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Prescribed antibiotics for pneumonia in children?

Pneumonia (pneumonia) is a serious disease that spares neither adult nor child. Antibiotics for pneumonia in children belong to the category of effective medicines that help to cope with the running of its forms. Through the use of antibiotics, effectiveness of treatment is always at a high level.

problema pnevmonii u rebenka

In some countries this type of medicines pneumococci that cause pneumonia have become resistant that can be said about the Russian regions and countries of the former Soviet Union in which the majority of the strains have retained sensitivity to them.

Symptoms of pneumonia

In children of different age groups the disease occurs and develops in its own way. In children up to six years causes pneumonia Haemophilus wand. Pupils Mycoplasma and chlamydia pneumonia. But most often it is the bacteria resident in the nasopharynx, the pneumococcus.

To appoint the child an effective treatment for pneumonia, children's doctor conducts clinical analyses and x-ray examination that allows you to assign effective medication. Despite the fear of parents to make your child an x-ray in the treatment of pneumonia is to date the only accurate diagnosis.

The main symptoms of the disease in young children is:

vysokaya temperatura - simptom pnevmonii

  • the presence of a body temperature above 380C, which lasts more than three days;
  • heavy breathing;
  • shortness of breath with respiratory rate per minute more than 40 times;
  • bluish lips, skin;
  • a complete refusal of food;
  • the constant state of drowsiness.

When observing these symptoms in their kids, parents should immediately consult a pediatrician. In any case it was impossible to medicate. Some types of lung disease, including pneumonia, beginning with the demonstration of symptoms similar to normal colds: runny nose, sneezing, dry cough. To recognize this pneumonia is possible only in the presence of dyspnea and fever.

In children this disease is characterized by the fact that their skin is drawn into the intercostal spaces from the patient's lung. To see this symptom can only be stripped of the child and carefully observe the changing topography of his skin in the intercostal spaces during breathing. Should also count how many breaths per minute he's doing.

Treatment with antibiotics

palochka koha - prichina pnevmonii

The risk of pneumonia in children is thatimmature children's bodies are very sensitive to any kind of side effects after the disease. Illness abruptly breaks the heart activity, the work of many other bodies. A particularly dangerous complication that causes inflammation of the pleura – pleurisy, leading to the formation in the lung of purulent cavity.

Many parents may not immediately recognize pneumonia, and later go to the doctor or do you think that a new cough or a high temperature is an indicator of a cold. Severe pneumonia treated in hospital conditions, but more often with the disease cope at home. In order to determine the severity of the disease, the doctor may refer the child to the hospital for a more complete examination and accurate diagnosis.

For kids home treatment has several advantages: familiar environment, around familiar people, and there is no probability of re-infection because of being in the environment full of pathogens resistant to antibacterial agents that treat pneumonia. To the child at home provide a comfortable and tranquil setting, high-calorie, easily digestible, vitamin-rich food.

The main factor in the effective treatment of pneumonia is considered to be antibacterial treatment. With simple stages of pneumonia antibiotic treatment penicillin group (penicillin, amoxicillin) or macrolides (erythromycin, azithromycin). In more difficult cases doctors prescribe antibiotic injections. With antibiotic treatment, you can use the drugs of the third generation: Cefix, Tsedeks, Cefodox, Augmentin and others, but only in accordance with the recommendations of physicians.

tabletki dlya lecheniya pnevmonii

If antibiotics is taken into account the child's weight, age, and causative organism. If improvement has occurred and the temperature dropped to below $ 380C, intramuscular injection of drugs, stop and continue drug therapy pills.

There are times when the action of one or another antibiotic is not giving proper result, then the doctor prescribes another drug. In antibacterial treatment the main indicator is the reduction in body temperature, so when taking antibiotics it is not recommended to give the child antipyretics. The first few days, while the temperature is held, the appetite of children is lowered in this period it is necessary to give him as much liquid as possible in the form of decoctions, juices, compotes or vitamin teas.

Not the last role in enhancing the therapeutic effect is played by the environment where the patient is located. The room should be cool, clean and ventilated constantly as a child in such conditions breathe easier. Bathingchild in the presence of high temperature is impossible, but water treatments in the form of sponging with warm water should be mandatory. Once the temperature normalizes, the General hygienic procedures should return to normal mode. With mild form of pneumonia to use antibiotics is not required.

Treatment without antibiotics

amoksicillin dlya lecheniya pnevmonii

If the parents at the onset of cold symptoms timely appealed to the doctor, had all the necessary tests and to diagnose the disease, doctors can ascribe gentle treatment – the nose drops and cough medicine. Effective tools to improve expectoration of sputum, among which the mucolytic drugs, relieving spasm of the bronchi.

A good way to normalize the work of respiratory muscles is breathing exercises, it is especially necessary for children who have had pleurisy. It is important to warming treatments in the presence of low temperature, body massage and therapeutic exercise.

Infants after normalization of body temperature it is possible to visit the street, if the air temperature is not below five degrees. Older children can walk on the street already after three weeks from the onset of the disease, in the absence of the main symptoms of the disease. Doctors recommended for school-age children to refrain from sports activities and not to overload the body, since full restoration of blood circulation in the affected lung occurs only after two months of rehabilitation.

Not to re-trigger the disease in children, susceptible to inflammation, so doctors recommend avoiding their presence in the smoky, overcrowded spaces. As you know, passive smokers absorb harmful substances from cigarette smoke more than Smoking.

Prevention of pneumonia

Today the infant mortality rate from this disease is extremely rare, but it is present in medical practice. The reasons are many: chronic disease, late referral of parents to the doctor, unhealthy lifestyle and many others.Dr. In order to reduce the infant mortality rate in this disease, doctors developed a special strategy. One of the most effective areas recognized immunization against pneumococcus, measles and whooping cough, which contribute to the development of pneumonia in children.

One of the important directions for the prevention of pneumonia is an improvement in the protective properties of the child's body.

For this purpose, during the year, the children spend tempering procedure. For infants especially important to adequate nutrition, which is the source of protective forcesbody. It is impossible to forget and about folk remedies that enhance the body resistance, have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the need to include in the child diet vitamin juices, vegetables, fruits rich in vitamins A., B, R.

Reduces the risk of disease and the need to adhere to the rules of personal hygiene. Parents should ensure that the baby was in a clean living conditions.