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The causes of pleurisy somawansa and its treatment

Summany pleurisy is a disease of the lungs. More specifically, this disease is an inflammation of the pleura, its parietal and pulmonary sheets.

problema plevrita osumkovannogo

General information about the disease

The pleura is the translucent shell, is located in the area of the lungs. Or rather, two, called inner and outer. Outer shell (outer leaf) covering the thorax, and the inner - covers the lungs and the diaphragm. Between the two membranes (sheets) of the lung has fluid in small amounts.

plevritPleurisy is considered to be not independent, but secondary disease. Why secondary? Because it occurs as a complication of some other diseases. These are, therefore, reasons for its occurrence. Pleurisy is a kind of "masking disease", that is, this disease often masks itself some other, underlying disease: various lung disorders, diseases of the chest, diseases of internal organs, etc.

Pleurisy can hurt both adults and children. Children get sick more often. Mostly sick with pleurisy, those children who had severe forms of pneumonia. As for the adults, as evidenced by many years of medical practice, the number ill with pleurisy among them about 10% of all suffering from various therapeutic diseases. In General, the number is considerable. Children and adults are ill with pleurisy, mostly with the onset of autumn.

Pleurisy is divided into dry (when in the affected area, there is no fluid) and Vyborny (when fluid accumulates). Depending on what the nature of the fluid, the second type of effusion is fibrinous, serous, purulent, hemorrhagic, putrid, chylous and mixed.

With regards to the origin of the pleurisy, they are divided into infectious and aspetically.

Distinguish between diffuse and osmawani pleurisy. Diffuse pleurisy involves the distribution of fluid across the pleural cavity. When somawansa pleurisy the fluid is concentrated in a particular place (the bag of the pleura. This form of pleurisy can be different subspecies: apical pleurisy, parietal, basal, interlobar.

The causes of pleurisy somawansa

patogenez plevritaInfectious summany pleurisy occurs more often than another type - pleurisy aspetically. Summany infectious pleural effusion develops due to the fact that the body to penetrate the infection.

In principle, all the infection can penetrate into the pleura, not only outside, but alsothe inside of the body (which often happens). If a person is sick with bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, or he is not all right with the liver or lungs, in these cases, infection of the penetrate the affected organ directly into the pleura, which is the cause of her inflammation.

Furthermore, pleurisy may be the result of fungal infections (e.g., candidiasis, echinococcosis, mycoplasmosis and others, which are caused by a fungus). In addition, pleurisy can occur in people with advanced stage of syphilis and those who are ill with brucellosis, tularemia, typhoid or typhus. Summany pleurisy - a disease serious enough, and therefore will not turn lightly to dismiss him.

Another kind somawansa pleurisy aseptic pleurisy occurs when the body is the breakdown of tumors, improperly flowing blood and lymph from the pleura, affects the blood vessels. Such alarming symptoms arise for different reasons:

konsultaciya vracha po voprosu plevrita osumkovannogo

  • the cause of heart disease and stagnation of blood;
  • because of the clots in the pulmonary arteries;
  • the cause of the disease pancreatitis;
  • because of the disease lupus erythematosus, rheumatism, vasculitis, scleroderma;
  • because tumors of the pleura and metastasis from any nearby organs (Breasts, ovaries, lungs);
  • because of the closed injuries (eg, fractures);
  • because of severe kidney failure;
  • due to taking certain types of medications;
  • because of myocardial infarction or lung;
  • the cause of the disease hemophilia.

There are a number of factors and conditions that may increase the risk of developing pleurisy. It may be constant fatigue, stress, poor, poor in vitamins food, Allergy to certain types of medication, long stays in the cold.


kashel - simptom plevritaSymptoms, which can be recognized summany pleurisy, quite a lot. Here are the main ones:

  1. A pain in my side, and the pain intensified when the person starts coughing.
  2. When a person lies on the affected side, pain is reduced.
  3. Sometimes hurts in chest when swallow, and deep under the ribs.
  4. Flatulence begins to torment hiccup.
  5. One half of the chest when breathing loses its mobility. It feels like a light has suddenly stopped working.
  6. It's hard to breathe, impossible to take a deep breath.
  7. In the lungs wheeze can be heard and noise.
  8. A person feels bad, he gets tired quickly, it reduced efficiency.
  9. Night in humans, there is increased sweating.

Pleurisy is dangerous or not?

If pleurisy start on time and not to proceed with treatment, it can be dangerous. When running somawansa pleurisy can occur in a process called adhesions of the pleura, will cause the circulation to occur bronchopleural fistula.

However, the most serious consequence when pleurisy is a complication called empyema.

With this complication in the lungs formed a "bag" in which accumulates the pus, which leads to zamurovannye easy and its dysfunction.

In addition, the result of running pleurisy may refuse kidney. There are other possible complications. Medical statistics show that such complications kills more than 50% of all patients. And if a person besides the elderly, a child or has a weakened immune system, the chances of a successful outcome even less.

The treatment of the disease

redka dlya lecheniya plevritaTreatment any varieties of pleurisy is solely fixed. It is, in General, is the same for adults and for children:

  1. The patient should be in bed.
  2. The patient is treated with vodka compresses.
  3. Tight bandage the patient's chest.
  4. The skin of the patient is treated with a solution of iodine.
  5. The patient is administered medications for pain control.
  6. The patient is treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  7. The patient is treated with antitussives and expectorants.
  8. The patient is treated with vitamin complexes.
  9. The patient is treated with physiotherapeutic means.
  10. The patient is treated with ultrasonic treatment of the pleura.
  11. In some cases, surgery. For example, when patients show signs of chronic neglect of the disease. Then usually removed or some part of the lung or the whole lung as a whole.

med dlya lecheniya plevritaTreatment of folk remedies.

There are traditional ways of treatment of pleurisy. Them at least a little, but the healing effect they bring. Here is their list:

  1. Treatment with black radish juice and honey. The black radish juice mixed with honey in proportion 1:1 and is taken three times a day no more than 1 tablespoon at a time.
  2. The treatment by means of infusion of herbs and leaves (made of leaves mother and stepmother, St. John's wort, lime, mint; licorice root, calamus). Daily drink, instead of water.
  3. Treatment of potato puree and honey. Warm mashed potatoes mixed with honey, wrap mixture in gauze, apply on the chest. Procedure can be done several times inthe course of the day.

Prevention of the disease

Prevention of such diseases as pleurisy, simple and unsophisticated. First, you need to try not to be sick with infectious diseases. Secondly, to improve children's (and their own too) immunity.

Thirdly, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fourth, follow the correct diet. Fifth, at the slightest sign of the disease to see a doctor. Be healthy!