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What is drug-induced rhinitis?

Each year, every inhabitant of our planet is faced with such common diseases as rhinitis. Rhinitis medication is one of its forms.

problema medikamentoznogo rinita

Forms of the disease

There are three kinds of rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis is a result of the effects on the nasal cavity irritants: dust, wool, Pets, pollen, flowering plants or citrus. For the treatment of allergic rhinitis is enough to eliminate the cause and development of the allergen.

Acute rhinitis is a viral or bacterial cause of the development and occurs in an acute form. It is part of the basic symptoms and signs of many infectious and inflammatory diseases and colds. Such rhinitis disappears with proper treatment of both himself, and the disease it accompanies. It is necessary to strictly follow recommendations and instructions of the doctor.

lekarstva - prichina medikamentoznogo rinitaDrug - induced rhinitis is a disease of the mucosa of the nasal cavity, which has arisen due to improper use of drugs vasoconstrictor effect in the treatment of an ordinary rhinitis. The disease is also a consequence of self-medication when a person with normal runny nose is not a specialist, and the pharmacy.

However, he tries as often as possible to use drugs that have not given them a valid single or daily dose. In other words, drug-induced rhinitis becomes a reaction to the excessive influence of drugs. The very definition of the disease - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the sinuses.

Features medicamentous rhinitis

It is necessary to consider in more detail the medicinal or drug rhinitis. Increasingly, otolaryngologists and ordinary physicians in their medical practice, faced with such a problem as chronic rhinitis. At inspection of such patients the reasons of development of this type of rhinitis. As the main can be called the use of drugs without regard to enclosed instructions, i.e. use funds from a violation of the single and daily doses and treatment to the drug on average for more than five days. For self-treatment of rhinitis need to know that if you experience the following signs, you should immediately contact a specialist:

  • the need for frequent reception of vasoconstrictor drugs;
  • the lack of positive effect of treatment;
  • deterioration of the General condition of the body;
  • long course of the disease.

Symptoms rhinitis medication

pain when medication rhinitis" alt="Headaches with rhinitis medication">in order For the treatment to be effective, it is necessary not only to go to the doctor, but also to recognize the symptoms of drug rhinitis:

  • persistent persistent nasal congestion;
  • the breathing process through the nose;
  • constant profuse discharge from the sinuses;
  • burning sensation and itching in the nasal cavity;
  • headaches are frequent in nature;
  • swelling of the nose due to which there is a change of its forms;
  • the occurrence of snoring during sleep;
  • loss of sensation and smell.

These symptoms do not disappear in self-medication, and only progressed. Deteriorating General condition of the patient. This is due to habituation of the organism to vasoconstrictor drugs due to their prolonged use.

And self-regulation of the process of cleansing the nasal cavity is broken and requires frequent use of vasoconstrictor drugs.

There is not only addiction to drugs, but dependence on nasal drops or sprays.

The diagnosis is based on history taking and examination of the sinuses, which identifies:

hrap pri medikamentoznom rinite

  • increase and hyperemia of the mucosa of the nasal passages;
  • pallor accompanied with hemorrhages in the mucosa of inflamed;
  • the parotid lymph nodes.

To the provoking factors of the development of drug rhinitis include:

  • great choice of vasoconstrictor drops and sprays at an affordable price;
  • the possibility of acquiring medicines without a doctor's prescription;
  • lack of understanding of the seriousness of the consequences of wrong treatment;
  • it is not perceived as a disease that requires proper and timely treatment, which should be under the supervision of a physician.

Treatment medication rhinitis

Drug for treatment of rhinitis using several methods. The first method - the replacement of a used medicinal product to another. The active substance should not be vasoconstrictor in nature.

We most often use nasal drops and sprays, which features sea water. Such drugs produce a calming effect, does not damage the mucosa of the nasal cavity and are not addictive.

To preparations based on sea water include: constant stress, and Throat. In addition to medicines based on marine salts are used hormonal drugs in the form of sprays: lower blood pressure mother, Becasina. These drugs are not addictive, and patients are much easier to abandon them.

fitoterapiya dlya lecheniya medikamentoznogo rinitaThe second methodis to change the dosage of the drug, which caused the development of drug rhinitis. For the method typical of this regimen:

  • the first stage is a gradual reduction of the dose to the recommended;
  • the second stage of complex treatment using physiotherapy: ultraviolet irradiation (UV irradiation), UHF (ultrahigh-frequency therapy), rinsing with saline, saline and seawater;
  • the third stage is the gradual abandonment of the vasoconstrictor drug.

In the basis of the following method is herbal medicine. Patients are encouraged to apply in the treatment of traditional medicines: eucalyptus oil (used in the bath); sea buckthorn or olive oil; aloe Vera juice or a drop of propolis (bee glue should be used instead of drops); pulmonary on the basis of medicinal herbs.

At treatment by this method does not addiction to drugs, means not cause damage to the already injured surface of the nasal cavity the nasal passages and have a therapeutic effect in a short time.

In advanced cases medication of rhinitis in the absence of a positive effect from the above treatment methods, the doctors resort to another way is surgical treatment.

Here there are:

evkaliptovoe maslo ot rinita

  • the use of laser for therapeutic purposes is the cauterization of the mucosa;
  • conchotomy, which partially removed the injured mucosa of the nasal passages, most often the inferior turbinate or middle, in neglected cases, both at the same time;
  • turbinoplasty (plastic turbinates) to facilitate breathing.
  • a septoplasty (to correct the deviated nasal septum) with the aim of restoring the breathing process.

Rhinitis medication while pregnant there are some therapies. Using only herbal medicine, or one of the ways of surgical treatment is laser cauterization.

Prevention medication rhinitis

Do not forget that it is much easier to know about methods of prevention of drug rhinitis than start the inflammatory process to the use of surgical methods of treatment. Prevention rhinitis medication is the use of a vasoconstrictor only on prescription, under his control and in the presence of effective treatment. The use of nasal drugs that are not addictive. You need to take care of your body: take vitamin complexes, to observe the physical rest, sleep and leisure; to engage in the prevention of development of viral or bacterial infections.

Sometimes even innocuous cold has horrible effects on the body. As they say, health is no joke.

It is importantremember that timely treatment of rhinitis of any form will help to avoid unwanted effects and radical methods of treatment.

Be healthy!