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How to cure common cold in pregnancy

How to treat pregnancy rhinitis correctly, without causing harm to the fetus? Because most of the drugs are too aggressive for use during an interesting situation. So you need to find an effective, but at the same time secure means.

problema nasmorka pri beremennosti

Runny nose and its causes

Rhinitis in pregnant women ─ a common enough phenomenon. If the average person select the method of treatment of the common cold does not cause much unrest, the future mothers, on the contrary, there is a lot of questions about it. After all, every woman thinks not only about her but also about the health of your unborn baby. Therefore, in such cases do not need to hesitate and should immediately seek the assistance of a good specialist.

Of course, to breathe through the nose while rhinitis can be very difficult or quite impossible, because in the cavities of the nose are going liquid discharge. They block the normal work of some of the upper respiratory tract. Breathing mouth, the woman can easily "swallow" any viral infection from the environment. Therefore, you need to get rid of sinus congestion to breathe in the air well heated and passed thorough filtration.

uvlazhnitel vozduha dlya profilaktiki nasmorkaThe cause of rhinitis can become very dry air of the room where a woman spends most of her time. It irritates the mucous membranes of the nose, forming a humidifying liquid, trying to prevent excessive dryness. Therefore, there are such selections.

During pregnancy a woman can appear allergic. If earlier the girl quietly breathed in the fragrance of the flowers, stroked the cat and use a detergent without protective gloves, the sense organs and especially the skin become easily irritated. Because in her body there is a global restructuring, and the environment, he starts reacting in a completely different way.

Often treatment of a cold during pregnancy does not bring any results. This does not mean that the disease has become chronic. Many women in this period there is a rhinitis, but it usually disappears immediately after birth. Therefore, if the cause of the discharge to find out, you should just wait for the birth of the baby.

The treatment of rhinitis folk remedies

In the case where the first signs of a cold first appear, you can try to get rid of it at home.

polza aloe pri nasmorkeBut it is worth considering the fact that if within two daysit is that self-medication should be stopped. And medications need to be applied only on prescription. So in that situation, there is a large risk of getting serious complications. Therefore, many women resort to traditional medicine.

Treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy requires a woman to use only safe and preferably natural products. Because the components of many popular medications have a huge number of side effects. This means that you can apply them in this period is strictly prohibited. As their use may adversely affect the harmonious development of the fetus.

The most common folk remedies for the common cold are:

  1. Onion juice.
  2. The juice of aloe.
  3. Herbs.
  4. Eucalyptus or lemon essential oil.

How to cure common cold in pregnancy home? Naturally, the use of strong pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription should not be allowed. So you should use natural products.

We all know that pregnancy is conventionally divided into three trimesters. Therefore, to treat during each of them should be different.

lukovyj sok dlya lecheniya nasmorkaGiven the fact that in the 1st trimester the fetus is formed in the heart, limbs and neural tube, the use of pharmacological agents is strictly prohibited. Doctors strongly recommend to cure common cold if it is not accompanied by other cold symptoms.

Throughout pregnancy a woman can treat the common cold using onion juice and the juice of the aloe, which should be instilled into the nose. These gifts of nature as safe as possible, since their use is local. Therefore, the baby will not do any harm.

To facilitate the process of breathing, you can apply eucalyptus essential oil or lemon on the skin under the nose. They do an excellent job of unblocking sinuses.

It is especially important to use them at night, to because of rhinitis is not disturbed full night's sleep.

Features treatment during pregnancy at home

If women in the first three months of pregnancy starts cold, it can be safe to neutralize a salt solution. To do this in warm water to dissolve a little of this product and then wash their airway. After this procedure, you must moisturize the skin baby cream, as it will begin to dry out and then burn and luschitsya.

To rinse the sinuses it is possible and natural preservatives. But before that, they also need to be diluted with water. The dosage must appoint a specialist as their application must necessarily pass tests on the definition of one or the otherstimulus. The most effective medicinal plants include:

  1. Daisy.
  2. Eucalyptus.
  3. Fir.
  4. Pine.
  5. Cranberries.
  6. Heather.
  7. Cornflower blue.

They can be used as a means for rinsing previously insisted, and as a tea. They not only kill harmful bacteria, but also to quickly bring the nose up. Therefore, to get rid of a cold in the 1st trimester is difficult, but possible.

2nd trimester is also called "Golden time". Because the fetus in this period is already quite large and more resistant to different substances than on the ground, the mother permitted the use of certain therapeutic drugs. But they in any case must not contain any aggressive components.

3 trimester of pregnancy is preparing the female body for childbirth. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend to take vitamin complexes, which strengthen the immune system of the mother, increasing its resistance to viral and bacterial infections.

Conclusion on the subject

How to cure runny nose during pregnancy so as not to hurt the baby? Because many drugs are too dangerous to use in this period, before starting treatment it is necessary to determine the cause of the common cold.