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Recipes for medicinal inhalation at a cold nebulizer

Recipes inhalations in the common cold nebulizer today is very popular among patients. Rhinitis appears intermittently in every person's life. This raises the uncomfortable feelings due to the fact that there is a laying the nose. To ease breathing and improve your health, come to the aid of inhalation via a nebulizer. They can do not only an adult but also the child.

problema nasmorka

What is a nebulizer

By itself, the nebulizer is a device for carrying out inhalation. And the principle of its operation is based on the dispersion spraying of medicines, which are served through a mask or breathing tube.

Thanks to the design of appetite the remedy is sprayed in such a way that all particles are easy to get to all corners of the nasal cavity and respiratory tract.

Manufacturers produce three types of nebulizer: compressor, diaphragm and ultrasonic. For home use, it is recommended to buy compressor type of nebulizer. This is because they pharmacies are inexpensive compared to other types, and is allowed to use all these types of medicines.

The rules of procedure

nebulajzer dlya lecheniya nasmorkaBefore you begin the procedure, you need to adhere to certain rules, namely:

  1. First, this procedure should be carried out in an hour after a meal do exercise.
  2. Secondly, in the hour before and after the treatment can take alcoholic beverages, rinsing the mouth with antiseptics and drink expectorants.
  3. Third, the inhalation must be conducted in a peaceful atmosphere and, most importantly, on what not distracted.
  4. Fourth, as soon as inhalations, remember that you must breathe through the nose, hold breath for a few seconds, and exhale through the mouth to do.

The course of treatment with nebulizer is at least 8 treatments, and the duration lasts up to 10 minutes.
To carry out this type of inhalation, you need to weigh the pros and cons. So, such treatment of rhinitis carried out at the first signs of illness until full recovery of the patient. It should be noted that it is allowed to do, even if elevated body temperature. Many treatments are not recommended for people suffering from hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease, but the nebulizer is allowed to use.

otkaz ot alkogolya pri lechenii nebulajzeromIt is suitable for infants, however, after consulting a pediatrician.

However, such effectivetreatment cannot be given to those who are suffering nosebleeds, has tumors of the nasopharynx, if people do not know how to do inhalation.

For children of this kind of inhalation is best done in the form of games, and because they developed a special children's nebulizers in the form of animals, trains and cars. Very small children are allowed to do inhalation during sleep.

Recipes inhalations for the common cold

What medicine is poured into the nebulizer? The simplest is based on inhalation of saline, alkaline or mineral water. Do not forget that the treatment you can use medical drugs that are diluted with saline. So, there are a few rules for making correct inhalation, namely:

  • part medications prescribed only by a doctor;
  • all medicines should be diluted with saline;
  • distilled water cannot be used, because it causes shortness of breath and cough.

tonzilgon pri bakterialnom riniteBasic recipes for the treatment of rhinitis:
During viral rhinitis is recommended by inhalation using "Interferon". To do this, take three ampules of "Interferon" and dissolve in 10 ml of physiological solution, then heat to 37 degrees. Such inhalation taken twice a day.

If you have a staphylococcal rhinitis, is an excellent tool in this case would be "Chlorophillipt". For the inhalation, take one percent alcohol "Hlorofillipt and diluted in saline, a ratio of 1:10. For inhalation take only 3 ml and carry her three times a day.

When bacterial rhinitis best remedy is "Tonzilgon - drug of plant origin, which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Inhalation dilute the drug with saline in a ratio of 1:1. Carry out the procedure three times a day, 3-4 ml of the diluted solution.

We must not forget herbs such as calendula favorite. For such inhalation is necessary to buy in a pharmacy alcohol tincture and dilute with saline at a ratio of 1:40. For a single procedure is enough to take 4 ml of the prepared solution.

If nose are formed atrophic processes, we recommend the use of vegetable oil, the best option is olive. Take 1-2 drops of oil and dilute 5 ml of physiological solution. Such inhalation will do two times a day.
If the nose is formed pus, then experts recommend to do inhalation with the help of "Miramistina". For adult use undiluted 0.01% of drug in 4 ml three times a day.

src="/respiratory/images/332-4.jpg title="synthesis for conducting inhalation" alt="synthesis for conducting inhalation">should the well-known drug as a "Naphazoline 0,1%". For this purpose it should be diluted in physiological solution in the ratio 1:10. This make a one-time inhalation and is taken to be 3 ml.

Solution for inhalation for the common cold can permanently relieve the patient's condition.

If you treat a cold oral, the drug gets into the gastrointestinal tract, and only then begins to be absorbed into the fabric. Blood the medicine spreads throughout the body and then goes to the nose. Here it is in this way there is a loss of all active substances, which significantly delayed the recovery. The pill, by the way, has the negative effect that they have on the liver, stomach, kidneys and other important organs.

If we consider drops and sprays, they are after injection in the nasal passages flow through it and leave the nasal cavity. It is worth noting that the drug can penetrate into the stomach and hurt him. I want to say that the drops and sprays do not guarantee the maximum recovery, because they can not penetrate deep into the respiratory system. And what you will never fully heal.

But inhalation can quickly and permanently achieve a maximum therapeutic effect.

In the end I wanted to note the advantages of such inhalation, namely:

  1. Microparticles of the drug, reaching all the far corners of the nasal cavity.
  2. Inhalation does not cause adverse reactions.
  3. Operates smoothly and will relieve you from the symptoms of the common cold.
  4. Solution for the nebulizer is able to penetrate into the upper respiratory tract and so he treats not only cough, but also from a cold.

Before treatment with a nebulizer, please consult your physician. He recommends the drugs that are right for you. Then the treatment will be most effective.