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Features of treatment of pneumonia

After the diagnosis of this disease requires treatment, pneumonia is a dangerous disease. Viruses that causes Alzheimer's disease, in most cases have already adapted to existing antibiotics, so you have to develop new treatment strategies to the disease has receded.

problema pnevmonii

Every patient should know that pneumonia is a disease that can provoke a variety of infections. In humans, marked inflammation in the lung tissues.

Given that today there are several types of pneumonia, diagnosis and treatment even more complicated. In medicine it is accepted to distinguish the following types of pneumonia:

  1. Out-of-hospital. This type is diagnosed in most cases.
  2. Hospital. Develops while patient on treatment in the hospital for two days. At admission, these patients had no signs of inflammation.
  3. Aspiration. Occurs when the intrusion of foreign bodies into the respiratory tract.
  4. Atypical. Caused by ingested microflora atypical: Legionella, chlamydia, Mycoplasma.

The main causes and symptoms of the disease

medikamentoznoe lechenie pnevmoniiThe most common causes of pneumonia are considered different bacteria: staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci, Escherichia, Haemophilus influenzae, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. There are also cases when the disease is caused by viruses, fungal spores, vapors of gasoline. Not uncommon in modern conditions and allergic pneumonia, which appears as a complication of acute respiratory infections, influenza.

In all these cases, the pathogen enters the lung tissue of the upper respiratory tract and begins its active work. Symptoms of pneumonia will depend on the type of agent, phase, and nature of the disease, possible complications.

In General, patients recorded a sharp increase in temperature to 39-40 °C. be Sure a cough. It can be dry or wet - it will depend on the type of pathogen. Some of them cause the expectoration of mucus with the admixtures of blood. Patients indicate a pressing pain in the chest, sometimes on the appearance of shortness of breath with minimal physical exertion. Parallel fixed General weakness, nausea, poor appetite, chills, sweating.

How to treat pneumonia?

As a rule, the treatment of inflammation of the lungs begins with the diagnosis of the body. As soon as the doctor suspected pneumonia and the patient indicates the presence of certain symptoms obligatorily clinical analysis of blood. Pneumonia indicate a significant increase in the number of leucocytes, stab neutrophils,ESR. If the analysis reveals a sharp decline in the level of leukocytes, it is unfavorable prognosis: patients with severe course of the disease, there is a likelihood of complications.

vysokaya temperatura pri pnevmoniiPneumonia helps to detect x-rays. It gives the opportunity not only to diagnose the presence of disease, but also to see possible complications, to show the effectiveness of the treatment. If you are unable to diagnose the disease using x-rays, then resort to computed tomography. Given that the treatment for pneumonia is to prevent complications, be sure to biochemical examination of blood. They provide information about possible violations in the work of the internal organs. Pay attention to the indicators of bilirubin, urea, glucose. Often recorded cases of the development of respiratory failure in pneumonia. To prevent such occurrences by using a special sensor, which is worn on the finger of the patient. It shows the level of oxygen saturation of the small capillaries.

These are the principles of treatment of pneumonia. The treatment starts with antibiotics and antiviral drugs. Practice shows that this scheme is outdated and does not always produce positive results. More effective impact during pneumonia have antipyretic drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, a large amount of fluid. To eliminate the symptoms are assigned expectorants mucolytic action. They help thin out the phlegm and give her freely up and go outside. Also, these tools make it possible to avoid allergic complications.

If symptomatic cough is suspected on the development of tuberculosis, the attending physician may be assigned the examination of the sputum: microscopic and bacteriological.

Principles of treatment of pneumonia

Treatment of pneumonia adults and children should take place in several distinct stages:
konsultaciya vracha pri podozrenii na pnevmoniu

  • the elimination of the pathogen;
  • the elimination of the inflammatory focus;
  • symptomatic therapy aimed at improving the patient's condition and return to a healthy life.

Performing and pathogenic treatment. Its principle consists in getting rid of inflammatory processes in the Airways that occur due to the spread of pneumonia. The technique of treatment will depend on the size of lesions. In medical practice it is accepted to distinguish the following types:

  1. Equity. Inflammation occur in an entire lobe of the lung.
  2. Focal. Affecteda few alveoli.
  3. Segmental. Inflammation in the whole segment.
  4. Croupous. The lung fields are affected on both sides.

