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The main causes and treatment of chronic rhinitis

When prolonged inflammation of the nasal mucosa develop a chronic runny nose, causes and treatment of which should be aware of those who are faced with this problem. Often it all starts with the difficulty of nasal breathing, runny nose, those symptoms that not always people are serious. But in this case they don't know what the running process can lead to serious consequences. So what causes chronic rhinitis and how to get rid of it?

problema hronicheskogo nasmorka

Causes of chronic rhinitis

As a rule, this disease causes very severe discomfort, and it occurs because of common cold if it were the wrong ways. In addition, the causes of chronic rhinitis can be due to sinusitis or pharyngitis.

faringit kak prichina nasmorkaFew people understand that before begin any treatments, you must first set the factor, which formed this disease.

A chronic form of rhinitis can occur because of allergic reactions. This can happen due to any products or even spices. The fault can be viral, fungal or bacterial infection, and this includes hormonal changes, stress, pregnancy. Often the symptom people face during the cold period, when humidity is low. The reason can be issues such as structural, for example, this may occur due to the curvature of the nasal septum, enlarged adenoids. This also applies to side effects of various drugs. In contact with a foreign body or formation of growths in the nasal cavity occurs rhinitis. This includes also so-called environmental stimuli, which can be tobacco smoke or smog. Moreover, chronic rhinitis often overtakes people in old age.

In addition, chronic rhinitis there are several types. So, it can be:

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  • infectious, if arose because of a virus, bacteria or fungus, vasomotor (formed because of tobacco smoke, spicy food, hormonal disorders);
  • hypertrophic (this species is characterized by the growth of the cells and tissues of the nasal mucosa);
  • atrophic: occurs due to thinning of the nasal mucosa);
  • drug (occurs after uncontrolled use of drugs).

If we talk about clinical signs, patients with chronic rhinitis may suffer from richmucous discharge, sneezing fits and trouble breathing. It all depends on what form of disease has overtaken the patient.

Forms of chronic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis may have a different shape. So, if the patient was determined catarrhal rhinitis, it usually appears after acute respiratory illness overtook the patient several times. The symptoms in this case are moderate. Moreover, patients very rarely at the same time complain of difficulty breathing, so learn about this issue in a timely manner is very difficult, to recognize it can only be experienced by the doctor after detailed inspection.

polza ingalyacij pri nasmorkeBut still should be alerted shortness of nasal breathing, which will disturb the periodic. Besides, you should know that the congestion would be visible with one hand. During the catarrhal runny nose discharge from the nose are slimy, but they are few. And when the process is acute, then they are abundant and mixed with pus. Sometimes, for some time impaired sense of smell, which is associated with the amount of mucus, which is secreted from the nose.

If we talk about vasomotor rhinitis, characterized by common symptoms, manifested alternately. In this disease the highlight will be watery or slimy. The patient will often sneeze because the nasal cavity has an itch that may occur in the mouth and throat.

Such attacks afflict a patient after he woke up, or may be formed after fatigue, change of food, change in temperature, emotional stress and other reasons. Besides, this type of chronic rhinitis is special because while the disease disturbed sleep, and General condition of the patient greatly worsens, changes occur in the nervous system.

lechenie nasmorka medikamentamiDuring hypertrophic rhinitis chronic forms manifested by pronounced shortness of breath. In addition, thickens the lower shell of the nose, and during the pressure on the nasal canal will appear tearing, which indicates the formation of conjunctivitis and inflammation of the lacrimal SAC.

Atrophic rhinitis is characterized in that during the flow of the mucus are quite poor, they often stick to nasal mucosa and dry up there, which, in fact, the crust formed. And shortness of breath occurs due to the accumulation of these crusts in the nose.

Such a chronic runny nose accompanied by dryness in the throat, when it all comes down to reduce the smell. And peel that occur in the nasal passages, and evencause unpleasant itching. To overcome, the man begins to try to remove them with your finger, but you can't do it, because in this way you can easily damage the mucosa, causing additional problems.

How to eliminate chronic rhinitis?

The treatment of rhinitis should be performed in any case, whatever form it may have, and immediately after the first symptoms. If the treatment is initiated in a timely manner, then it is possible to use special inhalation, the composition of which must include coniferous essential oils. You can also warm the feet using hot bath, and then be sure to go to bed and bundle up with a warm blanket, only preliminary it is necessary to wear warm socks. During this period, you must pay special attention to his diet, which should be enriched with foods containing vitamin C, as it is able to fight harmful microorganisms.

Treatment of chronic rhinitis should be comprehensive and accommodate of drugs, traditional methods, and sometimes even surgery. It is important to understand that chronic rhinitis is characterized in that it for quite long, and it can have a negative impact on the immune system and protective functions of the organism.

If we talk about natural remedies, here are the can help the juice from root crops, such as beet, carrot, onion and garlic. You can also use the juice of plants. Perfect Kalanchoe, red geranium and calendula.

This juice should bury your nose, you can apply for nasal irrigation and normal saline water.

Warming nose of great help in chronic disease. However, it is important to know that if the patient has fever, he is not allowed to use as treatment this procedure. If this symptom is absent, then warm up, you can use the rose hips, cranberries, lime and raspberries.

But with regard to inhalation, this remedy is also very effective. It should be applied for 10 minutes during the week. This procedure should be based on eucalyptus oil or infusion of healing herbs such as calendula or chamomile.

A small conclusion

In any case, prolonged runny nose, be sure to see a doctor.

The disease is very serious and improper treatment may lead to serious complications.

Therefore preliminary it is necessary to consult a specialist, who will conduct a thorough examination will take into account the individual characteristics of the patient, his age, possible allergic reaction, the nature of the disease and suggest the right therapy.