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If there is a suspicion of pneumonia without fever what are the symptoms

Infection of lung tissues is dangerous. It often has bright signs. Pneumonia without fever, symptoms of which appear rather hidden, veiled. High body temperature and coughing are the main signs of this illness. It is for him the doctor and the patient himself determines the importance, the inevitability of diagnostic measures and early taking strong medicines.

problema vospaleniya legkihIn rare cases, pneumonia occurs even without temperature or it rises slightly and does not bother the person. It is believed that the prerequisites for this are several. Uncontrolled and prolonged use of antibiotics - up to a weak immune system.

What you need to know to disease progression hasn't ended in tears

Signs of inflammation of the lungs, when it occurs without increasing the temperature of the body is quite weak, which hampers the formulation of correct diagnosis. The most common variation of such a turn of Affairs - if the inflammation is only in one of the segments of lung tissue. Doctors describe this type of disease, as viral. Dangerous it is because a long time patient are not unaware of why dangerous disorder develops in his body and may die if you do not understand anyone circumstances. Symptoms of latent pneumonia following:
povyshennaya potlivost pri skrytoj pnevmonii

  1. Malaise and General weakness.
  2. Small, short-term increase in temperature.
  3. The appearance of blush on the cheeks, with General pallor of the face.
  4. Shortness of breath, which I had not noticed before.
  5. Implicit in the breath whistling.
  6. With exertion, palpitations.
  7. The inability to produce a full deep breath.
  8. The soreness in the lung area when you rotate the torso.
  9. Sweating.
  10. It's hard to spend a long time on my feet.
  11. Thirsty.

Even if you notice a few of the above symptoms should immediately consult a doctor to be safe. It is better to warn illness, than then to regret about the lost time.

Doctors claim if you have suffered the flu, the common cold, bronchitis and they were accompanied by cough that you been unable to resolve, do x-rays to confirm the absence of complications in the lungs. It is known that pneumonia in any of its form is cough.

prohozhdenie fluorografii dlya diagnostiki pnevmoniiPneumonia that is not accompanied by high temperature, occurs in children. In babies, this condition is particularly dangerous as the childoften and your explicit symptoms to tell not able that to speak of the hidden disease. Signs of pneumonia in a child such as adults accompanied by:

  • constant drowsiness;
  • liquid stools;
  • the regurgitation;
  • reduced appetite;
  • sweating;
  • posineniyu areas around the eyes and nose;
  • the abandonment of games.

Parents should be attentive to any condition of the child. A baby or toddler should show the pediatrician.

Often inflammation of the lungs accompanied by severe headache, fainting. To understand whether these symptoms are manifestations of disease of the lungs, so: stand in front of a mirror, exposing the torso. Don't breathe for a few seconds, and then exhale sharply. If the coating on the mirror is not uniform, one side is clouded stronger than the other, it is likely that you are sick latent form of inflammation.

The causes that lead to a hidden type of disease

antibiotiki dlya lecheniya vospaleniya legkihDoctors who worked for many years with this problem, note that the people who have a latent form of inflammation of the lungs prior to his appearance for a long time:

  1. Taking the antibiotics.
  2. Drinking cough medicine.
  3. Suffered reduced immunity.

Antibiotics, which took people, being treated, it is unclear why, suppressed striking symptoms characteristic changes in the lungs. So, the disease was hidden under the influence of strong drugs. There are types of antibiotics specifically designed to treat pneumonia, some groups do not act on it suppressing. If so happened that people took these drugs, the illness could kill him.

Antitussive drugs eliminate the symptom of a cough, but not its cause. If it blends in with the inflammatory process in the lungs, stop the simple syrup it is impossible, and only a little muted. Hence, there are hidden signs of the disease. When a weakened immune system, the human body is not able to send all its defenses to fight. He can't even clearly state about the presence of dangerous illness.

