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How long does high fever from the flu

Influenza is a severe viral disease, accompanied by fever. Often the question arises - how long does the flu fever.

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The disease may be quite hard, in this case, you must take immediate action to cure the sick. If influenza occurs without any complications, as a rule, recovery comes in a week. In this case, the temperature rises quickly, but falls down already on day 3-5. To avoid complications, it is necessary not to break the bed rest and strictly adhere to the treatment that the doctor prescribed.

The flu can easily be confused with other types of colds. Its main difference is a powerful intoxication. From this appear the following symptoms:

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  • quick temperature rising;
  • fever;
  • headache;
  • chills;
  • the condition of General weakness and malaise;
  • pain and aching in muscles;
  • heavy sweating;
  • lack of appetite;
  • cough;
  • the stuffy nose;
  • pharyngitis;
  • hallucinations, vomiting (in the case of severe disease).

The main symptom of the disease is the temperature. How much could it hold out - depends on the degree of intoxication by the waste products of those viruses that caused the flu.

The above symptoms in an adult can hold about a week. With proper treatment, the symptoms begin to subside after about 10 days. After this for about 2-3 weeks can be observed weakness and nervousness. Transferred flu can often be a source of aggravation of existing chronic diseases.

In any case, when observing symptoms of influenza should immediately contact your doctor. It is the results of the analysis will put the correct diagnosis and appoint adequate treatment.

Fever from the flu

The temperature can rise to 39-40 ° C, but it can be in the range of 37 C., With good disease not more than 6 days persistent fever in influenza. In some cases it can stay about 2 weeks. This can happen if the flu caused by atypical pathogens. This is the limit of the disease. If the temperature subsides then, you should call the doctor home.

vozniknovenie gallucinacii pri vysokoj temperature vo vremya grippaThis anomaly implies that the body with virus on its own does not cope and begancomplications. This occurs as a result of violations of or incorrect treatment.

High temperature in a disease like influenza is always a defensive reaction of the organism to infectious agents - bacteria or viruses. As they enter the body actively produces a protective blood cells (macrophages and leukocytes). They enrich the blood endogenous pyrogens that stimulate the body to fight the virus. This is the cause of the elevated temperature. Fever has some importance to health

  • suppressed reproduction of viruses;
  • the excretion of waste products by the kidneys;
  • strengthen the antitoxic liver function;
  • antibody synthesis and other reactions;
  • the increase in the activity of different enzymes;
  • the increase of bactericidal properties of blood serum.

These processes are observed in the increase in body temperature to 38 C. If it reaches 39, it can cause convulsions and hallucinations. It is dangerous breathing problems, Central nervous system, blood circulation.

It is important to understand that fever is a completely normal reaction to the penetration of microorganisms. Reduce their recommended only after it reaches a certain limit and can be dangerous. It is impossible to bring the temperature down if it is less than 38-38,5 degrees. This can lead to further spread of infection.

What to do at a high temperature

It so happens that the symptoms are gone, but the fever remained. She can hold on long enough. All doctors thus recommended to drink a lot of fluid. So the body itself removes along with water toxins. That is, the person starts sweating profusely.

Pure water, teas, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, herbal great help in the fight against intoxication. During the day drink at least 2 litres. It helps reduce temperature. No wonder people say that with and then goes away and the disease.

Also be sure to aerate several times a day, to avoid samsarajade. If the air is dry, you must include a humidifier. If not, then you can hang wet towels in the room. Air temperature is considered optimal if it is above 20 degrees. In addition, you should do a wet cleaning every day. Viruses to clean the air do not last long.

In the treatment of influenza, you can use antiviral drugs such as Kagocel, the flu, Arbidol, interferon. They actively act on the infection, thus helping the ill to recover more quickly.

It must be remembered that all medication should be consumed on prescription.

Before you take medication, be sure to read the instructions, particularly the count contraindications. In the current drugscan contain substances that increase blood pressure. The flu, doctors usually prescribe medication, which contains paracetamol and vitamin C. They relieve the symptoms. To cope with cough help herbal infusions (mother and stepmother, chamomile, rose hips, etc.) and the usual antitussive tablets.

In conclusion, we should say that for health you need to follow, especially during the various epidemics. The disease is not necessary to run, otherwise complications can occur. The treatment should begin in the presence of the first signs. At this stage, the body itself is doing fine, but to help the immune system would not hurt. For this there are immunomodulatory drugs. Also do not forget about clean and fresh air. During the illness should not go to work, better to stay home. Be healthy!