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How is pneumonia in newborns?

Pneumonia in newborns is fairly common disease, which infected the baby maybe being in the womb or in the birth process.

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Just a few decades ago, this diagnosis threatened not only the health but the life of a child, but today the situation has changed radically. Of course, the baby will have to make difficult treatment, but the chances of his survival are much higher.

How to diagnose pneumonia?

As a rule pneumonia of the newborn is diagnosed in the walls of the medical institution and then under the supervision of medical personnel. If the disease manifested itself when the baby was already home, parents just can't spot the problem! The child becomes fretful, his body temperature substantially rises, causing more and severe cough. Trying to cope with the illness alone is strongly not recommended, because the vast majority of cases it only leads to the deterioration of babies.

Among the most common ways of infection are:

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  1. Transplacentary. In this case there is an infection of the unborn child by penetration of the pathogen through the placenta of the mother. To avoid this outcome, the woman must be extremely cautious, avoiding crowded places, especially in acute outbreaks of infectious diseases.
  2. Antenatal. Bacteria-pathogens to penetrate into the respiratory tract of the child from the amniotic fluid and cause a quick infection. Treat the unborn baby is a complicated process, so in the absence of distinct indications doctors are waiting for his birth.
  3. Intrapartum. In this case, the infection of infants occurs during the birth process, especially if the new mother is a caesarean section. The reason is not necessarily getting the infection in the birth canal of the mother. She can invisibly be present in the environment.
  4. Postnatal. This path assumes that the infected already born baby in the maternity ward and at home. However spending time figuring out who is to blame, parents are strongly advised not. Their main task - to find a qualified doctor who will be able to set baby high quality and effective treatment.

A dangerous and frightening for parents or intrauterine pneumonia, it should not enter parents in a state of stupor. The problem can and must be fought! However, it will take time.

How is it treatedpneumonia?

gospitalizaciya bolnogoAs soon as the newborn is diagnosed with pneumonia, the doctor immediately puts them in a medical facility, where they will have qualified help. Try to challenge the decision of the doctor and convince him that at home will be carried out in the best care, will be an unforgivable mistake! Fragile body of a child is in the stage of development and simply can not cope with a strong infection. He should definitely help, but only with the condition that the medication will not harm other systems in the body.

A key role in this issue plays correctly prescribed a course of antibiotics, helps to normalize the temperature and to stop the progressive inflammation. Such a course is assigned to kids without fail, regardless of the form of the disease and its severity. Simultaneously, the child will make a powerful vitamin therapy, which helps to maintain the body and give him the strength to fight the disease on their own.

Typically, the visible signs of pneumonia are in a week, while full recovery takes several weeks. Write a little patient home for further rehabilitation available in about 10 days. However, this does not mean that at home when illness pneumonia in newborns, parents will need to give the baby only medicines!

ispolzovanie maski dlya profilaktiki zabolevaniyaSignificant support may be provided by traditional methods, being assessed as an alternative method of treatment. One of them is a well-known mustard, which, in agreement with the pediatrician, the babies. However, parents should be very careful that after use on the delicate skin of the crumbs left burns.

To help in the fight against pneumonia may and honey, whose medicinal properties are known to almost everyone. It should be mixed with birch buds and boil for 10 minutes. Give your child to drink this mixture just before bedtime. A mixture of honey and birch buds is good because does not cause allergies and can be used not only when treated for pneumonia, but also for any other infectious disease. However, before applying consultation with a paediatrician is an essential procedure!

Prevention of pneumonia in children

The development of intrauterine pneumonia in newborn in no way depends on the kid and the whole rests on the conscience of the parents. The expectant mother should be careful and once again not to provokethe development of diseases. In rainy day or during the progression of infection from contact with a large number of people it is advisable to refrain! After all, it is often in them lie the causes of the infection. Really important for women during pregnancy is solely the health of her child. All the other desires can wait.

In that case, if an infectious disease that affects the parents, they should minimize contact with the child and be required to wear a face gauze bandages!

Such, at first glance, simple protection methods allow to exclude the presence of a child of a disease such as intrauterine pneumonia, which hurt at such a tender age is strongly not recommended!

The health of a newborn baby should be given due attention, because in this age there are many possible surprises. In that case, if symptoms of pneumonia has already made itself felt, do not despair! After all, timely treatment to the doctor will surely solve all the problems and give the baby a healthy and happy childhood.