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What you need to treat the pneumonia?

How to treat pneumonia? Pneumonia is very dangerous and difficult disease that threatens many complications. There are several varieties of the disease that differ in severity.
opasnost pnevmonii

The causes of disease

Inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) causes all kinds of destruction of lung tissue. The main reason for the development of disease pathogens. There can be three types: viral, bacterial or fungal.

Bacterial pneumonia can occur mainly in untreated colds or the flu. But in 50% of cases the cause of this ailments are viruses. Viral pneumonia is more often than in the winter. In contrast to bacterial, its symptoms are not so pronounced.

shema pnevmoniiVery rare is the inflammation of the lungs, which is caused by the so-called mycoplasmas, namely the microorganisms, which possess the same properties as bacteria and viruses.

There are several non-infectious factors that can cause pneumonia, namely:

  • exposure to toxic substances;
  • the irradiation of ions;
  • allergens that enter the upper respiratory tract mucosa.

Primarily, this disease can affect people suffering from exhaustion, chronic illness, having bad habits (alcohol and Smoking). The hardest pneumonia tolerated in young children and the elderly.

What is the treatment of this disease? At the slightest suspicion on disease pneumonia should immediately seek help from a specialist. This disease is difficult to treat, and properly selecting a therapeutic agent, it is possible to bring the matter to serious complications.

Moreover, pneumonia is a disease which is contagious and is transmitted by airborne droplets. To complicate the diagnosis itself and the whole healing process can heart disease, weakened immune system, various kinds of bronchitis and even chronic lesions of the nasopharynx. Therefore, it is worth remembering that tightening in this situation with a visit to a specialist is extremely dangerous and fraught with severe consequences.

golovnaya bol pri pnevmoniiWhat signs indicate the appearance of pneumonia? Often the disease may be confused with diseases such as ARI and ordinary bronchitis. Given this, it is necessary to remember that there are classic symptoms of pneumonia, their detection - a reason for immediate referral to a specialist, who immediately prescribednecessary treatment. Among these symptoms are:

  • a marked and progressive shortness of breath;
  • the fever for three days;
  • cough;
  • pain in the chest area, which is directly connected with the breath;
  • a sharp deterioration of General health.

The diagnosis can only specialist. To do this, hold the necessary examinations and tests.

The symptoms for pneumonia

Symptoms of this disease are very similar to normal cold symptoms and the flu. Because of this, most patients are in a hurry, just trying on its own to heal yourself from developing pneumonia. The clinical picture of this disease may have distinctive features. Although often a process of inflammation characterizes a number of symptoms:

  1. If you experience bacterial pneumonia, the patient may appear fever episodes, acute chest pain significantly increases the sweating begins expectorant cough with sputum green, quickens the pulse, pale lips and nail plate.
  2. If you experience viral pneumonia in a patient occur: high fever, acute, mostly dry cough, headache and even muscle pain, the person feels weak and fatigue, there is shortness of breath.

The treatment of the disease

konsultaciya vracha pri pnevmoniiHow to treat pneumonia? There is medication. Therapy of this disease has two kinds and can be both symptomatic and pathogenetic.

As regards symptomatic treatment, it can help the patient to improve the General condition and to alleviate symptoms of pneumonia. The main drugs in this process are all sorts of antipyretics and mucolytics.

It is important to know that to lower the temperature in pneumonia only if it reaches 39°C and above, especially if this significantly worsens the patient's condition.

What drugs for treatment of pneumonia appoint doctors? Mucolytics - drugs, resolving phlegm, helping to improve the evacuation of mucus from the respiratory tract. Many drugs of this group are able to enhance the action of antibacterial agents.
Remember that the dosage for adults and children, as well as the entire course of treatment should be determined only specialist.

General recommendations for treatment of pneumonia

To treat the disease, of course, possible at home (which makes 80% of patients). To used patients tablets gave a much greater effect, it is necessary to create necessary conditions and provide appropriate care.

If the diseaseprogresses, the patient must follow a strict diet, which excludes from its usual diet of heavy and fatty foods. Very useful will be the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Sick to recover, he needs to take plenty of fluids every day.

The fact that extra drink allows the body to devote much more of mucus, prevents dehydration of tissues.

Sick for one day, you must drink 3 liters of liquid. Besides water you can drink milk, juices from natural and fresh fruit and even alkaline mineral water.

Until the patient fully recovered, it is necessary to ensure comfort and provide rest. This is especially true when the disease takes the child. As is the case with the baby and with an adult ill with pneumonia need to stay in bed.

Be healthy!