Pathogens of such diseases, scientists have identified quite a long time. Among them:

  • Mycoplasma;
  • chlamydia;
  • bacteria such as Streptococcus, hemophilic Bacillus, pneumococcus;
  • viruses (influenza, herpes).

diagnostika vospaleniya legkih na rentgeneScientists have proved if any of the conditions you treat with antibiotics, it creates the soil in the organs and systems for developing infections and viruses. If you do not know or do not attach importance to, the hazard is not avoided.

Mainwhere can deploy infection, subsequently leading to inflammation of the tonsils, teeth, lymph nodes. You can just strongly SuperCool and forget and after some time to notice alarming symptoms. This may be only a slight malaise, a cough and temperature - will not. So, the disease will develop gradually and in the last stages inflamed, shortness of breath and wheezing. The infection is so flooded lungs, to help the patient become quite difficult.

To diagnose latent threat easy. You need to conduct x-ray examination. It is conducted to result in the 2 projections. Limited blackout in one of them, suggesting inflammation. If blackouts, and they are difficult to see, produce the test image. To confirm the presence of infection in the lungs, take the blood test. Greatly increased the leukocyte count and ESR evidence of the disease. Perhaps the doctor will refer to the examination of the sputum. But this procedure is rarely performed, if the results of other tests are questionable.

Immediate and long-term hospitalization will help to avoid death

sobludenie pravilnogo pitaniya pri borbe s infekciejThe hospital carried out the treatment droppers with the intended drug (antibiotic) to combat pneumonia, which support the body. Recommend constantly ventilate the house, but to avoid again. It is important to drink plenty of water, such as: juice, juice, tea, broth with herbs and some honey. Give medications and cough.

Changing the nature of power. It has to be the most balanced and fortified. Important the rejection of all oily and spicy. Less salt. People need to eat more fruits and vegetables. If you really want to roast, it is better to replace it sauteed in the pan with the vegetables. Heavy food is not worth is. Filled the stomach will press on the diaphragm, and that, in turn, on easy.

The favorable outcome of the patient is periodically discharged, and when discharged from the hospital, undergo more treatment at home. Shown therapeutic exercise, maintaining a mobile lifestyle. Help and breathing exercises, which is deep and slow breaths and more breaths. You need exercise to 4 times a day.

Pneumonia can be cured, if you follow all the instructions of doctors. But even in this case, the healing process will be long - up to six months. And after the necessary rehabilitation.

the treatment of pneumonia">it is Important to prevention. It is a mandatory hardening of the body, the intake of vitamin complexes. Do breathing exercises. Very good to use to prevent inflammation, inflating balloons. Take a course of massage. It is useful for children. For recovery and prevention of pneumonia the doctor will pay attention to the area of the chest. Technique is the application of Pat, together with other manipulations.

Avoid hypothermia, dress for the weather. Don't forget to bring a warm hat, going to work that morning. It may happen that in the cold season the temperature during the day going down, the wind kicks up and without a headdress not to manage.

Folk remedies for the recovery of the body after illness

Prefer infusions and decoctions of herbs: chamomile, lewsey and eleuterakokka. Echinacea stimulates the immune system and acts as an antibacterial agent. Mix it with peppermint in equal proportions and boil in a pint of boiling water. Leave for an hour and take as a drink a couple times a day.

Honey and birch buds. Thick honey have a pint, and raw birch - 100 g Kidney to brew and strain. Cool, mix with the bee product. Take the remedy at night, spoon with water. Do it before bedtime and honey compresses. If you procedure child, a little dilute honey with water.

Propolis in the form of butter, honey, aloe juice, birch buds. In equal amounts mix everything except honey and heat in a water bath for 20 minutes. Honey added to the cooled medium. It is necessary to eat three times a day with milk.

In the crushed leaves of the agave pour 100 ml of Cahors wine and a little honey. Leave for a week and take 4 times daily for 5 g of product. Useful rosehip tea, decoction mother and stepmother.

Treatment with garlic. For starters, you can grate them a crust of bread. Later to eat, eating bread. A day of garlic cloves.

Spend inhalations with garlic.

Grind it and put in a piece of cloth, tie a rope, cloth, immerse it in boiling water. Breathe in pairs. The procedure is repeated up to 3 times a day, but later it is possible to reduce the intensity of the use.