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If a cold laid his ear what to do?

If a cold laid the ear, what to do if you also have a hearing loss? A runny nose is a symptom of many colds, and every man during his life repeatedly suffers the problem of stuffy nose. Often it is accompanied by a feeling of stuffiness of the ears. Let's try to understand the reasons.

problema zakladyvaniya ushej pri nasmorkeNose, ears and throat are connected into one system and, of course, that the inflammatory process that occurs on the mucous membrane of the nose, spreading to other parts.

In medicine a runny nose is rhinitis, or inflammation of the nasal mucosa. The disease can occur in two forms:

  • chronic;
  • sharp.

shema rinitaThe main reasons for the development of rhinitis are often viral infections that cause the development of ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection). Bacteria, developing in the lining of the nasal cavity, can cause complications.

Causes inflammation can be a trauma on the nasal mucosa, the penetration of foreign bodies, complications after surgical procedures, irritating chemical or natural substances. Appearing on the surface of the nasal mucosa, viruses are beginning to develop in the upper layers of cells over several days. As a result of their active life disrupted cells, and there are inflammatory processes that cause swelling. Quite often when a cold causes inflammation of the ear passages, and the patient has tinnitus and marked hearing loss.

The reasons for laying the ears with a cold

In order to clarify the reason that laid ears with a cold, it is necessary to consider the structure of the ear. It is quite complicated. The ear consists of three elements:
shema stroeniya uha

  1. The inner ear has the name "labyrinth" because of its interesting shape. Provides hearing and sense of balance man.
  2. Middle ear - using this system is the conversion of sound vibrations and liquid.
  3. The outer ear - this unit protects the delicate hearing mechanism localizes the source of the sound, amplifies and transmits sounds to the middle ear.

The outer ear and the rest of the earplug systems are separated by the eardrum. The middle ear through the Eustachian tube connects with the throat, and if a person is healthy, then through this channel is regulated by the pressure between the ear passages and nasopharynx. For colds swelling in the nose spreads to the Eustachian tube. Its walls narrowed considerably, the eardrum is pulled and the person have the feeling thatlays the ears. This condition can cause further complications of the common cold and cause diseases such as purulent otitis media (inflammation in the ear system, depending on the localization can be outer, middle, or internal), Eustachian (acute or chronic inflammation of the auditory canal and tympanic cavity). Without long-term treatment the patient may partially or completely lose the hearing.

What to do if a cold has laid the ear, can accurately tell a doctor. The reason for the blockage of the ear passages in case of rhinitis may be hypothermia and drafts regardless of the season. If the inflammatory process has begun it is not necessary to prevent re-exposure.

What treatment should be undertaken if a cold laid ears

ushnye kapliStuffy ears is only a symptom of an underlying disease of the nasopharynx. Discomfort you can, of course, to remove by applying a symptomatic therapy, but it is also necessary to actively treat the primary inflammation, which lays the ears.

A feeling of stuffiness can be removed following simple actions:

  1. You should thoroughly clean the nasal passages and drip vasoconstrictor drops. Good enough to vismarkt nose. It is not necessary to overdo it, and the mouth must be kept open. The common reason for inflammation in the ear tubes become germs that fall from the nasal passages. With a strong blowing your nose germs can under pressure to get into the middle ear and cause big problems. You need to release each nostril in turn.
  2. After blowing your nose in the nose buried vasoconstrictors, active ingredients which relieve swelling of the nasal cavities, and will also affect the condition of the walls of the Eustachian tube. But do not forget that this technique will help no more than five or six hours, then the influence of drugs begin to weaken, and discomfort will return. Ear drops can be applied up to five times during the day, otherwise you can exacerbate the symptoms.
  3. The duration of treatment should not exceed five to seven days.
  4. You can get ear drops. The use of such drugs may need to discuss with your doctor. Ear drops often contain strong components, the use of which in the early stages of the disease is not always appropriate. The decision is up to the doctor.

The procedure helps to relieve pain

sol dlya prigotovleniya rastvoraIf a cold laid the ears, in such cases, it helps the procedure of rinsing the nasal passages with brine. Welluse a weak solution of sea salt, but can be applied to ordinary table salt. Must carry out the procedure five to six times a day, using a syringe or the syringe. Prepared saline solutions can be purchased in pharmacies.

If the patient has no high temperature, you can make compresses. Quite effective salt or alcohol compresses. For this it is necessary to moisten a five percent salt solution or alcoholic solution cotton wool and lay in the ear, the head need to wrap a woolen scarf. Alcohol solution is prepared by mixing equal proportions of alcohol and water.

Use compress only if there is an inflammatory process.

What else can you do if a cold laid ear?

You can make some simple physical manipulation that helps to normalize the pressure in the nasopharynx and relieve pain:

Need hard enough to pinch the nose and with a little effort to try to do expiratory movement. The first time does not always work out, then just need to repeat the exercise. Have this internal feeling of cotton. This will mean that the pressure is normal, and a feeling of stuffiness must pass.

You can inflate balloons or much to blow through a straw for cocktails.

Put his hand to the ear, and then abruptly pull up.

Such simple manipulation will equalize the pressure in different parts of the nasopharynx, and the unpleasant symptoms will disappear.

Traditional methods of treatment, if laid ears with a cold

The common cold often causes inflammation of the ear canal. For the treatment of congestion of the ears and ease the pain symptoms often used traditional medicines.

valeriana pri zakladyvanii ushejThe juice of the leaves of geranium. Freshly picked leaves should be well mashed and put in a sore ear. It eases pain and reduces inflammation.

A mixture of honey and horseradish. The juice from the horseradish should be buried three to four times a day ears. And honey wrap should be attached to your ear at night, covering the ear leaf of horseradish.

Drops of almond oil applied three times a day. In each ear you need to drip two or three drops.

In parallel, it is necessary to conduct the treatment of the common cold as the main reason. For this is good Kalanchoe. The juice of this plant is instilled into the nose three times a day. There is a strong sneezing, that is unpleasant, but the nasal passages are well cleaned of excess mucus. The procedure should be carried out for five days.

Well helps the infusion of olive oil with Valerian root.

But to warm up the ears only in the absence of inflammatory processes. You needmake sure the ear passages are no purulent processes. Otherwise, the heat they can grow and damage the eardrum. To carry out such procedure is possible only after doctor's consultation.

Never warm the ears in the case of high body temperature. This symptom of a sick individual can determine independently and without access to medical care. Contraindications to the heating can be high blood pressure or diabetes.

Other causes of illness

konsultaciya vracha po voprosu zakladyvaniya ushejDo not forget that the reason for the feeling of stuffiness in the ears can serve other, more serious diseases. It could be sinusitis, otitis and many other respiratory diseases. So you should pay attention to the presence of concomitant symptoms. In sinus headache, pain occur in the area of the sinuses, appear mucous discharge from the nose. In cases of otitis media pain in ear and head, it can decrease hearing and cause discharge from the ears.

If the patient feels dizziness, headaches, fatigue or increased body temperature, and are yet other symptoms, it is essential to consult doctor to avoid complications. These diseases are dangerous to human health because the inflammation is in the vicinity of the brain.

If when cold had laid his ear, and you don't know what to do, then slouches animatica to self-medicate for a long period is dangerous for health

If symptoms of nasal congestion, tinnitus and pain have not gone during the day, you must turn Laura that accurately diagnose the disease and prescribe the appropriate medication.