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The symptoms and treatment of congestive pneumonia

Pneumonia congestive may not appear independently. The reason for its occurrence are disease, a long stay patient in bed in the postoperative period, stroke, trauma. Developing the pneumonia seriously aggravates the course of the underlying disease and its treatment. Often these complications can lead to unpleasant consequences, until the death of the patient.

problema zastojnoj pnevmonii

The causes of the disease

Stagnant, or hypostatic pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung tissue. This disease is caused by stagnation with a lack of movement and limited ventilation. In its manifestation the disease is secondary and occurs in patients who have any disease, leading to restriction of movement or weakening of the body. The first signs of disease can be mild and can be effectively diagnosed only by the expert practitioner. Predisposition to congestive pneumonia have the following patients:

saharnyj diabet - prichina zastojnoj pnevmonii

  • patients which can lead to stagnation in the small circle of blood circulation;
  • those who had to spend in bed;
  • patients older than 60 years;
  • with a long postoperative period.
  • with spinal curvature or deformity of the sternum;
  • with severe diseases, e.g., asthma, diabetes, heart disease.

In congestive pneumonia in the bronchi of the patient, on the background of insufficient ventilation, accumulates mucus. This leads to the creation of conditions for reproduction of various pathogens. Most often, the pneumonia is unilateral, when the disease affects one lung, usually the right side. If a disease affects both lungs, it is referred to as bilateral pneumonia, and it becomes a menacing factor, and the treatment is difficult.

The signs of the disease

Symptoms very similar to pneumonia. Its characteristics are the following:

odyshka - simptom zastojnoj pnevmonii

  • when listening to the lungs revealed wheezing;
  • a cough;
  • there is a slight increase in body temperature;
  • the patient has dyspnea.

When hypostatic pneumonia may experience coughing with phlegm or with a slight discharge of pus. The temperature is usually not high. The patient may complain of General weakness, lethargy, sweating. Decreased appetite.

The disease can develop after 2-3 weeks of bed rest, and sometimes revs up for a few daysconducted in the supine position. In the latter case, to recognize the disease is difficult because its symptoms merge with the signs of an underlying disease. Time has not begun treatment threatens the development of pleurisy or pericarditis.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Diagnosis occurs when a comprehensive examination of the patient. Specialist interviewing of the patient produces his examination and listens to the lungs. The main diagnostic tool is an x-ray. The x-rays could reveal dark areas in the lungs. Studies of urine, General and biochemical blood analysis, sputum culture.

rentgen pri zastojnoj pnevmoniiIf insufficient information can be assigned to research on magnetic resonance imaging, bronchoscopy. Based on the results of a comprehensive examination, the doctor picks up a medical event.

Congestive pneumonia in each patient has its own symptoms and over, but in any case it's quite a long process. Treatment it takes at least 4-5 months and continues even when the patient feels apparently healthy. To determine the adequacy of therapy can only be a doctor on the basis of the analyses.

The healing process needs to take place under the supervision of a specialist, as there is a risk of infection in the weakened lungs. In this case, the patient is prescribed antibiotics.

Congestive pneumonia requires an integrated approach. Cough and removing sputum bronchodilators are assigned. They were accepted on the recommendation of a doctor and at the indicated doses for 30 days. To improve blood circulation in the lungs is usually prescribed Trental. To strengthen the heart muscle will help digitalis. At the same time the patient is prescribed diuretics. They will help to free the body of excess fluid and reduce swelling.

Breathing exercises

You cannot underestimate the breathing exercises, which promotes ventilation of lungs.

dyhatelnaya gimnastika dlya lecheniya zastojnoj pnevmoniiIt is as follows. The patient takes a breath and raises his hands up. Followed by a sharp exhalation, hands it down.

A good exercise is inflating balloons. It should be done in 2 minutes morning and evening.

If the patient gets out of bed alone, during the day, it is necessary to raise the sitting position for a few minutes if it is allowed by your doctor. The room where the patient, periodically ventilate and humidify the air.

Means of alternative medicine

A good help in the treatmenthypostatic pneumonia are all kinds of syrups, thoracic fees, elixirs that are ready to use can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Decoctions of herbs is easy to do yourself on the basis of proven popular recipes.

To stimulate the removal of phlegm, to make a syrup from the root of elecampane. Two big tablespoons of minced raw pour 250 g of boiling water over medium heat and cook 30 min. Then cooled and filtered broth add honey. Honey, you need to add so that the resulting syrup was sweet and a little bitter. The patient should take 2 large tablespoons before meals.

Two tablespoons of the mixture of dried herbs of thyme and thyme, pour two cups of boiling water. The infusion to cool and strain. To drink the entire decoction in a day after meals.

polza meda pri lechenii zastojnoj pnevmoniiYou can prepare the mixture in the following recipe: 1 kg of flax seed and walnuts grind until a homogeneous viscous mass. It should be stored in a cool place. For 100 g of butter stir in the spoon of the mixture. Put on low fire and boil. In the cooling mass, add the honey in the amount of 1 spoon. After cooling it can be spread on bread and eat without restriction.

You should drink tea with lemon, raspberry. Good for expectoration helps broth hips.

In congestive pneumonia, it is useful to put the patient banks to do the massage on the back and use potions expectorant and diuretic properties.

The use of traditional medicine is not mainstream for the treatment of congestive pneumonia, but can enhance the effects of medicines and to alleviate the discomfort.

Preventive measures

To protect yourself from colds and pneumonia can by completing simple rules.

On cool days, you should dress for the weather. Keep dry and warm feet. Fresh air should enter into a permanent habit.

Need to lead a healthy lifestyle, to stop Smoking and not to drink alcohol. You should keep your body in good shape, workout.

The diet recommended to include juices and fruits rich in vitamins. Foods such as fish, red meat, beans, contain in its composition zinc, can reduce the possibility of pneumonia.

It is advisable to get vaccinated against the flu, especially in advanced age. This will save from complications.

Timely diagnosis and early treatment will help get rid of the disease for 3-4 weeks.

Advanced forms of pneumonia can last for months and lead to irreversible consequences. To treat the disease should be under a doctor's supervision according to his recommendations. Simpleprevention can protect from this disease and preserve health.