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Prevention and treatment of viral rhinitis

Viral rhinitis is nothing like a chronic rhinitis that occurs on a background of any infectious disease. He appears mostly in the offseason, with the onset of cold weather starts the peak of the disease. Viral rhinitis mainly affects people with weakened immune systems, the elderly and children.

problema virusnogo rinita

A runny nose is not a serious danger to the health, but the discomfort and inconvenience, and usually is a side effect of infectious diseases, and to treat it it is necessary.

Symptoms of pathology

In viral rhinitis is characterized by the following symptoms: General malaise, nasal congestion, frequent sneezing. Nose constantly flow of mucous. Under normal runny nose they are transparent. In bacterial lesions – thick, purulent hue.

What happens when rhinitis

nedomoganie - simptom rinita

Infection usually occurs by airborne droplets. The onset is very fleeting: the sinuses lays, difficult breathing, due to this constant desire to blow his nose, which leads to more swelling of the tissues.

Nose constantly pounded, causing him redness and inflammation of the mucous.

Mostly appearance of the symptoms contribute to the changes in temperature and pressure, which is typical, for example, for the autumn period. Acute rhinitis affects the nearby region, in particular the larynx, and ears.

So if the runny nose is often observed changes in the voice, and shooting pains in the ears. If the cold has not been cured as expected and affected the ear canal, that may affect the structure of the auditory tube.

Classification pathology

Rhinitis are divided into two categories: infectious and noninfectious. To infectious Renita is acute and chronic rhinitis. Chronic rhinitis, in turn, is divided into four subspecies:

obrashenie k vrachu

  1. Catarrhal.
  2. Hypertrophic.
  3. Atrophic.
  4. Ozena – stinking type of rhinitis.

Of non-infectious rhinitis is worth noting vasomotor and allergic type of rhinitis. When vasomotor type are the determining factors of disturbances in the reflexes on the change in temperature and a sharp smell, which often causes inadequate reaction of the mucous membranes of the nose. Allergic reactions can also contribute to the cold, they are reflections on the dander (especially cats), pollen, foods, etc.

The treatment of the disease

Today in medicine there are enough resources to deal witha runny nose and its causes. To begin with, the physician must determine the nature of the disease. If the reason for his suddenly runny nose is a cold or infectious disease, the control measures should be directed primarily at him. Because a runny nose can be an independent disease is just a consequence of other problems in the body. And just to eliminate the symptoms of rhinitis is not enough. Although to attenuate the disease can special eye drops“Naphazoline”, “Bioparox”, etc.), the use of these drugs will not cure the disease. The detection of infectious diseases are appointed mainly antibiotics and strengthens the immune system means.

If the rhinitis is allergic in nature, it is necessary to identify the allergen and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Treatment of folk remedies

polza soka aloe pri rinite

Folk healers recommend at the first sign of a cold to eliminate from the diet all dairy products and to start taking tried means. Cook it at home is easy. This requires a fine grater grate the peeled horseradish root (about 2 tablespoons) and fill it with juice of three lemons. Take this mixture half teaspoon a day. After the intake mixture is not recommended to eat and drink within 30 minutes. Horseradish root must be fresh, and the mixture can be stored in the refrigerator.

In the initial stages of the disease are an excellent means of ointment made from medicinal plants, e.g., calendula and yarrow. Well established juices and oils of plants such as aloe, buckthorn, nightshade, wild rose. Bury need 5-6 drops several times a day until complete recovery.

If the runny nose is already running, it is best to use compounds having astringent effects. It is necessary to take 10 g of oak bark, lime blossom, mint leaf and 5 g herb St. John's wort and willow bark. 20 g of this composition, pour a half Cup of boiling water and let steep for several hours. To use as nose drops. Before use add a few drops of silver fir oil. Infusion can also be used for inhalation.

svekolnyj sok dlya lecheniya rinita

At a particularly painful course of acute rhinitis, it is recommended to use such potent substances like aloe and Kalanchoe, for instillation into the nose. Before you squeeze the juice, the leaves of the plants is recommended a few days rest in the refrigerator. If these plants are not at hand, it is possible to limit the juice from onions and garlic that are available to every housewife in the kitchen.The juice is quite acidic, so it can be slightly diluted with water. Instilled several times a day until complete disappearance of signs of cold. If you want you can add to the juice a bit of honey – it will enhance the effect.

What else is used for the manufacture of medicinal drops? Suitable mixture of Kale and beet juice, decoction of St. John's wort, mint, nightshade, sorrel root, blend of natural honey with beet juice – popular wisdom holds many similar recipes.

For gargling and nasal rinsing is recommended to use a decoction of eucalyptus, sage, chamomile, calendula. Wash nasal passages is recommended using a normal syringe so that the solution went through one nostril and out through the other nostril and the mouth, carrying with it the pathogenic microflora and obezzarajivatei nasal mucosa. To prepare the solution you can apply the baking soda and sea salt in proportion of one teaspoon to a glass of water.

As already mentioned, runny nose in most cases is a consequence of colds. There is an old, tried and tested way to get rid of it, especially at the initial stage. The purpose of this procedure is to sweat well. For the first step is to take a hot bath or take a sauna, then, while the body is hot, it is recommended to bundle up tightly to maintain the sweating, drinking to enhance a Cup of hot drink like tea with honey and brandy. To go to bed. You need to sweat all night. Before you dream, you can do nasal rinses and drinking aspirin or paracetamol.

polza ingalyacij pri rinite

A good tool are steam inhalation. They are made over a saucepan of boiling water, to which is added various medical decoctions of sage, chamomile, calendula, sage and other natural antiseptics. You can add healing oils of silver fir, sea buckthorn, peppermint, rose hips. It is necessary, stripped to the waist, stoop low over the ferry, the top covered with a towel, and thus to breathe for about fifteen minutes. The procedure must be repeated several times a day.

We should also talk about the use of sea salt. There are several ways of its use in the treatment of rhinitis:

  1. Make a solution of several teaspoons of salt, teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of iodine. This composition rinsing the nose several times a day.
  2. You can simply moisten a couple of cotton swabs according to the composition and insert one in each nostril.
  3. Heat sea salt in a pan, cover in a cloth bag and attach to the nose to cool down. The procedure is good to do before bedtime.

Preventive measures

Preventive measures must first beaimed at maintaining the immune system in good shape, especially in children. Because even a common cold can lead to much more serious complications in the still immature body. Should not be allowed to become a chronic form, and it should be treated at the initial stage. Restorative measures and tempering procedures will only benefit. Food, especially in winter, plays a role in the prevention of various rhinitis and sinusitis. It should be varied, to include necessary minerals and vitamins.

About the smokers. According to statistics, the risk for chronic rhinitis as the smokers themselves, and their children have significantly increased.