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Prevention and treatment of rhinitis drug

Rhinitis medication, treatment and prevention which is a difficult task. This is a special type of inflammation in the nose due to the use of drugs. Treatment medicamentous rhinitis is an entire Chapter in medical science. Especially this disease is manifested in patients using vasoconstrictive drugs. Therefore, this type of disease manifests the most. This comes from the fact that the presence of rhinitis patients do not go to the doctor, and run to the drugstore and purchase a variety of drops and sprays.

problema medikamentoznogo rinita
As a result, many develop the phenomenon of tachyphylaxis (rapid habituation) that causes a specific reaction in the patient. This reduces and then disappears completely the sensitivity to the drug, which eliminates the primary symptoms, but leads to increased lymphatic and blood vessels. As a result, the person develops rhinitis.

Symptoms of the disease at the microscopic and macroscopic level

When observing under the microscope the disease is as follows:

shema rinita

  • form ciliated epithelium loses its cilia;
  • on the new dead cover occurs metaplasia of the upper layer;
  • starts increased production glands ' secretion, and signs of hyperplasia of these organs;
  • blood and lymph vessels become more permeable, leading to the development of edema.

Rhinitis drug nature has the following symptoms:

  • the patient has difficulty breathing through the nose;
  • missing the patient is sensitivity of smell;
  • in humans, there is access from the nose mucous discharge;
  • the patient feels in the region of the sinuses the lips, which can be transformed into itching;
  • during sleep, the person wakes up several times due to poor passage of air through the nasal channels, this period in the form of complications may be present snoring.

If all of the above symptoms and signs should immediately contact the doctor, otherwise there may be complications that will lead to the development of diseases such as sinusitis and others.

Diagnostic methods for detection of drug rhinitis

mikroskopicheskoe issledovanie slizi iz polosti nosaAfter the patient appealed to medical establishment for help, doctors produce its visual inspection and record complaints. Then the patient is sent for laboratory examination. Conducted a study of its epithelium under a microscope, it turns out that the composition of the mucus,coming out of his nose. This is done in order to determine the type of rhinitis: it can be catarrhal, allergic, atrophic or medication. Differentiation of the disease can be done for rhinitis drug experienced by the doctor during examination of the sinuses or according bacterial culture of mucus. This result can be accomplished by other methods of diagnostics.

Fully trust symptoms identified drug rhinitis, as these symptoms are characteristic of diseases such as syphilis, diphtheria, whooping cough, scarlet fever, etc. If any such cases should be treated medically rhinitis is necessary as a concomitant factor, and the main cure to direct on elimination of the main disease.

How to cure rhinitis, resulting from the application of a vasoconstrictor

This disease requires an integrated approach to therapy, which is the use of various methods of physiotherapy, rehabilitation procedures for General strengthening of the patient's body, various medicinal drugs, no pharmacological methods. You can try and treatment of folk remedies. To eliminate rhinitis medication you can start with this combination:

aktivirovannyj ugol dlya likvidacii rinita

  • the patient is prescribed this drug to lower blood pressure mother";
  • it is recommended to spend more time outdoors, preferably in the coniferous forest;
  • doctors prescribe the patient administration of activated charcoal.

The above method of combating rhinitis taken as an example. Normally in this disease the doctors recommend to increase the immunity of the patient by hardening, as there is quite a lot of examples that this simple method effectively eliminates the disease. For these purposes, can be assigned frequent travel of a patient outside the city, on nature. It can send to mountain resort, with recommendations to visit more often bath treatment with essential oils. It is possible to cure the disease with the help of regular swimming.

All these measures enhance the regeneration of mucous membrane and allow the body to self-clean and boost immunity.

Pregnancy all of the above measures cannot have negative influence. On the contrary, if a pregnant woman performs the following doctors ' recommendations, the development of the fetus takes place in a more comfortable environment.

Pharmacological methods of curing this disease

The basic method in the treatment of medicamentous rhinitis is considered to be a medicinal way of dealing with the disease. Usuallyfor these purposes, use such a popular drug as "lower blood pressure mother". Most often, patients prefer to use it as a spray. The main impact on the disease has such a component of the drug, as fluticasone furoate, which is a fluorinated corticosteroid type.

It can remove the most severe inflammatory processes in the nasal mucosa of the patient, which allows to lower blood pressure mother" to successfully apply against such diseases as rhinitis. Use the medication as inhalation internalnode type. Before each treatment it is necessary to clear mucus from the nasal passages. This is to ensure that the impact of drugs to lower blood pressure mother" was subjected to as a large area of the internal structures of the nose of the patient - it increases the effectiveness of the medication and greatly increases the ratio of its effect on the disease.

As ""- improves sleep" - a drug that acts on the mucous membranes of the nasal passages, it affects a large part of the human respiratory tract. This medication has several side effects that should be considered in patients using this drug:

  • the patient may open bleeding from the nose.
  • perhaps the development of ulcerative lesions in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • in some patients, the drug causes the development of urticaria;
  • may occur angioedema;
  • as ""- improves sleep" - hormonal drug, its use of longer period causes in children growth retardation.

The drug can be recommended for use by pregnant women, as there is no information about its negative effects on the fetus. But given the fact that during pregnancy there is always a risk when using any drug, the doctor must obtain a woman's consent to the use of any medicine. Lactation ""- improves sleep" can be assigned to the minimum dose determined by the attending physician.

Traditional medicine in the fight against drug rhinitis

otvar romashki dlya promyvaniya nosa pri riniteYou can use different recipes. Below are some of them.

If a person has a cold, he should gradually reduce the dose of drops from a rhinitis, and at the same time for 14 days three times in 24 hours should be instilled four drops of aloe juice.

Another recipe can be mixed in equal weight fractions of sea buckthorn oil, honey and aloe juice. This mixture should be instilled into the nose 2 weeks 3 drops three times a day in each nostril.

Many doctors recommend to wash nasal mucosa every day (in one dose) by infusion of such herbs as calendula or chamomile medicinal.

In the first case, the recipe for the medication is: take 2 cupsboiled water and pour 2 tablespoons of dried marigold flowers. After 120 minutes, the mixture was diluted with warm water in proportion 1 to 2.

In the second case, take a teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers and pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse for about 35 minutes, and then filtered.

Instead the plants can use sage. Take it in the form of dried and chopped leaves in an amount of 3 tablespoons to 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist 180 minutes and then filtered.

Wash out a nose the specified infusions before going to sleep. Rush is not recommended. The liquid washes away all the dirt and dust that accumulated in the nose for the whole day.

These relatively simple tools can get rid of medication of rhinitis in combination with a drug to lower blood pressure mother" and activated charcoal.