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The diagnosis of pneumonia of the left hand side

Left-sided pneumonia occurs much much less manageable is much harder than the right. It is associated with certain microorganisms. Such microbes as Staphylococcus, pneumococcus cause inflammation in the right lung.

problema pnevmonii

Inflammation of the right lung occurs more often because of the structure of the bronchi. The right bronchus is larger and when the bacteria enter the body, they just stay on the right side.

If a person was diagnosed with left-sided pneumonia, then you need to start worrying because it means that General immunity is very weakened. The treatment of this disease lends itself with difficulty due to poor circulation in this part of the human body, and therefore drugs will be a long time to achieve your goal.

According to Russian statistics, the mortality from this disease is approximately 5%. This is quite a lot. This happens due to the negligent attitude of patients to their own health, and in particular to the first symptoms. Many don't even pay any attention to them, but in vain. The sooner the disease is spotted, the easier and quicker it can be cured.

Why do I get pneumonia?

princip zarazheniya pnevmoniejLeft-sided pneumonia is transmitted by airborne droplets from one person to another. There is a possibility of Contracting pneumonia and the patient is passive, that is, external signs of the disease there, but the pathogens are already present in the body. When sneezing, the bacteria stand out in the environment and immediately get into the organisms of people. With a weak immune system the bacteria multiply rapidly, and then illness occurs. At the initial stage of the disease is possible to apply antibiotics for treatment. Recovery occurs quickly and without consequences. But tablets don't always give quick results. In this case, appointed injections or IVS.

X-rays showed pneumonia of the left lung you can see the obvious inflammation. At the beginning of the disease the treatment may be performed at home, but only under the strict supervision of a physician and in the absence of any concurrent diseases. In all other cases in need of immediate hospitalization, as the patient may become much worse at any time, and will need special medicines that are only in hospitals. For pneumonia may be followed by respiratory failure, in this case, in order to avoid fatal outcome, the patient requires a connection to a ventilator. And this procedure can be carried out only in the hospital.

Symptoms of pneumonia

The symptoms of this disease is very bright,so to ignore them is difficult.

So, symptoms of pneumonia:

stroenie legkih

  • increased body temperature;
  • coughing;
  • weakness;
  • sweating, especially at night;
  • cough with phlegm is allocated;
  • lips have a blue tone;
  • the nail plate is also blue;
  • chills;
  • shortness of breath;
  • loss of appetite.

Today there are several types of pneumonia: viral and bacterial. The characteristics of these varieties differ from each other.

Viral inflammation are present:

  • severe headache in the occipital region;
  • muscle pain;
  • cough without sputum;
  • fever;
  • shortness of breath;
  • fatigue.

Viral disease:

temperatura - simptom pnevmonii

  • cough with sputum;
  • high temperature.

With regard to the development of the disease in children, it is more acute than in adults. The child immediately raise the temperature to 40 degrees, in the supine position shortness of breath, and can also cause pain in the chest. Sometimes there is a hiccup due to irritable cough diaphragm. Child complains of headache, loss of appetite and weakness throughout the body. There is apathy to everything going on and the constant desire to go to sleep. Sleep is a certain cure for the body, at this time, all the strength goes to combat the disease, so it is impossible to deny the child to sleep, even if sleep takes most of the day.

Also clearly and sharply is the disease in the elderly. After 55 years at disease left-sided pneumonia may be loss of consciousness and disturbance of spatial orientation. Therefore, it is recommended or to stay at home or be under constant supervision in order to avoid disastrous consequences. The elderly pneumonia is treated several times longer, and can sometimes become chronic.

At the first appointment with a specialist focus on shortness of breath of the patient, as well as the blue color of the lips. Even in these two signs can be pre-diagnosed pneumonia. Doctor, usually, for approval of its diagnosis and sends the patient for x-rays to accurately identify pneumonia and its localization.

Scientists have proved that the disease with the same etymology in different organisms can occur in different ways, and the symptoms also differ. Accordingly, the treatment will vary, it is selected depending on several factors: patient's age, immune status, comorbidities, type of pneumonia, the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Firstthe signs of the disease

vidy vospalitelnyh yavlenij v legkihPneumonia is a very serious disease, which is why when the first symptoms should immediately consult a doctor. What are the first signs?

First, there is a dry and bad cough without sputum discharge, fever to 39 degrees, and the condition of fever does not go more than three days. Weakness throughout the body, not allowing you to perform common actions. There is also the constant feeling of lack of sleep, possible loss of appetite.

Doctors say if the fever continues more than three days, it is the first symptom of a bacterial infection. In this case, the doctor may prescribe drugs with antibacterial action, but only under the condition of high body temperature. If the temperature is less than 38 degrees, then run her down is not necessary. The body tries to fight infection on its own.

Treatment of pneumonia of the left hand side

To quality treatment is prescribed various drugs. Antibiotics narrow spectrum of activity only help in cases where the disease agent is known. But to know it is not always possible. And then, use antibiotics of a wide range of actions. They also help to cure the patient, but they require more time. Assigned to strict bed rest for several days, drinking plenty of fluids, a special diet that eliminates all fried, salty and sweet, in order to avoid poisoning and congestion of the stomach.

rentgen dlya diagnostiki pnevmoniiAnother complication of the treatment of this disease is that test results coming in a few days, and help the patient is required immediately. It was then administered broad spectrum antibiotics. From the analysis, as a rule, take a swab of bacteria from the oral cavity. If the antibiotics don't help within a few days, then the doctor puts the patient to the hospital under the personal supervision of and appoints the stronger drugs.

Many patients trying to cure pneumonia on your own at home, but this method is not effective. Patients used the same list of medicines as doctors. But the problem is that there is no possibility to test for certain bacteria, megda treatment may be ineffective. And it can lead to tragic consequences.

Some patients are beginning to treat the inflammation of folk remedies, but the disease is not amenable to treatment with different extracts, herbs and so on.

Not forbidden to drink infusions of herbs along with drugs that are prescribed by a doctor. But in any case it is impossible to use only nationalmedicine without the use of special antibiotics.

Pneumonia is a very serious disease, so do not count on your hand, and immediately contact the professionals.