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Useful inhalation when cold?

Despite the large variety of mediums, with a cold inhalation - the most effective weapon against him. Inhalation medication quickly reaches the goal, acts in the most efficient way and brings quick result - getting rid of a cold.

problema nasmorka

Inhalations for the common cold is not as easy as, for example, to take a pill to drip or spray into the nose a medicine. But the cost of time, effort and money are justified. A cold goes away faster and the achieved result is fixed permanently. Types of inhalers quite a lot. Appearing recently proven nebulizer in the cold.

Data on rhinitis

Runny nose probably has ever had every person on the planet. Therefore, to get rid of a cold invented a lot of medicines in different kinds. But not in all cases they are safe to use, for example, pregnant women and children, many medicines are contraindicated. In such cases, doctors recommend treatment with inhalers.

Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa. The causes of this inflammation can be bacteria or viruses trapped in the nose. The reasons can be a simple colds, allergies, hormonal imbalance. The nose is very sensitive to the environment around us. Runny nose, referred to simply, scientifically called rhinitis.

ingalyacii pri nasmorkeHow is the cold? For example, under the influence of cold vessels of the nose cyclically converging and diverging. Tapering vessels are trying to keep warm and short, expanding, fulfilling its function of supplying oxygen. The result is a swelling of the nose as a protective reaction. And due to irritation of the inner surface of the nose of the person sneezes.

If an attack is such a picture. Viruses can multiply only in a weakened body in two main cases: hypothermia and weakness of the immune system. With the multiplication of viruses in the nose reaction occurs in the form of inflammation. Inflammation causes swelling of the nose. Next, the blood flow to the area of inflammation, forcing the glands that produce mucus, to work harder. Hence, there nasal discharge or runny nose.

The consequence of this pattern are such unpleasant moments, as a decrease in the perception of odors, with a strong fever discharge from the ear, there is increased lacrimation. The bacteria that cause the common cold, usually acting in combination with viruses. The manifestation of their action is a thick nasal discharge. This happens at the last stage of a cold.

With proper treatment, the common cold goes away in three days. Of course, the condition started during the treatment time. If rhinitis is left untreated, it canto take several weeks. How to cure common cold and which drugs and medicines for this use depends on the nature of the common cold and the reasons that caused it.

Treatment for the common cold

konsultaciya vracha pri nasmorkeClassification of rhinitis:

  • common cold, is caused by bacteria or viruses in the background of hypothermia or a weakened immune system;
  • allergic rhinitis, is caused by reactions to external stimuli: colors, hair, odors;
  • chronic rhinitis, in most cases, is caused by nelecheny - tight cold.

To cure infectious coryza caused by bacteria or viruses, you need to use inhalations. The method is especially effective when used at the earliest stages of infection in the nose. As a basis of solutions for the inhaler in this case, use eucalyptus, fir, tea tree, and it is best to use oils derived from these plants. Experts recommend to hold such inhalation using a modern device is a nebulizer.

These procedures can be combined with other methods, for example, use nose drops. They are certainly less effective than inhalation, but well relieve the symptoms and facilitate patients ' condition. Well proven allergies, they combine a lot of useful in the cold elements, such as eucalyptus oil, pine and fir. The composition of these drops is part of and vitamin complex. With proper application of cold reduces inflammation and normalizes the action of the mucous glands of the nose.

nebulajzer pri nasmorkePinosol can be used in the form of drops, spray and for cooking ingalatorom solution. For inhalation, it is sufficient to add to the solution 50 drops of drops.

For relieving symptoms of other vasoconstrictor drops, but they usually do not have a therapeutic effect, but only make breathing easier. To use these drops have strict instructions, as otherwise you may have side effects and addictive.

In the case of allergic rhinitis treatment is very different ways. A runny nose can be treated only under careful medical supervision and after setting and confirmation of diagnosis, establish the allergen.

Treatment of chronic runny nose is very long and should be under constant observation of doctors in their prescribed methods.

Consider the most effective method of treatment for the common cold inhalation with a nebulizer. If the recovery is much faster than using standard tools.

Inhalation nebulizer at illness

src="/respiratory/images/225-4.jpg" title="Cold with a cold" alt="Cold with a cold">the Device nebulizer is designed for inhalation. Making an aerosol of a therapeutic composition, he delivers it to all parts of the nose, ensuring the distribution of drugs across the mucosa.

This small size device is very easy to use. It is used for the treatment of rhinitis in children of any age, adults and pregnant women. There are practically no contraindications, may vary only medicinal composition.

According to the method of spraying the solution nebulizers are divided into compression and ultrasonic. The main working element of the first is compressed air, the second is the piezoelectric crystal, vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies.

Ultrasonic nebulizers are more popular because work quietly and easy to use. They are used long-term pass a cold. Inhalers are useful for the treatment of bronchi, trachea and respiratory tract, and even in allergic rhinitis.

However, the compression device is more practical it can be used children. The disadvantage is that it produces noise. The disadvantages of ultrasonic instrumentation include high cost.

hlorofillipt pri nasmorkeEach nebulizer comes with a detailed instruction on its use. With this manual you should read first.

General rules the use of instruments lies in the fact that the drugs are filled in a specially designed chamber, it activates the device only when refilled the chamber, the duration of treatment should not exceed ten minutes, the course may consist of 5-10 treatments. It is impossible to apply the apparatus at an elevated temperature, composition and concentration of the solutions should identify the doctor. The procedure is performed, if after eating it took at least an hour, you should breathe only in the sitting position, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Solutions for inhalation can be very diverse. It bronchodilators, solutions to normalize the pressure, solutions with hormones, antibiotics, solutions that suppress allergic reactions, antiseptics, antifungal compounds, saline and simply mineral water.

Instructions for use of inhaler

The solutions were always determined by the physician. When filling the nebulizer solution should be warm. For mixing it is recommended to use only saline. This allows you to avoid unwanted complications.

When using a nebulizer with several solutions inhalation is carried out alternately with breaks for at least 15 minutes.

Since the inhaler may not be suitable for spraying of certain solutions, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions beforeuse.

Let us consider some examples of preparation of solutions for the treatment of colds different origin.

With the defeat of staphylococci for one procedure used a solution of 1 ml of drug and with 10 ml of saline.

In acute infections of the nose using a solution furatsilina. It is prepared only in pharmacies. Make inhalation 2 times a day.

Rhinitis viral nature treated with interferon. Ampoule is dissolved in 3 ml of base. Inhalation spend every morning and evening.

For chronic cold and cough is a good effect of homeopathic medicines such as tonsilgon®, which includes many medicinal herbs. The ratio of the drug with saline is done equally. For children, make a weak composition and is diluted in a ratio of 1 part drug and 3 parts of normal saline. Inhalation should be carried out 3 times a day.

Alcohol tincture of calendula, diluted 1:40, is used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx. In this case, good help and propolis. Alcohol tincture is diluted 20 times.

A nebulizer is good because the treatment of the common cold with it, can be and newborn babies. It is simple to use. Inhalation is carried out usually at home. The device treats without causing any harm.

Inhaler when a cold has advantages over other treatments in that it brings faster results. Making inhalation with nebulizer with a cold, you are not subjected to the negative influence of other organs, such as the liver in the pill. A nebulizer delivers medication to the target in full.