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As a treatment for lung cancer?

Treatment of lung cancer is complex and time consuming process for the doctor and the patient. The complete disappearance of the tumor impossible. Therapy is carried out in order to prolong the patient's life and relieve symptoms. The doctor can't give accurate predictions, because the disease sometimes behaves in an unexpected way and predict what will happen next, you can't. The results and success of therapy depends on many factors. Among them distinguish the way of life of the patient, the presence of harmful habits, the environment in which the patient resides, and, of course, the stage of lung cancer.

problema raka legkih

The signs of the tumor in the lungs

This disease is characterized by certain symptoms. Depending on the severity and characteristics of cancer development identify the following signs of illness:

  • shortness of breath;
  • a long-term cough;
  • sputum with blood;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • General weakness and malaise;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • lack of appetite;
  • chest pain;
  • attacks of breathlessness.

rak legkihShow accurate clinical picture can only x-ray or x-ray study of the bronchi and lungs. In cancer it is very important for a timely diagnosis. The early detection of anxiety symptoms should be a mandatory reason for visiting the doctor. The sooner the diagnosis, the higher the probability of successful treatment.

The therapy process can get complicated when the body is already present metastases. Defeat the nearby organs and systems makes all attempts to extend the patient's life in a wasted effort. Lung cancer cure is almost impossible, as it develops instantly. No necessary action a person dies during the first 4 months of illness. That is why this cancer of the violation ahead of the other in the number of deaths.

Medical therapies

To treat the disease are different medical ways. Most often used multiple methods, combining them into a single complex. So doctors are trying to treat tumours and destroy pathogenic cells.

himioterapiya pri rake legkihMain ways to treat lung cancer are:

  • surgery;
  • targeted therapy;
  • chemotherapy;
  • radiation therapy;
  • cyber-knife.

Each option has its pros and cons, and only the doctor decides which method to apply, and what should be abandoned.

To turn to traditional medicine only as additional means. Treatmentlung cancer should strictly obey traditional medicine, and because experiments with health can lead to death. Therapy herbs can take place, but first you should consult with your doctor. If the specialist will approve this method of adjuvant therapy, it can be applied.

Surgical intervention produce results only in the first stages of cancer.

To remove the tumor is possible only in the case if it has not metastasized or spread throughout the lung and pleura. In the case of a successful operation known rare cases of complete cure.

Targeted cancer therapy is based on the use of drugs that slow the replication of oncogenic cells, reduce blood flow to the tumor. As a result, the pathogenic part of the lung just dies. This method has extended the lives of many patients, but it is effective mainly in the initial stages of the disease. Chemotherapy is carried out by taking chemical drugs, which have a destructive effect on the tumor. They reduce its size and prevent recurrences. Drugs for chemotherapy are appointed only by a doctor.

Radiation therapy for lung cancer also has a positive effect. It is more effective than chemotherapy, but more often it is prescribed in combination with other methods of treatment. Such therapy in combination with other methods prescribed for stage 4 cancer. Only with the help of radiotherapy can achieve prolongation of life of such patients. CyberKnife destroys the tumor aimed at her x-rays. Such a system cannot be taken as a basis, as it is ineffective, but in combination with other methods can give good result.

Folk remedies in the fight against lung cancer

The development of the disease occurs so rapidly that apart from the traditional methods folk remedies will not have time to act. The patient will die as fast as if he did not use these herbs. Practice and experience of many doctors show that the most effective way in the fight against lung cancer is regular medical screening and prevention of this disease. Enough times a year to do x-rays and to follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of this pathology in the body.

It is very important to eat right, to enter into the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables. Only living food and living water is able to increase the strength of the immune system and fight cancer. A balanced diet, avoiding harmful habits and regular check-UPS can prevent the occurrence of tumors in the human body.