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Causes symptoms and treatment vasomotor rhinitis

Vasomotor rhinitis refers to those diseases of the nose, which have the chronic form, and at the heart of the problem lies not inflammation, and improper functioning of blood vessels and their regulation. Vessels that are in the nose you have too active. When vasomotor rhinitis this can occur under the influence of different factors, both external and internal. This means that harmful bacteria do not take any part in the development of the disease.

problema vazomotornogo rinita

The causes of this rhinitis

The causes of this problem can be very different. The human nose plays a very important role in his life - it regulates the amount of air which enters the human body. Depending on many factors (air temperature, moisture content, different kinds of aggressive influences), with blood vessels located in the nose of a person will be either more, or less. Accordingly, the person can breathe fully.

When a person experiencing this type of rhinitis, vascular tone gradually begins to break down, and the volume of blood which enters these vessels are partially or completely not regulated. The degree of regulation in this case will depend entirely upon the symptoms that are present in humans.

shema vazomotornogo rinitaPeople can be quite healthy, but this background manifest some symptoms that occur due to the influence of external or internal factors. This problem experts are not called pathology. But at the same time, the effect on the body vasomotor rhinitis is enough negative. After all, the health of the person deteriorates, the mood drops and the efficiency is reduced several times. Some time later a change occurs in the nasal mucosa. It becomes thicker, and the secret, produces only under the influence of certain factors.

Thus, the causes of human chronic vasomotor rhinitis include the following:

  • treatment with medicines;
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • problems with hormonal background;
  • pathological changes in the nasopharynx of man.

These reasons often cause the development of vasomotor rhinitis.

When it begins to develop acute rhinitis, the person without consulting a specialist uses a different kind of vasoconstrictor drugs. As a result of such treatment vessels are unable to regulate the tone of the walls. Over time, the mucous membrane begins to become accustomed to the effects of medication and to cope with the swelling need a new dose of the drug, because the vessels ceasedto function properly. Exactly the same result have some medication against hypertension, antidepressants, tools that remove inflammation, etc.

stroenie nosaVasomotor rhinitis and its symptoms can occur when changes occur or there are problems with hormonal background. Quite often this problem occurs during pregnancy, because the level of estrogen in the female body is significantly increased. In addition, the cold can present in adolescence, when the amount of hormones is constantly increasing.

When vegetative-vascular dystonia of the human vessels become weaker. In addition, the tone regulation in these vessels is reduced in several times. The same thing happens with blood vessels located in the nasal turbinates.

Vasomotor rhinitis can occur as a result of pathological defects that occur in the nose in humans. It may be different kinds of growths or spikes that constantly irritate the mucous membrane of the nose, which causes increased production of secretions by glands. In this case, the problem can be solved only through a surgical intervention, removing the data defects.

Vasomotor rhinitis can occur in person periodically, or be present constantly. The symptoms will be more severe under the influence of different factors, namely:

  1. Climate. Cold air, wet or too dry.
  2. Strong smells, including cigarette smoke.
  3. Stress, anxiety, constant worrying.
  4. Drinking alcoholic beverages, hot or spicy foods.

In some situations, to determine the cause of the problem fails. In such cases, the experts start talking about the idiopathic form of rhinitis. At the same time, perhaps the influence of several factors simultaneously.

Treatment of breathing problems

promyvanie nosa dlya lecheniya rinitaTreatment of rhinitis is that through a variety of means removed all symptoms, and of course, the cause of the problem, which is very important to identify before starting treatment.

Nasal passages the patient should be regularly cleaned. You can use saline solutions. They are removed from the nose of pollution, allergens, relieve swelling of the mucous membrane.

May appoint experts to solve this problem, nasal sprays, which in a large enough quantity contains a corticosteroid.

Apply these sprays need at least a month, because their impact on the body will be very slow and gradual, so as not to cause complications. Sprays thatreleased today for the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis is almost safe. In this regard, most of them can be used even to treat children from two years.

Treatment necessarily involves the use of antihistamines: sprays and tablets. If they are used for the treatment of seasonal problems, and in advance, it will be a great prevention and then the symptoms of rhinitis are less pronounced. Is often used drugs such as loratadine, Astemizole, Sucking, Citrine.

kapli v nos dlya lecheniya rinitaThese drugs may appoint only a specialist, because some of them you can use a fairly long while others only several days. All the details of treatment and the dosage prescribed by a doctor.

