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The symptoms and treatment of tuberculous pleurisy

Tuberculous pleuritis is the first manifestation of tuberculosis in humans. Most often tuberculous pleurisy occurs among adolescents or young adults. As practice shows, tuberculous pleurisy begins to develop in the presence of primary tuberculosis. If the disease has a latent form, only with pleurisy can be understood that in the lungs of fresh foci of disease.

problema tuberkuleznogo plevrita

Causes and symptoms of the disease

As the causes of tuberculous pleurisy are mycobacteria. Today, there are 74 species that are common in earth among animals, humans and even water. In humans, the development of tuberculosis is only one species - M. Tuberculosis. The main feature of this type is that it manifests itself only in pathogenicity virulence. Virulence in this case varies depending on the influence of different factors and how it behaves the host.

M. Tuberculosis - istochnik zabolevaniya tuberkuleznym plevritomThe risk groups are people who live in rural areas, because environmental conditions were much better for life and active reproduction of the virus. When tuberculosis affects certain organs (this may be not only lightweight but also skin, kidneys, lymph nodes, intestines and even the bones), begins to gradually develop specific inflammation, which is called "cold". Soon at the place of formation of the inflammatory process appear with numerous tubercles, which may eventually decay or grow in size.

Pleurisy contagious and most often is transmitted by airborne droplets. Alimentary or contact routes of transmission are very rare, but still they should not be deleted.

The symptoms that occur during the development of tuberculous pleurisy can be different, because they are influenced by many factors. They can differ due to the age of the patient, his General condition, level of sensitivity to the disease. In addition, plays a huge role, which organ was affected, whether there are changes in the pleura and what is their nature, a kind of fluid and its quantity.

To date, there are three types of tuberculous pleurisy:

  • allergic;
  • tuberculosis of the pleura;
  • perifocal.

Allergic pleurisy

povyshenie temperatury pri allergicheskom plevriteIf a person is sick allergic pleurisy, at the beginning of the development of the disease a high fever. Itgetting above 38°C and kept at this level.

This type is also known as exudative pleurisy, because fluid builds up incredibly quickly, which causes shortness of breath, severe pain in the side, and tachycardia. All these signs disappear as quickly as they appear. This type of tuberculous pleurisy occurs immediately after infection or if the disease is chronic.

Perifocal pleurisy

This type of disease occurs when there is inflammation of pleural sheets, or even pulmonary tuberculosis. Symptoms with very minor and limited to chest pain of varying intensity, in some cases, there may be noise from the friction of the pleura. The disease long enough, very often can happen recurrence. Exudate accumulates not always, but if this occurred, the clinical picture becomes clearer.

Tuberculosis of the pleura

tuberkulez plevryIn the presence of this type of tuberculous pleurisy is observed the appearance of small foci of inflammation. Can occur and larger pockets where there are elements of necrosis. Some soft tissue areas, it will begin to wither away. This disease occurs both independently and together with tuberculosis of other organs.

In severe cases, infectious disease becomes purulent pleurisy. The temperature reaches 40°C, there is excessive sweating, especially at night, people drastically losing weight and losing appetite, sometimes there are severe pain in the side and attacks of dry cough. Sometimes the disease has no distinct symptoms, then there is only a slight shortness of breath, which over time will increase.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

As soon as you notice that your health has deteriorated, immediately consult a doctor. If the specialist will have some suspicion of the presence of tuberculous pleurisy, he will send you for tests.

First you need to take a blood test. It will be used to determine the type of tuberculous pleurisy and then prescribe treatment. Depending on the degree of intoxication of the organism in the blood will be accelerated erythrocyte sedimentation rate and lymphocytosis in the presence of pus.

diagnostika tuberkuleznogo plevrita na rentgeneMust be done and x-rays. They can be notice a slight dimming of light in their lower part, they usually can recall the slant of the line. In addition, be sure to do an ultrasound of the pleural cavity. This is necessary in order to determineif there is fluid and in what quantity. Thus, to determine the need for further puncture of the lungs.

During the diagnostic survey the pleural fluid. Pleurisy of tuberculous etiology will affect the color of the liquid, the amount of protein and lymphocytes. In some situations, can do test for the presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

A huge role to date, plays videothoracoscopy with application of a puncture.

In addition, 90% of all cases of the presence of tuberculous pleurisy samples for tuberculosis will also be positive.

The treatment of tuberculous pleurisy is the use of strong antibiotics. Be sure to carry out special therapy aimed at treatment of inflammatory processes. Use and physical therapy. If the pleural cavity is a liquid, it need to be mandatory to conduct a procedure such as puncture of the pleura. For this the cavity are injected glucocorticoids. In the first stage of treatment of tuberculous pleurisy is obligatory placement of the sick person to the hospital.

dieta pri tuberkuleznom plevriteAs strange as it may sound, but folk remedies in this case it is better not to use it. It is not necessary to drink different kinds of teas and tinctures, because they will only increase the amount of fluid in the pleural cavity, not to treat disease. In order to as quickly as possible to cure the disease, take only the medicines that were prescribed by a doctor.

During the illness of the person needs a special diet. It needs to follow a high protein diet and eat plenty of fish, meat and dairy products. In addition, the diet should be a variety of cereals, breads. Give up on the illness from the salt, and the amount of fluid per day should not exceed 1 L.

Rehabilitation and prevention of the disease

As rehabilitation can take a few weeks per year to be in special tuberculosis sanatoria. It is advisable to visit them for 2-3 years after you have cured tuberculous pleurisy.

Usually if you start treatment on time, no complications arise. Otherwise, you may receive a thoracic fistula, which eventually will turn into a tension pneumothorax. Such a complication of tuberculous pleurisy can be found very rarely: it appears only when the treatment started on time or it was wrong.

The prevention of this disease is incredibly simple. Enough not to SuperCool and every year to do x-rays. In addition, it is desirable not to have contact with people who get sick with TB.

Tuberculous pleurisy isserious disease, which is very important to start on time to treat. Watch your health and if your health has deteriorated, you should immediately consult a specialist to ensure that he was able to make an accurate diagnosis, to confirm or deny the presence of tuberculous pleurisy.