Funds for treatment are determined individually for each patient. Necessarily used antipyretic and mucolytic drugs. In the diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia the treatment will pass according to the mixed scheme with antibiotics. If there is a bacteriological test for sensitivity to a particular drug, the treatment is fast and effective.

Such tests are rarely used because they need to take the sputum of the patient and to investigate the response of bacteria to various antibiotics. The results should be discussed at least 2 weeks, and with this diagnosis we must not tarry, we need to prescribe treatment immediately. Can you cure pneumonia without early treatment? The answer is unequivocal - no. If you do not start to act after the diagnosis, it can lead to death.

shema pnevmoniiHas shown its effectiveness for pneumonia and antibacterial agents of broad-spectrum. Features of such treatment:

  1. All medications are assigned in two stages.
  2. Intramuscular and intravenous medication has the minimum time - patients as soon as possible transferred to oral.
  3. If the patient is less than 60 years and has no chronic diseases, prescribed antibiotics of penicillin or macrolides group.

If patients arrive with severe inflammation or complications with developing, samples for antibiotics are conducted immediately upon admission to the Department. This files most often on the arm of the patient, make a small scratch with a needle from a syringe in there and put a drop of the drug. If within 10 - 15 minutes on the skin will not be allergic reactions, the agent is administered intravenously or intramuscularly.

If pneumonia be cured at home?

If the decision was made to abandon the hospitalization, you need to understand that pneumonia is a dangerous disease that can be fatal. However, there are certain rules under which home care becomes effective. If the patient remained at home, he must provide full rest and a favorable psychological atmosphere. These rules are very important, because in the first days of the disease the human body is very weak, so the symptoms are pronounced.

If the patient complains of difficulty in breathing, it is necessary to provide a semi-sitting position so that her head was on several pillows. As this disease is very easily transmitted through airborne droplets, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room and to spend damp cleaning with disinfectants.Often there are cases of infection of all family members.

The treatment requires adherence to a certain diet, however, will benefit warm absorbed, contains many vitamins and nutrients food. Offer the patient more fruits, vegetables, juices, boiled meat, milk. Given that shortness of breath and high temperatures dehydrate the body, it is necessary to provide the patient with abundant drink. It can be fruit drinks, juices, mineral water, fruit and herbal teas, tea with lemon.

At home treatment all drugs should be administered only by a physician.

Self-medication can lead to complications that are dangerous to human health. When the home treatment is also assigned antibiotic. It allows you to stop the action of pathogenic microflora, which caused the disease. Prescribe medications for better sputum discharge, normalization of patency of the bronchi and counteract the inflammation in the mucosa of the respiratory tract. It is desirable to give preference to drugs on a natural basis.

Help speed healing and restore the body with vitamins and Immunostimulants. After normalization of body temperature and elimination of dyspnea is a complex physical therapy, which is easy to do at home. It can be mustard, massage the chest, compresses. To prevent complications on the bronchi is recommended to perform breathing exercises.

A modern approach to the treatment of pneumonia

As this disease is very common, the world health organization studied all the possible treatment options in the hospital and at home. The following recommendations helps to avoid a fatal outcome in a patient:

  1. The treatment of the disease possible in the hospital and at home.
  2. To therapeutic treatments has a positive effect, the patient should be at complete rest.
  3. All prescribe antibiotics should be tested for allergic reactions with each patient, as most deaths occur exactly at the initial stage of the course.
  4. As soon as the patient feels the weakening of symptoms, it's safe to talk about the beginning of recovery. At this stage it is strictly forbidden to stop the treatment because the pathogen will begin to develop with a new force.
  5. It is not necessary to bring down the body temperature, if it is to 38.5 °C (helps in faster recovery).
  6. In the treatment of pneumonia it is necessary to observe precisely all the dosages.
  7. If the doctor prescribes a large dosage of the medication, this risk needs to be justified.

At the first suspicion of pneumonia should immediately consult the doctor. Timely diagnosis and properthe treatment will help to quickly recover and return to normal life. And having considered these nuances, you'll know exactly how to treat pneumonia correctly.