In order to make nasal breathing is freer, it is possible to use a vasoconstrictor drops. In no case can not be used for a long time. The dosage should be accurate and doctors recommend to bury such drop is not more than five days. Today popular medicines of this group are: Tizin, Nazol, ksimelin, Naso-spray. If decongestants used for a long time, then vasomotor rhinitis will purchase more severe degree.


If medication does not bring any result, then you can benefit from surgical intervention. The operation of this type are called submucosal vasotomy.

konsultaciya lora pri vazomotornom riniteThe basis of this rather complex procedure is that experts separate the nasal mucosa from the periosteum. The result is a disturbance in the power to this shell, and this leads to reduce swelling. Breathing problems disappear and over time, the breathing comes back to normal. Surgery, though quite complicated, but takes less than fifteen minutes.

If have vasomotor rhinitis neurovegetative form, then additionally need to be treated by a neurologist. In rare cases, to the treatment of problems joins, even a psychiatrist. At the same time, it is mandatory to taking the drugs sedative nature, which not only normalize the Central nervous system, but also relieve a person from the cold.

To date, there are more methods of surgical intervention that will allow transactions even faster and more efficient, while they are less traumatic and the risk of infection is minimal. Today very popular laser, the electrocoagulatoror radiono.

Treatment issues in children

In recent years, increasingly vasomotor rhinitis is observed in children. The risk group also includes children who suffer from adenoids, polyps, or they have birth defects of the nasal septum. In order to solve such an unpleasant problem, you first need to determine the cause of the development of vasomotor rhinitis and then to decide on treatment.

polza progulok na svezhem vozduhe pri riniteIn most cases the rhinitis begins to develop due to the fact that the child has very weak immune system. In order to pinpoint all the reasons previously necessary to conduct a thorough examination, which will allow you to choose the most effective treatment.

If the cause of the development of vasomotor rhinitis was allergic to dairy, in this case, it is necessary to consult an allergist. As practice shows, children's runny nose can develop due to the fact that there was a stabilization of the immune system.

In order to prevent the development of rhinitis in connection with the functioning of the immune system it is necessary to strengthen the child. To make gymnastics and massage, quite a lot of walking in the fresh air. The food should be full, rich in vitamins and useful microelements and other substances that will help to strengthen the body of the baby.

If you can identify the allergen, in this case, the specialist can offer a specific treatment to introduce into the organism of the child a small amount of the allergen at regular intervals of time. This will allow you to develop antibodies and get rid of the problem. Over time, the body and the immune system starts to get used to this type of protein, and so the symptoms become less visible and will soon disappear.

Folk medicine against vasomotor rhinitis

polza narodnyh sredstv pri riniteDuring use of recipes of traditional medicine should remember that if the treatment is chosen incorrectly, it can cause exacerbation of the problem. This is particularly worth remembering when there is allergic rhinitis. Herbal treatments in this case, quite often becomes a cause of worsening of the disease.

In folk medicine there are many recipes that will quickly help to get rid of vasomotor rhinitis.

Use for the treatment of saline solution. If you wash the mucous membrane of the nose with salt water, it is possible to remove puffiness, to kill pathogens. Normalization of breathing and the runny nose is not developed further.

To narrow the blood vessels using beet juice or decoction of calendula. For the treatment ofchildren the funds necessary to dilute with warm boiled water.

If you are not allergic to honey, for the treatment you can use is a universal tool. To do this, take a spoon of liquid honey and mix thoroughly dissolve it in a glass of warm boiled water. The resulting solution should from time to time to wash out the nasal passages.

Quite effective are a variety of essential oils, but of course you can use them only on the condition that there are no allergies. In order to breathe, choose oils that would have a calming effect and normalized the work of the human nervous system. The most effective in this case is the lavender oil.

To strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase their tone can juice. It should instill a few drops in each nostril, several times a day, ingest a teaspoon.

To make the breathing more free, you can use steam inhalation.

Alternatively, bury your nose people who suffer from vasomotor rhinitis, decoctions of herbs chamomile, cottonweed, motherwort, hawthorn. Herbs can be used both separately and in Assembly. For more effective treatment, some experts recommend taking these herbal teas more and inside several times a day a tablespoon means.

Vasomotor rhinitis, as well as any other type of runny nose is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which needs to be treated. He quickly is tired, loses interest to everything, feels bad. In addition, over time, can be quite serious complications that will cure is not so simple as rhinitis at the initial stage of development.