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The main symptoms of laryngeal cancer

Cancer symptoms (larynx) which is not easy to recognize, is a dangerous disease in the form of a malignant tumor, also has the possibility to form in his throat. The disease is widespread, but in recent years there has been a downward trend of cases of this disease.

problema raka gortani

The main cause of tumor in the throat becomes the Smoking, people gradually realize this and start to give up such harmful habits.

Difficulties in identifying the disease

As for the causes of cancer of the throat and larynx, to date they are not fully understood, but experts point out several factors that can trigger this terrible disease. The main and most common cause of laryngeal cancer is Smoking. In addition, it should indicate the presence of communicable diseases that occur in the throat and oral cavity. The cause of laryngeal cancer can be alcohol, troubled with the environmental situation, papillomavirus. Cancer of the larynx may occur because of long-term chronic laryngitis. A tumor can be formed, because laryngitis was treated poorly.

stroenie gortaniAs for the symptoms of this disease, they can be very diverse. First symptoms of laryngeal cancer depend on where exactly is the tumor, whereas its external structure.

Signs of cancer of the larynx are ignored quite often. The patient may not pay any attention to them, which ultimately leads to serious complications. Little disease shows its symptoms, so people delayed it reveals. It is possible to observe such cases when patients are very late to seek help from a doctor, in particular when the tumor is already at an advanced stage. However, to determine laryngeal cancer is still possible.

The main signs of the disease

If the disease appeared, the person experiences serious problems with the voice, he could vaguely pronounce the sounds: dysphonia, the voice becomes hoarse. Before the appearance of this symptom of the patient, as a rule, nothing worries and he doesn't feel any serious violations. Hoarseness may occur immediately or after some time, it all depends on where exactly is the tumor. As a result of experiments and observations it was found that hoarseness and similar voice problems can not disappear by themselves.

odyshka - simptom raka gortaniOver time these symptoms just intensify. If the personlate went to the doctor, there is a great risk of losing votes, and complete. Among the signs of the disease it is important to note shortness of breath, but when a person has this problem, it usually fails to give it any value. Dyspnea in laryngeal cancer often occurs after intense exercise, its peculiarity is that during exercise it stronger. If a cancerous tumor is formed in the subglottic area, the person has serious breathing problems.

After the tumor grows and becomes more severe, the patient begins to feel a strong discomfort in the throat: a feeling, as if there were a foreign body. Over time, this phenomenon becomes more pronounced. Another symptom of laryngeal cancer is difficult, problematic swallowing. Many patients with this symptom complain that they have throat if formed a lump that can not be removed. This bundle delivers a strong discomfort because it can neither spit out nor swallow.

Diagnosis of cancer of the pharynx and larynx

Cancer of the larynx is accompanied by pain, which usually radiates to the ear area. You should know that the inner ear is closely related to the pharynx and auditory tube. On this basis, cancer of the larynx may cause ear pain. When a patient goes to the doctor in the first place is assigned to external examination, however, this method of study can not show a full and clear picture of the disease. You need to consider that not always the above symptoms are signs of cancer of the larynx. Therefore, for accurate diagnosis need different research methods.

If people ignored the first signs of the disease, the symptoms of cancer of the larynx in the future, clearly show themselves. In this case, the patient will start coughing, nasal breathing is much more difficult, there will be pain in the throat, which is removed with the use of painkillers. To choose a suitable treatment method, it is necessary to consult a doctor, self-medication is strictly prohibited. With timely treatment to the doctor will be talking about the full restoration of the larynx and to ensure the patient a normal life. Before you begin treatment, the physician should determine the stage of cancer. In the process of diagnosis takes into account the size of the tumor, the possibilities of the vocal cords and the extent of metastasis.