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The symptoms and treatment vasomotor rhinitis

Vasomotor rhinitis, the symptoms of which are known to many people, you need time to diagnose and begin early treatment. Some think it's only a slight cold, which quickly go away on its own. But it is not. What is vasomotor rhinitis and what consequences it might entail?

problema vazomotornogo rinita

Vasomotor rhinitis implies a failure in the regulation of the vascular tone, which leads to chronic disease of the organs of smell. Fabric connections turbinate swell, the cavity of the olfactory organ narrower, because of this breathing becomes difficult. Vasomotor rhinitis disrupts the vascular tone, which are found in the mucous membranes of the body. This leads to runny nose and nasal congestion, so it is necessary to visit a doctor who will prescribe treatment.

The symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis

Among the signs of disease of the nasal cavity are the following:

shema vazomotornogo rinita

  • nasal congestion, occasionally a man may feel sort of relief in breathing, the difficulty depending on climatic conditions, exercise or changing body position;
  • the characteristic discharge from the nose in the form of mucous or watery flows, they can be allocated with different power;
  • feeling mucosal secretions running down the back wall of the nasopharynx;
  • periodic sneezing;
  • voice changing;
  • the possible reduction in the level of smell.

Rhinitis vasomotor, the symptoms of which are easy to identify needs as quickly as possible to start treatment to prevent complications.

Forms of the disease

Reflex rhinitis is a reaction of blood vessels at different kinds of stimuli:

  1. Food vasomotor rhinitis. Its symptoms can provoke hot and spicy food, alcohol.
  2. Cold rhinitis. His aggravation manifested at the time of the sudden cooling of the extremities or face a long stay in the draft. In this type of rhinitis runny nose abrupt and frequent.
  3. Rhinitis can be caused by sunlight or strong smell.

klassifikaciya rinitovThe disease can develop after prolonged treatment with various drugs. Release:

  • long drug-induced rhinitis, it occurs after taking the drops, narrowing vessels, and various sprays for the nose more than two weeks;
  • drug-induced rhinitis, which arose in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Hormonal rhinitis is caused by changes in hormonal levels of the body. It can occur in the followingcases:

  • in the period of the menstrual cycle - women can experience stuffiness of the nose at the beginning of critical days;
  • during puberty in boys and girls when the hormones are present in large numbers in the body;
  • as a result of reduced level of functionality of the thyroid gland, is often a disease caused by iodine deficiency and reduced production of hormones;
  • if diagnosed with a pituitary tumor.

Isolated as idiopathic rhinitis. To date, the causes of this form of the disease have been identified.

Causes of vasomotor rhinitis

The main reason that triggers the development of such diseases is the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. It can provoke disturbance in regulating blood vessels of the nose. As a result, the capillaries are filled with blood and swell.

medikamentoznoe lechenie pri vazomotornom rinitePeople suffering from vascular dystonia, are more vulnerable vasomotor rhinitis. Dystonia may be accompanied by other symptoms, including heart pain, dizziness, disturbance of sleep, trembling of the hands, cold extremities, possible fainting.

Among the main factors that can trigger the appearance of rhinitis, are:

  • slight colds;
  • Smoking or inhalation of tobacco smoke, and polluted air and pungent smell;
  • extreme changes in temperature;
  • long stay in the cold or drafty;
  • stress;
  • diseases of the stomach - it can be either chronic gastritis or gastroesophageal reflux (large amount of acid in the gastrointestinal tract);
  • migrated traumatic shock;
  • anatomical abnormalities in the structure of the nose;
  • the rapid maturation of the organism during adolescence;
  • long-term intake of drugs that lower blood pressure;
  • the constant use of sprays for the nose, which narrows the capillaries of the olfactory organ.

Vasomotor rhinitis can be easily confused with a chronic runny nose, so you should consult a specialist before you start treatment.

Diagnosis of the disease

postoyannaya ustalost pri vazomotornom riniteFirst and foremost, you need to carefully analyze the complaints and anamnesis of diseases of the nose. You need to consider the level of congestion on the intensity and type of discharge, depending on climatic changes, physical exertion or changing body position.

The doctor needs to examine the entire body, paying special attention tothe following:

  • constantly cold extremities, in some cases, they may have a bluish tinge;
  • sweating;
  • unexplained low body temperature;
  • a decrease in heart rate;
  • the decrease in blood pressure;
  • excessive fatigue.

After a General survey of the specialist conducts a rhinoscopy, focusing on three main criteria: increased nasal cavities, the presence of edema and bluish tint of the mucous membrane.
If necessary, conducts a negative Allergy test.

How to troubleshoot and treatment

It is first necessary exclusion from the diet foods that provoke disease. Necessary prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Possible surgical correction of the anatomical faults of the nose.

You need to reduce physical stress on the body. When exercising you need to focus on Jogging. You can take a cold shower instead of hot bath.

Drug treatment involves rinsing the nasal saline infusions. You can use nasal sprays on the basis of corticosteroids within one month. If you have identified allergic reactions, it is necessary to use sprays anti-allergic nature.
It is recommended to use physical therapy and acupuncture. Quenched your body, be careful to not get too cold.

If conservative treatments do not help, then surgical intervention is necessary.

Possible complications and prevention

Complications can be in the form of swelling of the mucous membrane and the development of inflammation in the sinuses. Shortness of breath can complicate your sleep - this can lead to oxygen starvation.

Prolonged use of vasoconstrictor drops and sprays can lead to dependence on drugs, is addictive.

To prevent disease, to eliminate all contact with the pathogen, make timely correction of abnormal development of the nose.

Activities need to be addressed in the fresh air and moderate. You should avoid prolonged use of vasoconstrictor drops and sprays.

Any self-medication does not always lead to the desired result, so it is time to go to the doctor to get specialized help.