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Proper treatment of pleurisy at home

Treatment of pleurisy at home is very important because this disease can be caused by infectious disorders affecting the human body the various bacteria, viruses, various fungi and mycobacteria, in particular Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pneumoniae. In addition, this inflammatory process may indicate that a person had complications on the basis of respiratory diseases.

problema plevrita

Pleurisy occurs in many other serious reasons, so the disease should not be ignored. It is necessary to identify the basic disease which has caused pleurisy, and to direct treatment on him.

Treatment for pleurisy

aloe dlya lecheniya plevritaTo treat pleurisy at home is possible, however, to establish the root causes of this disease should seek help from a doctor which will determine the correct diagnosis and prescribe medication.

But if the patient has a mild form of the disease, in this case, you can do an independent therapy, but it should be comprehensive, that is to combine traditional medications.

So the houses pleurisy treated with folk remedies. This will require fresh leaves of medicinal plants such as aloe. They need to be washed and to remove the spines, then chop. Then the resulting mass (300 g), add the same amount of natural honey and barsukovo fat (250 g). Slurry needs to be stirred and move to the oven, where it should bake no more than 20 minutes. The liquid, which in the end result, you should strain and pour into a glass container, previously thoroughly washed. Take this medication need three times a day for the third part of the ordinary glass, and this should be done after meals.

An excellent remedy for pleurisy is radish. It needs to be cleaned and then chop and squeeze out the pulp juice. Then the liquid should mix in equal proportions with honey. Make this syrup should be also thrice throughout the day, one dose should be 15 ml.

redka dlya lecheniya plevritaThe following remedy made from onion. So, you need to take of onions (half a kilo), which must be clean, and then cut into small pieces or grate it. The mixture, which eventually get filled with wine (dry white wine 700 ml), this also added liquid honey (one Cup), preferably the flower, after which the slurry must be thoroughly mixed. A pot of this tool should be placed in the fridge for seven days, but this mixture is not necessaryto forget. During the week it needs to be shaken. When the contents of infusion must strain and take half an hour before meals, only in this case you will need to eat at least four times during the day.

It is important to remember that even the treatment with folk remedies, should be agreed with your doctor, since some of the drugs prepared at home, can harm if the patient has a chronic disease of the stomach.

It is important to know that in the complex treatment of pleurisy includes the observance of a certain diet, which includes limiting the amount of salt. Less need to take fluids or food containing carbohydrates. But to enrich the diet will need proteins and various vitamins.

Homemade recipes for different types of pleurisy

berezovye pochki dlya lecheniya plevritaIf the patient was determined pleural effusion, then it will be perfect next vehicle. For its preparation should take components such as honey, lime, vegetable oil, and 100 ml of aloe juice and birch buds is not less than 70 g. add and colors of heart-shaped Linden (about Cup).

First we need to take flowers and birch buds and fill them with boiling water (400 ml), and then put on fire and boil for about 20 minutes. Next, the tool needs to allow to cool and infuse for two hours. Then the broth is added a small amount of honey and the juice obtained from aloe. The ingredients should be mixed and heated using water bath. Thereafter, the slurry should be cooled and add a little vegetable oil. The product is ready for use. Dosing should be no more than two tablespoons, and take them three times a day.

In that case, if the patient suffers from pleurisy, which has a dry nature, then you will need the juice of beet. To prepare a useful fluid you need to take the juice (100 ml) and mix it with one Cup of honey. Then ingredients important be heated using water bath. This drug is also taken before a meal, and this should be done four times per day. The day should drink no more than half of the glass.

It should be noted that this drug is very useful as it not only positively affects the speedy recovery of the patient, but also increases the appetite, improves the condition of the whole organism.

med dlya lecheniya plevritaIn purulent pleurisy the one of traditional medicine is not enough, so home remedies should be combined with traditional medicine, because this disease carries a significant danger to humanlife.

So, to make medication more effective, it is necessary to apply such a tool that is easy to prepare at home. In order to do that, we must take the wheat flour (less than 6 tablespoons) and mustard powder (a couple tablespoons) and honey and calendula flowers (these ingredients is taken by two large tablespoons), one fourth Cup of vodka and a full glass of olive oil. All of these components it is important to thoroughly mix, put in a container and put it in a place where no light penetrates. To infuse the tool must not less than a week. This mixture should not be taken internally that she made compresses, which are very effective in the fight against purulent pleurisy.

But pleurisy summany should be removed with a tool which was described above. It includes honey, white wine and onions.

Additional points

At the initial stages of pleurisy perfectly eliminated by using horseradish.

limon dlya lecheniya plevritaSo, you should take the root of the plant (150 g) and three medium-sized lemon. To start the horseradish root thoroughly crushed and squeezed lemon juice. Then components are mixed and the remedy is ready for use. Medical fluid you need to take incomplete teaspoon in the morning and before going to bed. The patient, a positive result will feel after a few days, his health will improve significantly.

During this disease is honey, but it should, of course, to add to other products. To cook a great tool, you will need honey (one tablespoon), milk fat, milk (one Cup) and fresh egg. The honey should melt and add to it the yolk, then a small amount of fat. Once these products are thoroughly mixed, the mixture should pour the milk, previously heated. To make this tool should be both in the morning and evening.

After its use, you should not go outside, better bundle up in a blanket and have a little lie down.

At the same time, it should be remembered that experts warn the treatment of pleurisy is strictly in the hospital. However, medical practice suggests that the elimination of this disease by using folk remedies is very effective, but only if it complements traditional therapy.

Therefore, you should consult a specialist and consult with him about home remedies. The doctor in turn, starting from the individual characteristics of the patient, will recommend the most effective home remedies that will blend well with medical drugs.