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Causes of nasal congestion without a cold

Often, many patients complain of nasal congestion without a cold. What are the causes of this condition? Shortness of breath brings a person a lot of discomfort. He can't concentrate at work, and the usual rhythm of life "goes down". The reasons may be different: from simple colds and to pathological changes in the structure of ENT-organs. We must not forget that the nasal cavity and sinuses are contiguous with the cavity of the skull. And this is a serious argument, because any irregularities in their work can lead to the development of irreversible processes in the brain. If a stuffy nose and no runny nose, you should immediately seek help from a doctor.

problema zalozhennosti nosa

Nasal congestion: causes of disease

Doctors concur that constantly stuffy nose in the absence of rhinitis only in the case if the violation of the hormonal balance in the body (often during pregnancy) or have any chronic disease, occurring slowly and without striking manifestations. This condition even has a term "dry congestion". It arises in cases when the mucous membrane of the nose inflamed, and there was swelling. If this pathology is a reaction of the immune system to get infections and viruses, then after a while all the products of their "struggle" come out in the form of snot. But in many cases this process of liberation does not occur, and there is a headache, tinnitus, reduced vision.

Among the first causes of nasal congestion without a runny nose are polyps and adenoids. These small growths if you get an infection along with inflamed mucosa and block the nasal cavity. All sorts of allergic reactions, having an atypical character can cause nasal congestion. Their manifestations are controversial. These are the two extremes: heavy nasal discharge or complete blockage.

konsultaciya loraVery dry air, which man breathes a long time, can become the cause of severe nasal blockade. In this condition the mucosa is dry and inflamed. This condition can cause fever. Especially painfully react to an excess of dry air in the room by small children. Therefore, the pediatricians recommend to use the heater only when the parallel application of moisturizers.

The exhaust gas, the smoky environment due to the constant presence of smokers can cause dehydration of the nasal mucosa. Some of the costs of the profession (the dust from the husk of sunflower seeds or wheat, the processing of wood) will lead todiscomfort and changes in the structure of ENT-organs..

Taking drugs should always read the information on the side effects. Often, many patients are prescribed a treatment, while forgetting that some medicines can be harmful to the body and cause irreversible pathological processes. One of those effects is nasal congestion without a cold. When you use a vasoconstrictor is usual addictive and some dependence.

All of the above disorders contribute to labored breathing and provoke the syndrome of chronic nasal congestion. It suffers from the smell of a man, he does not feel smells, which is fraught with negative consequences.

medikamentoznoe lechenieWithout them, people will not be able to deal with the congestion. Therefore, to use these drops and sprays are only necessary in cases of acute condition, it is best to go for homeopathic medicines and traditional medicines.

In any case, it is necessary to find out the reason why stuffy nose, and choose the right treatment.

If the nose without a cold laid periodically, it is necessary to pay attention to the humidity in the apartment or house. Modern manufacturers of heating devices create them with the maximum heating, but forget about its moisturizing. Therefore, some suffer from dry air and they often have a stuffy nose. To avoid this condition, it is recommended to hang wet towels at night to keep open the pot with hot water or just to drink at night, a glass of water.

Pathology of the nasal septum and nasal congestion

Nature has formed the human body how unique is that when the slightest violations of its integrity, changes in the operation of all systems and organs. The air entering into the nasal cavity, must go forth freely without bumping into obstacles. Only in this case will be no abnormalities. But the nasal septum is very often undergoes various mechanical impact or physiological disorders. In fact, ideally, its cartilaginous part should be fastened in a straight line to the osseous crest.

polipy v nosu – prichina zalozhennosti nosaSometimes the uneven development and growth of the skull bones entails a deviated nasal septum. Such physiological variation may occur in children up to 1 year. The cause can be hereditary disorders.

Severe bruises, falls, burns are post-traumatic causes of curvatures of the nasal septum. The reason for this may be a foreignthe bodies that fall in the nasal cavity or a rapidly growing tumor, the polyps cause compensatory pathology. The nasal passages are narrowed, and any inflammation makes it impossible to perform their basic function - ensure the free nasal breathing.

The types of pathological inflammation of the nasal passages

People can feel discomfort in the nose breath constantly or only at certain times of the day. Based on this, doctors there are several types of nasal congestion. These include:

  • constant or chronic;
  • periodic or frequent;
  • night or morning.

The most unpleasant and dangerous as the first type of pathology. The person cannot breathe through the nasal cavity. Air masses, saturated with germs and viruses, freely penetrate into the respiratory system and cause various inflammations. Causes of chronic nasal congestion are injuries of the nasal septum (household and professional), polyps, hormonal disorders, in which changes habitual hyperemia of the nasal mucosa, environmental, environmental issues. If this pathology is present, you should contact the medical facility for a complete diagnosis and quality treatment.

It may be stuffy and only in the mornings. Most likely, the cause for this condition is allergic to feathers, feathers that are used for the manufacture of pillows and blankets. Plants that are in the bedroom, can cause allergies and trigger swelling of the nasal mucosa. Therefore, from such adverse neighborhood you need to get rid of.

Modern methods of diagnosis that can establish the causes of nasal congestion.

You should not be left alone with their problems, because nothing good except of complications they will bring. Better to go to a clinic for professional help.