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Effective treatment of lung cancer folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies lung cancer is increasingly discussed in the medical field. This is not surprising, because traditional medicine is known to positive results in the fight against disease.

problema zabolevanij legkih - raka

The etiology of lung cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases of oncological nature. The number of deaths this disease ranks first.

The development of lung cancer takes place in several stages. So, in the beginning of the disease the tumor is localized in a certain place, without touching the lymph nodes located near. For the next stage characterized by the spread of metastases to the lymph nodes. In the third stage, metastases affect not only the lymph nodes but also in neighboring tissues and organs. Stage four is the most severe and untreatable. At this stage, diagnose the presence of metastases at distant tissues and organs.

rak legkihAmong the causes that provoke the development of this disease, the first attention is given to Smoking, during which the lungs of the smoker regularly come tar and nicotine. The disease may be caused by the influence of chemicals, excessive dust of the air.

According to the results of statistical studies of lung cancer more common in people living in large cities exposed to radiation, suffering from tuberculosis, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, cytomegalovirus, aspiring to a healthy lifestyle, which includes nutrition education. In the case of lung cancer is of great importance and the factor of heredity.

Folk cancer treatment

To use a folk treatment of lung cancer possible with the aim of obtaining the best effect, and also in cases when traditional medicine is ineffective or the patient is not to fully believe in the effectiveness of drug treatment.

To cure lung cancer is possible only under condition of timely detection of the disease.

koren akonita pri rake legkihTo treat lung cancer can be the root of Aconite. Aconite is not only used for the treatment of lung cancer, but other serious diseases, including tuberculosis, asthma, epilepsy.

To prepare the tincture you will need the dry root of Aconite, which should be pre-rinsed under running water. Hot water poured 100 g of the ingredient and aged in tanks for 1 hour. You should then get the roots out of the water and slice them across the grain in small slices. The chopped roots are then lowered into the previouslyused a bowl of water and add 60-degree alcohol. To insist the drug you need at least 3 weeks by placing the container in a dark place.

In the early stages of development of disease prepared medicine should be consumed not more than 1 time a day (preferably in the morning on an empty stomach), diluting the tincture in 30 g of warm water. The first day is taken 1 drop of the drug. Further, the number of used drugs should be increased by 1 drop daily, diluting in a growing volume of liquid. The course of treatment involving increasing the number of the use of the tincture lasts for 10 days. In the next 10 days at each visit the amount of consumed tincture should be reduced by one drop daily.

If the patient is diagnosed with lung cancer in the heavy form, it is consumed tincture should be exactly the same pattern, but the number of receptions should be increased to 3 times a day.

Lung cancer treatment celandine also has a positive effect, which is the tested method for the treatment of various tumors. Traditional medicine notes that this plant really has anticancer properties.

lechebnaya nastojka chistotelaOf celandine, you can prepare a therapeutic infusion. For this you will need chopped dried grass in the volume 1 tbsp. Celandine pour boiling water (0.5 liters). Means infused for 1 hour, then ready to eat three times a day for 1 table. spoon.

Celandine prevents the growth of metastases. Therefore, more efficient tincture on the basis of celandine, nettle and calendula. For its preparation all the ingredients are mixed in equal amounts. 1 tbsp of the herbal tea placed in thermos and pour 1 Cup of boiled water. Use tincture should be in the morning and evening before meals.

There are methods of treatment of lung cancer with baking soda.

Favorable field for the spread of metastases is an acidic environment. Under the influence of many food products is the acidification of the inflammatory processes. Available in every kitchen, baking soda is slightly alkaline ensures the return of the environment to those liquids that are in the human body.

For this it is necessary to use sodium bicarbonate (1 g for each meal three times a day). Also effective is the use of tablets of sodium bicarbonate.

But drinking soda should be approached with extreme caution, because may develop severe poisoning of the body slag. For starters, you can use a pinch of baking soda (in the morning half an hour before a meal). Then you need to gradually increase the dose, giving the body a chance to adjust.

alt="Hemlock in the treatment of lung cancer">Soda can be used in dry form or dissolved in liquid. For this purpose you can use warm water, hot milk.

The Hemlock is just as good to use in the treatment of lung cancer. To do this, prepare a medicinal tincture from the blossoms of Hemlock, three-liter jar which is filled with vodka (in a ratio of 500 ml of liquid by a third half-liter jars of grass). The Bank should close tightly and shake a few times, allowing the liquid to permeate all the blossoms. Then the container is placed in a cool dark place for 18 days, after which the tincture will be ready.

Used folk medicine daily on an empty stomach, starting with 1 drop of tincture on the first day. Every day you should increase the dose by 1 drop. When he reached the level of 40 drops, you should continue treatment with the countdown, reducing the daily dose of tincture 1 drop. The medicine should be consumed in diluted form, using 100-200 ml of water. The volume of the liquid used depends on the number of tinctures. In the first days of treatment, this volume can be 50 ml.

You should avoid overdoses because used plant is known for its poisonous properties. Therefore, in the case of observation of signs of poisoning should immediately cease the use of the tincture for 3 days, replacing it with manganese in milk. You can then recover the treatment, reducing the amount of daily taken drugs for 1 drop.

The use of badger fat in the treatment of lung cancer is also very effective. This tool can help in the early stages of disease development. For preparation medication when milk is mixed with aloe juice, brandy and honey in equal proportions.

To use the tool, you three times a day before meals for 1 St. spoon. You can also take badger fat in pure form without adding other ingredients.

Tincture of potato flowers have long been known for its effectiveness in the fight against lung cancer. For its preparation used potato flowers collected and dried during the flowering period of potato. Crushed potato flowers are taken in the amount of 1 tbsp, put it in a thermos and pour 500 ml of boiling water. After infusion over 2-3 hours, and straining the tincture ready to use for medicinal purposes.

The course of treatment, the tool should last about 2 weeks alternating with a week break. Take a tincture three times a day before meals for 160 g

The total duration of treatment with tincture of potato colors, including one-week breaks between courses should be six months.

A small conclusion

Treatment of lung cancer folk remedies in the early stages of development gives a positive result and has the right tothe existence and recognition.

The use of traditional medicine in the treatment of cancer is in many cases effective, but we should not forget that it must be definitely under the strict control of the doctor-oncologist.

Otherwise, instead of improving this treatment can lead to fatal consequences.