis, in addition to visiting the therapist will need more and advice Laura. For the successful treatment of such forms of rhinitis need to avoid contact with dust, smoke, particularly tobacco, chemicals and everything that can provoke further irritation of the nasal mucosa. Very often in long-term medication, the body gets used to them, and there is a reverse effect: instead of alleviate a runny nose, only amplified. In this case, note the cure the same drug and follow the reaction to it.

Ifa runny nose is a symptom of concomitant disease, to eliminate it you will first need to cure the disease. It uses several types of medicines:

  • antiviral;
  • homeopathic;
  • moisturizing;
  • phytotherapeutic;
  • vasoconstrictor;
  • antibiotics.

To quickly cure a cold and flu, traditional medicine quite possible to Supplement traditional methods.

Types of medications

polza efirnyh masel pri nasmorkeAll the drugs used to combat colds, are designed to facilitate the patient's condition, but for full effect they should be used in combination with other drugs against influenza, colds or allergies. It is worth remembering that a cold is just a symptom of the disease, and to overcome it you must first defeat the disease that caused it.

In the complex therapy for the treatment of rhinitis used antiviral drug interferon, the only means of this group you can enter in the nose. Means for moistening nose sprays are presented and solutions based on marine or just salt water. They are used for deep cleansing of the mucosa and are designed to prevent drying of the mucus in the nose. Homeopathy and herbal medicine medicines used in the idea of natural ingredients: herbs, minerals, essential oils. These drugs often serve as complement to General therapy, especially if the runny nose and other symptoms of a cold will be very strong.

Antibiotics can be prescribed in situations when traditional medicine does not give effect, symptoms and relief is not coming for a long time. The use of antibiotics should be performed only under the supervision of a physician: he will choose the drug, its dosage and to monitor the dynamics of the disease given the drug. This group are nasal drops and sprays, but they are only a cold caused by a virus or bacteria. For the treatment of allergic rhinitis, these drugs are not used.

Disadvantages of antibiotics is that they very quickly adapt harmful bacteria, reducing the effectiveness of treatment. The second side effect of antibiotics is the allergic reaction in the patient which elimination should immediately stop using the drug.

Biggest and most common mistake is to treat a bad cold vasoconstrictor drugs. These drops and sprays do not help in viral fever, and only aggravate the condition. Into the nose, they some time make it easier to breath, but soon provoke swelling of the mucous, which makes breathing difficult evenstronger. The patient uses the drops again and the situation repeats. But during the entire time of this alleged treatment of viruses and bacteria continue to multiply and poison the body, relief does not occur, the condition worsens, the disease risk to become chronic.

If time does not stop and does not stop the use of vasoconstrictor drugs, such treatment may continue indefinitely.